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What are the Benefits of Doing Business Over Jobs?

There are a lot of ways to make money in the modern world. You can work for someone else and get paid a salary or you can start your own business and get paid through profits. Working for someone else is more common, but it doesn’t always lead to as much financial success as working for yourself.

The Three Major Ways You Can Benefit from Starting a Business

There are three major ways you can benefit from starting a business:

1) You will be able to earn more money than you would as an employee

2) You will have the opportunity to work on your terms

3) You will have the chance to do what you love

What are the Benefits of Starting a Business Over Working a Job?

Starting a business is not an easy task. You have to work on it every day, and there are many risks involved. However, the benefits make it worth the risk.

The best benefit to starting a business is being your boss. This can be a huge benefit for people who like independence and control over their lives.

Another benefit is having more money and more flexibility in your schedule. Starting a business can help you make more money than working at a job, which will give you the opportunity to do things like spend more time with family or travel the world if that’s what you want to do with your life

Lastly, starting a business can be a way to create a new life of your own. You can start with a small business, like selling a few handmade goods on Etsy, and grow from there.

Starting your own business can also have many other benefits. With the bigger size comes more profits, which means more money that is going to be used for shareholders and less for the company itself. This helps the individual and also helps shareholders.

Key Benefits of doing business

Independence in Decision-Making

Greater decision-making freedom is a benefit of entrepreneurship. It enables you to have total control over your company and to manage it in any way you see fit. Such freedom is not provided by a job; regardless of your title or position, you are still responsible for your actions.

Creativity is Unrestricted

Being an entrepreneur allows you to express yourself freely. It lets you investigate various, more effective methods of carrying out a specific task.

Set your own hours

Being a business owner allows you to set your hours and respond to customer demand.

You cannot be fired

You continue to have the company’s highest authority since you own it. No vice president, chief executive, or management has the authority to fire or criticise you. You are still in charge of everything in your firm, whether you make money or lose it.

You’re not required to request holidays

As the business owner, you wouldn’t report to anyone, thus you can take a vacation without asking for permission. You are free to take one or two days off from work as long as you keep your commitments and do not negatively impact your business.

Increased Earnings Potential

In a job, the maximum you can get paid for is overtime or a set reward for hitting your goals, whether you perform 9 hours each day or go above and above and work 16 hours. Your income as an entrepreneur will increase as you work harder and explore additional opportunities.

Manage a Variety of Duties

Deciding to pursue a business instead of a career entails networking, investigating new options, and utilising limitless learning opportunities. In addition, you gain additional experience and understand how to balance a variety of tasks as the driving force behind your company.

Explore and Expand

As a firm employee, you are constrained to a specific set of responsibilities and have a smaller window of opportunity to develop. But as an entrepreneur, you extend your authority plus your range of duties.

Gain More Personal and Family Time!

You may set aside time for your friends, family, plus yourself if your job schedule is flexible.

More satisfaction for you

Your life is more valuable if you perform as an entrepreneur. You learn important life lessons from it that help you become a better person. You develop your company the way you want to, learn new travel, and things, make a difference in people’s lives, make money, plus realise your ambitions.

The Challenges of Self-Employment Versus Getting Hired by Someone Else

Self-employment has its fair share of challenges. One of the major challenges is not having a steady income. Another challenge is that most self-employed people have to do everything on their own, from marketing to accounting.

The benefits of being self-employed are that you can work from anywhere and set your hours and work at your own pace. You also have more control over the type of work you do and how much you make.

Find Your Own Success Story in Owning Your Own Business

Some people are not happy with the idea of working for someone else. You can be your boss. Owning your own business is a great way to achieve that goal.

It’s not so simple to begin your own business. You need to have the right skills and the right mindset, and you need to know what you’re doing.

The first step is finding a niche that is profitable and has room for growth. Once you find that niche, then it’s time to get started on building your brand and marketing yourself as an expert in this industry.

The final step is making sure that you are always looking for new ways to grow your business by adding new products or services or expanding your customer base.


Starting a business can be daunting and difficult, but there are many ways to make it easier. The first step is to decide what type of work you want to do. If you’re interested in making money through a job, then you will need to find an employer who wants to hire you. If the idea of running your own business sounds better, then it’s time to start looking into how best to go about doing that.

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How Can We Save Taxes by Doing Business?

On the profits, their business generates, entrepreneurs, as well as business owners, are required to pay income tax. It could be a sizable sum; therefore, they constantly look for deductions as well as exemptions to reduce their tax liability. One of the more difficult concepts to grasp is income tax.

Key points to save taxes when doing business

Hire your relatives and family members

Hiring family members might be a substantial tax-saving measure. They may receive remuneration similar to those received by other workers. The corporation can only pay the recruited family members Rs. 2,50,000 per year if they do not have any other sources of income. 

Since the salaries provided to the employees are a cost to the business, they can be deducted from its taxable revenue, lowering its overall tax burden.

Keep track of all your costs related to your business

You ought to and must keep track of every expense you incur for operating your business, no matter how big or small. You could end up paying extra taxes on the profits when you don’t record the expenses correctly.

By keeping track of your expenses, you may better understand your company, how you’re spending your money, what areas need your attention next to improve operational metrics, etc. Over time, you’ll have more control over your company and spend less money on taxes.

Accommodation and Travelling

Entrepreneurs frequently travel for professional reasons. Owners of businesses with sites scattered throughout several cities are more likely to do this.

Schedule your travel and lodging on the company’s dime rather than out of your pocket starting with your next trip if you want to avoid taxes. It can be written off from the company’s taxable income as a business expense.

Spend more money on marketing

It’s time to switch to digital marketing when you’re still relying on traditional methods of advertising because it gives you access to a wider audience and increases the likelihood that you’ll attract new clients.

You will gain from this from a tax perspective as well because marketing expenses are tax deductible. Thus, increasing the marketing budget is not a bad idea.

Business Utilities

Business owners that use their vehicles plus phones can prove that these costs are related to utilities. For example, expenses for phones, cars, parking fees, driver salaries, and other items are claimable provided they are done only for business purposes. Electricity costs are also deductible if you operate your home. It will ease the financial burden of taxes. 

A few of the business utility costs that are eligible for deductions include:

Initial costs: Section 35D of the Income Tax Act allows deductions for all costs incurred before the enterprise was established. These are included as initial costs and deducted over five years from taxable income.

Convenience costs: If you frequently use a vehicle or a phone for work, these costs are deductible from the company’s books as business expenses.

Regular costs: When you run your business out of your house, you can deduct power costs under the heading “head of the company.” Rent costs and other expenses incurred because of an internet connection are therefore deductible.

Tax deductions for depreciation: Any capital expenses are also allowed under the “income of firm” category for depreciation. To lower your tax liability, you must make capital investments using the company’s funds and claim depreciation.

Medical Insurance

Under Section 80D of the Income Tax Act, 1961, insurance premiums as much as Rs 25,000 could be written off as a tax deduction. This applies to you, your kids, your spouse, and your parents. 

When you work a full-time job and run a business at the same time, and your employer offers health insurance, this does not apply to you.

Deduct tax properly at the source

The Income Tax Act contains particular provisions that allow business owners paying for a good or service to withhold tax from their payments to the supplier. If someone doesn’t, those expenses won’t be allowed and they’ll have to pay more taxes as a result.

For instance, the entire sum of Rs 3,00,000 won’t be permitted when assessing the taxable profit if you give an agent Rs 3,00,000 commission without deducting the tax at a rate of 10%.


Donating money offers you the satisfaction of just doing good deeds as well as tax advantages. Donations made to recognised charities and funds, like PM’s relief fund, can help you reduce your taxes. To qualify for tax benefits, you could also donate to an established political party.

Housing Loan

If you think it’s not advantageous to buy a house with a bank loan, you’re mistaken. It can increase greatly over time, is a long-term asset, and offers tax advantages. 

When you associated your PAN with the company, you may be able to claim deductions for taxes of up to Rs 1,50,000 per year under Section 80C of the Income Tax Act.


Manufacturing-related businesses receive substantial tax advantages. Companies (under Section 35AD) building new machinery and equipment over a year may deduct up to 20% more than usual in depreciation in the year they are placed into service.

For instance, you would be obligated to pay taxes on the unclaimed 20% when you bought new machinery, declared normal depreciation of 15%, and did not claim extra depreciation of 20%.

Digital Transactions

Paying your employees in cash wouldn’t be a good choice in this digital age. You will also be included on the income tax agency’s “red list.” This is prohibited in your account books to offer someone over Rs 20,000 in cash together in a single transaction.

For instance, the income tax authority will judge a cash payment of over Rs 20,000 made to a worker in a single day to be invalid. Your taxability thus rises. So, it’s always a good idea to pay your employees by bank transfer.


A rupee saved is a rupee earned. It makes sense to use tax-saving measures when there are numerous of them available. In the long term, adopting tax-saving strategies will pay off.

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How To Sell Online on Meesho – How To Become a Meesho Seller

If you are having a shop that is currently running offline and you want to earn more money then you can also sell your shop products online.

If you want to start new ,you have to set up a small warehouse(maybe your current shop) and stock the items that you want to sell.

Requirements for online selling

  1. You need to have a GST number for registering on any e-marketplace (amazon, flipkart,meesho,etc.)
  2. You need to have a bank account with that registered name.
  3. Your area  should be serviceable by the courier service company. Generally there are many courier companies and every online platform like meesho provides the courier facilities to the supplier.
  4. Initial and small stock of the items you want to sell and Packaging items.

What types of items you can sell

Generally if you are a small businessman or you are starting with a low investment then it is profitable to sell low weight items like – chinese electronic items, jewellery or the products that are unbranded and have high margin for profit.

If your product weight is below 500 gm then it is profitable to sell those items as they save a lot of money in sending the parcel and receiving the return.

Is it Profitable to sell on Meesho?

From my point of view the only ecommerce platform that is best is Meesho. It is 100% zero commission and you just have to create an account and list the products and when you get orders you will get the full amount on the order, the price at which you have listed the product. But they deduct some amount like  TCS and TDS, and the GST on the delivery charges. They all are adjustable at the time of GST filing.

Delivery charges are paid by the customers and you are just entitled to pack the product and ship it. All the courier facilities will be provided by meesho.

Claim on Returned Parcels

Meesho has the best customer support and provides resolution to its supplier at the earliest.

They have a claim policy in which if the returned parcel is not having the original items, or the parcel is tampered or your parcel is lost, in these cases they provide 100% price of your product And waive off the delivery charges on that parcels.

All the claims are not approved by meesho as they are approving only 60-70% of your claims.If your claim ratio is higher than they will not provide you the claim amount once your claim ratio decreases according to their level.

They are updating their return policies very frequently nowadays. But it is still profitable than all other ecommerce marketplaces.

How to claim for wrong returns?

  1. First click the image of the returned parcels with its AWB bill and click such that the parcel can be fully seen in the image.
  2. Now create video while opening the parcel, in video awb bill and product should be clearly seen.
  3. Click the clear image of the products received in the returned parcel.
  4. These three things are required in order to get a claim and some description of the returned parcel.

What are the benefits of online selling?

You can not sell online  without a regular gst number, so there are a lot of benefits of having a regular gst number, if you are an offline seller and having a regular gst number then these benefits will be applicable for you as well.

  1. All your bills will be proper with GST and you have to pay GST on all your bills, so you are creating the credit score for yourself, in future if you need loans from the bank that it is easy to get loans on the basis of your current business revenue.
  2. All the payments will be made online, you need not to hesitate and not to manage a lot of bills, all your transactions will be saved in your mobile banking application or the general passbook.
  3. You can buy from anywhere in India just by giving GST number and by paying them, and all your items will be delivered to you by the transport and no need to take any risk. If you gst bill then it is the transport service responsibility if your bag is lost in between transit. And the transport fee will be less in case of GST Bill. 
  4. You can buy a phone, laptop(for personal use) and any other thing that can be shown as the requirement for the firm (so it can be shown as firm expense). You can save the GST amount on that product.

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Five Skills You Must Master to Earn Thousands Of Rupees Daily

Are you currently a college student or recent graduate who is interested in finding employment? I suppose we all have. Nowadays, there are numerous ways to make money from home, and this site will assist you in learning some of them.

A high-income skill is one that you can use to your advantage in the marketplace to command a higher wage. It’s frequently a soft skill that few other individuals possess, such as communication, passion, or dependability.

The leading 5 digital marketing as well as other talents to earn money online in 2022 are given below. These abilities could also be used to land full-time positions in prestigious corporations.

You may be new to digital marketing, though. If yes, we have something that will help you learn more about this business. To broaden your horizons and learn why digital marketing is so popular right now, you ought to get an idea of the fundamentals and strategies of the industry.

You may start making money right away by offering these skills for hire on freelance websites. Recent years have seen a significant increase in the popularity of freelancing, which has its advantages. 

All that’s left to do is decide on the ideal learning tool and make a firm commitment to studying these greatly paying online skills. This will be challenging for you to find employment if your competence is below par, therefore you should be enthusiastic about learning the subject.

But out of all the options, we may find online, what are the talents that are worthwhile learning?

So, let’s quickly review the most lucrative professions to have in 2022:

Five of the top places among the soft high-paying skills were held by:

  • The capacity to persuade
  • Creativity
  • Teamwork
  • Adaptability 
  • Adaptability 

Five Skills You Must Master to Earn Thousands of Rupees Daily

Graphic Designing

Similar to content creation, graphic design is yet another in-demand freelance skill.

Numerous blogs, magazines, newspapers, and digital marketing firms are always looking for exceptional graphic designers who can create stunning images in the shortest amount of time.

To take advantage of the career chances in this industry, all you have to do is master Photoshop and other pertinent applications.

Content Writing 

If you are proficient in English, the beautiful thing regarding content writing would be that you don’t need to take a special course. You could learn how to write content and what types of information are valued online by creating your blog.

Because content is required for every product description, site, post, Facebook page, and sales pitch, there is a significant demand for content writers. The key to producing quality material is a thorough investigation, thus your ‘research’ skills ought to be top-notch. Content writing is one amongst the finest skills to make good money online.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) plus creative design are two skills that complement content writing nicely. The benefit of SEO training is that it will improve your article’s ranking on searches such as Google and Bing. When you know how to write articles that are search engine optimized, your earning potential will rise dramatically.

Web development

Businesses require someone to manage the backend process and ensure the site would not go down or load slowly in the age of so many active websites. A web developer steps into the scene at this point. You can earn a sizable sum of money by working a few hours every day in web development. You can learn web development from W3Schools.


Content writing is quite different from Copywriting, which is contrary to what most people think.

A copywriter’s duties include creating persuasive ad text to promote items, inform as well as engage consumers, plus write product descriptions, banner ads, email campaigns, etc. They are also responsible for creating storyboards plus brainstorming ideas. To improve communication strategies and guarantee consistent brand messaging, they collaborate with marketing as well as other creative teams/departments.

In addition to creating texts with proper grammar, if you want to become a successful copywriter, you need to concentrate on perfecting brand recall tactics and learning how to elicit reactions from others. A skilled copywriter should be able to create captivating ad content, create catchy jingles for brands, and possess a deeper understanding of the psychology behind each purchasing decision.

You can create effective landing sites, sales pages, plus email sequences to draw in customers if you have the right copywriting abilities.

You can discover a tonne of advice about how to become a skilled copywriter online. To get started, read a few in-depth articles and consider enrolling in a course that will only advance your understanding of copywriting.

App development

App creation is highly sought-after expertise that can earn you a tonne of money each month, very much like website development. Being an app developer requires a variety of abilities, including designing mobile user interfaces, programming, and backend computing. The number of people using their cell phones to browse the internet is steadily increasing, which bodes well for app developers. You can learn app development in java, kotlin or flutter language, etc. From my point of view you should start in Flutter language.


Working online appears to be the new standard, and its prevalence has only increased as a result of the current coronavirus pandemic. For students who want to work from home and make money online, though, this works out to be better news. Anyone with an internet connection can practically learn anything these days, as the digital wave is expanding in all directions. Learning a few of these talents can enable you to generate other revenue streams in addition to your normal employment, if not a full-time profession.

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Markets close higher for a second day; the Nifty increases by nearly 1%

Tuesday saw a rise in Equity indices again for a second straight day, with the Nifty gaining more than 1% as a result of widespread purchasing and a recovery in the United States and Asian stock markets.

The momentum was further boosted by foreign money infusions. Sun Pharma, Dr. Reddy’s, Tata Steel, IndusInd Bank, Titan, ICICI Bank, Bajaj Finserv, and Asian Paints were the top gainers among the 30-share Sensex pack.

The laggards, nevertheless, were Nestle, Infosys, Power Grid, and Reliance Industries Limited. Markets in Seoul, Shanghai, Tokyo, and Hong Kong closed higher elsewhere in Asia. In mid-session trades, European equity markets have been trading in the red. On Monday, the US stock markets finished higher.

In the meantime, the benchmark Brent crude price increased globally by 0.49 percent reaching $92.45 each barrel. According to statistics available with the BSE, foreign institutional investors (FIIs)changed their position from sellers to buyers on Monday, purchasing shares valued at a net Rs 312.31 crore.

Rise in Sensex

To end the day at 59,719.74, the 30-share BSE Sensex gained 578.51 points or 0.98 percent.

To end the day at 59,719.74, the 30-share BSE Sensex gained 578.51 points or 0.98 percent. It increased 964.56 points or 1.63 percent over the day to reach 60,105.79.

The NSE Nifty finished at 17,816.25 after rising by 194 points or 1.10 percent. It increased by 297.05 points, or 1.68 percent, to 17,919.30 during the day.

The Indian market doesn’t seem to be concerned about Fed policies. The buying on dips method is being emphasized here. Even the underperforming IT and pharmaceutical sectors joined the rise, gradually establishing themselves as a value selection for long-term investors. The global market must stabilize, nevertheless, for the trend to continue. In the present unfavorable global economic environment and India’s highly premium valuation in comparison to the rest of the globe, this makes more sense to be stocks and sector-specific, according to Vinod Nair who is the Head of Research at Geojit Financial Services.

How the Indian stock market is impacted by global indices?

The Indian stock market’s movement is influenced by a variety of factors. Most of these variables could be classified into two categories: microeconomic and macroeconomic factors. Individual stocks that are impacted by microeconomic factors in addition to the entire economy or all sectors are affected by macroeconomic variables. Indian stock markets are affected throughout time by certain factors, or prices shift in anticipation of certain occurrences or developments in the economy, a sector, or particular stocks. 

Some microeconomic factors

  • Dollar Index: The dollar index is among the macroeconomic factors that significantly affect the Indian stock markets. Investors should be mindful of the negative correlation between the dollar index as well as the Indian stock market.
  • US market indices: Globalization has resulted in the creation of a single economy that runs in lockstep across the entire planet.

Global Markets (from AP)

Tuesday saw gains in most international stocks after Wall Street ended higher following a late buying frenzy as investors anticipated another interest rate hike by the US Federal Reserve.

Early trade saw the French CAC 40 decline 0.5% to 6,034.21. The DAX in Germany fell 0.3% to 12,763.74. The FTSE 100 in Britain increased 0.3% to 7,258.85. The S&P 500 future increased by less than 0.1% whereas the Dow industrials future remained constant.

Tuesday saw gains in most international stocks after Wall Street ended higher following a late buying frenzy as investors anticipated another interest rate hike by the US Federal Reserve.

Early trade saw the French CAC 40 decline 0.5% to 6,034.21. The DAX in Germany fell 0.3% to 12,763.74. The FTSE 100 in Britain increased 0.3% to 7,258.85. The S&P 500 future increased by less than 0.1% whereas the Dow industrials future remained constant.

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FREE income by watching Videos, Survey, and Games on a mobile phone

FREE income by watching Videos, Survey, and Games on a mobile phone

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Easy Financial Planning for Beginners: The 50-30-20 Rule

Easy Financial Planning for Beginners: The 50-30-20 Rule

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Make 1 lakh using social media, how you can become a digital marketer in 2022

Make 1 lakh using social media, how you can become a digital marketer in 2022

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How to Make Money with Crypto Trading: A Step-by-Step Guide to Earning $2000–10000 Per Day

How to Make Money with Crypto Trading: A Step-by-Step Guide to Earning $2000–10000 Per Day

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