10 tips to write quality research papers without plagiarism issues

Plagiarism send you to court, with dreadful consequences for your reputation, career and finances. Whether you’re writing for your research paper or academic studies or for any piece of work you need to know how to not plagiarize, even accidentally. 

A moment comes in most students’ respective careers when they are given a study or research paper and are asked to work on such assignments. In reality, a research paper writing can be one of the most satisfying activities in academics. 

If you need to write quality research papers without Plagiarism, our paper writing services will provide you better solution for conducting your research paper activities. In this this short article mentions different types of plagiarism and offers some tips on how to avoid it in your work. Here get some useful tips  to avoid plagiarism.

1. Choose the perfect topic for yourself

Students should explore and write about a subject they know better and what thay love. Those students who’ve been interested and invested in the topic take their task seriously by ensuring that the research paper is as good as it may be. Achieving this objective needs addressing each focus area’s criteria, such as methodology, study problems, debate, and analysis among others.

2. Give enough time for writing and revision. 

The most common reason why many academics resort to plagiarism is that it is quicker to copy and paste than to generate fresh text. Writing in your original words is a very difficult task and slow also. Give your effort to use your own words when you doing notes and focus on those notes rather than the original.

3. Use quotation marks and evaluate the source.

 Perhaps the effortless way to avoid plagiarism is to make your text clear that the text is not what you wrote but is a direct quotation. By doing this, ensure that the extract that you creat is exact. Also, you need to check that the original punctuation, italics if any, and spelling are retained. 

4. Paraphrase the original text in your words 

Remember that rephrasing somebody else’s idea with proper attribution is not considered as plgerirm you need to express the idea in your words. You shouldn’t keep the original in front of you as you write, because it will make it complicated for you to think of alternative ways and words of constructing sentences. 

5. Cite the source. 

Using your words is also very difficult, thats why you should  read widely, going beyond textbooks and technical journals. Most significantly, ensure that the sense of the original is not distorted while paraphrasing. Never forget to include an in-text reference or a  footnote citation that will help the reader identify the original author of the source you referred to.

6. Read widely on many topics and read good writers. 

 Make a conscious attempt to increase your vocabulary by reading about a variety of topics. You have to read such books written by reputed authors who welknown for the quality of their writing, which will help you learn a variety of sentence constructions and a richer vocabulary will help you paraphrase effectively and easily. 

7. Use a plagiarism checker

 If you are not very confident in your ability to write or paraphrase sentences effectively, you could seek plagiarism-check services. These will help you determine if your writing piece has any sections that will be considered plagiarized and thus take appropriate and timely action. When you finish writing, run your text through a plagiarism checker. 

8. Organize your research

When you’re feeling rushed, you make many mistakes in writing. From the moment you start doing your compiling notes and researches, make sure everything is well organized in a document, spreadsheet, or folder. This will help you give proper citations and track down your sources. Atleast try to stay organized during the research phase. it’s one of the simple ways, yet safest ways to avoid plagiarism.

9. Proofread your work

This is the most vital part and also a helpful step that can be easily overlooked. Proofread helps you see clearly if you forgot to add a citation and ensure the words are otherwise uniquely mine. While writing a research paper, there might be lapses and misses. So proofreading is a very vital requirement that students can’t ignore at any stage.

10. Get a second set of eyes

If you are working on a research paper or study work, don’t hesitate to ask your  lecture or professor about the reliability of certain sources or the quality of your citations. It also helps to sit with a classmate and show them the original source and your text. You need to be 100% sure of your citations and the words you publish. 

Final Thought

Plagiarism is really one of the most troubling reasons for your research paper. If you are concerned with the plagiarised material in your research paper, this write-up will definitely helo you on how to cope with all important plagiarism problems with ease.

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