10 Best Video Editing Websites Online

Videos play a crucial part in content marketing today. Web content has taken a turn toward video marketing, be it SEOs, on Facebook, or YouTube. It is estimated that about 80 percent of the online traffic watches videos for entertainment or shopping and marketing. Your videos can be made attractive and draw the audience with their content and the best video editing software.
What is Video editing software?
Any software program that can edit, produce, modify, or otherwise manipulate a movie or video file is referred to as video editing software. With the aid of a video editor, you could chop and rearrange a video to improve its movement or add effects to make it more visually appealing.
Cutting down video clips, compiling or rearranging video clips, adjusting audio or visual elements, and adding sound effects or special effects are all possible using video editing software.
Best video editing software for beginners
1. FlexClip Online Video Editor
The best uses for this free video editor are for quick presentations or video commercials.
Key features
• FlexClip is simple to use
• It includes a variety of editable themes
• It has various stock videos, images, and audio.
• It has motion text plus overlays to accommodate different needs and moods
• It is best for Social media marketers, companies, and business owners
Pros and Cons of FlexClip Online Video Editor
Pros of FlexClip Online Video Editor
• No matter your level of experience, the interface is simple to use and navigate.
• Large template collection.
• Stickers, overlay choices, and animated text that make it simple to spruce up your movie.
• The capability of voiceovers being recorded immediately from an online video editor.
Cons of FlexClip Online Video Editor
• A small selection of photographs and video
• The shortest supported video length for the free plan is 60 seconds, while the longest allowed for the most affordable plan is 3 minutes
• Only 480p video exports are supported by the free plan
• 1,000 videos at most can be supported in the cloud
Price- $19.99 per month

2. Lumen5
This video editing software doesn’t require technical knowledge. This software creates flashy and fun promotions for social media marketing. It turns blog posts or blog content into video creation or social promos.
Key features
• Drag and drop gifs
• Screengrabs
• Video clips
• Add in music
• Drag and drop interface
• Blog to Social
Price: Free version- 480p videos and 50 dollars/month-HD-1080p
Pros & Cons of Lumen5

• It is how simple it is to use and make movies. This tool doesn’t require any special training to use. Even when you are a newbie, you can use this tool as a pro.
• This application is excellent for anyone wishing to produce numerous films quickly since it produces videos quickly.
• To assist the user in becoming accustomed to this product, there is a free version accessible. They can test out the free version before upgrading to a paid subscription for a better experience.
• To offer your video clip the best possible effort, there are countless typefaces and templates available.
• Any type of video, including demonstrations of products and commercials, is possible.
• The 480p resolution plus Lumen5 branding at the conclusion of the film are only two of the many restrictions in the free edition.
• Increased font size is one of the additional customization choices Lumen5 requires.
Video editing software for 4K beginners
3. Filmora
Filmora is multi-faceted, simple, and standard, and provides high-quality editing. Filmora Scrn is for screen editing and recording while FilmoraGo is for mobile editing. It is simple to use and intuitive. It is the best 4k and gif-supportive video editing software. There are boilerplate features with Filmora but it is especially good with titles.
Key features
• Unique title tools
• Gif and 4k supported
• Motion elements
• Overlays
• Transitions
• Few selections of royalty-free music
• Easy mode video editing
• Creates polished and fun edits by dragging and dropping clips
• You can choose music and theme
• Screen and mobile editing
Price- 39.99 dollars yearly and Lifetime license-59.99 dollars
Pros and Cons of Filmora
Like any other piece of software, Filmora has benefits and drawbacks.
The following are the main advantages and restrictions of using this software:
Pros of Filmora
• Its interface is simple to use
• Simple to Use
• Reasonable Lifetime Price Quicker Video Rendering
• Fantastic fundamental and advanced features
• Features Good User Support
• Awe-Inspiring Support for Video Output
• Support for Screen Recording Numerous File Formats
Filmora’s Cons
• Lacks sophisticated features
• Costly Monthly And Annual Plans
• Free Version Has Watermarks and Is Only Compatible With Windows and Mac
• 4K Editing That Frequently Lags Is Bad
4. CyberLink PowerDirector 365
The interface is straightforward. Run the tutorials provided on the product page and everything is right there. It has lots of effects and choices.
Key features
• It is the lightning fastest video editor.
• It functions constantly to provide cutting-edge and innovative videos.
• It has switched to 4k.
• It supports virtual reality to 360-degree footage.
• It has a comprehensive bundle of effects.
• Compatible with Mac and Windows
Price- Unlimited access for 69.99 dollars, 4.08 dollars per month.
Pros and Cons of CyberLink PowerDirector 365
Pros of PowerDirector

Let’s go through CyberLink PowerDirector Ultra’s major advantages:
• PowerDirector’s more than 100 excellent video and audio editing features are its greatest asset. Pro-level themes, subtitles, 3D animated titles, and incredible slideshows may be made by even inexperienced users.
• Supports full-frame 4k and 3D. 4k videos may be imported, edited, and exported with ease.
• Even though a user has numerous levels to render, it renders the fastest. To notice the outcomes, you don’t have to spend hours in front of the computer. It completes the task for you in a short period.
• Clear and user-friendly interface
• It is capable of editing 360-degree videos in the most sophisticated way
• It supports virtually all video and audio formats, enabling users to target a range of audiences and platforms.
• Users can produce stunning content because of the abundance of preinstalled effects, themes, filters, and transitions
• Permit screen recording, motion tracking, plus multi-camera editing
• Quick customer care is available around-the-clock to address your questions
Cons of PowerDirector
The following are some of CyberLink PowerDirector 16 ultra’s greatest drawbacks:
• If there are too many advertisements asking customers to upgrade, it can be rather frustrating.
• Unexpected bugs have been reported by many users. Sometimes it crashes, forcing you to restart the editing
• Its user interface could seem intimidating
• Provides poor color matching
• Pricey software
• The videos have a watermark at the very beginning (first five seconds)
5. Adobe Premium Pro for overall video editing
Adobe brings in premium elements for beginners who are looking for effects. There is guidance on how to use the tools within Adobe. It has unmatched features, 4k, and 360 VR support. It is the most overall video editing software.
Key features
• Guided Edits
• Simple interface
• It implements sharing, storing, and organizing assets online
• Lumetri color tool for color manipulation and adjustment
• Multi-cam feature for different camera angles
• Wide range of titling options
• Simple to use and flexible interface
• Easy Adobe product integration
• A comprehensive suite of effects
• It is compatible with PC and Mac users
• AI-enabled for easier edits
Price- Single payment of 19.99 dollars
Pros and Cons of Adobe Premium Pro

• Pleasant user interface
• Adobe Creative Cloud Applications Support for Creative Cloud Online Sync
• Contemporary Color Correction
• A powerful computer is required
• Value for Money
6. Corel VideoStudio Ultimate- A must-buy for 2021
This is a video editing software that is compatible with windows. Corel is a competitor to video editing software by Adobe. It is an outstanding editing software for a beginner. It is a potential editing tool yet simple to learn. You can make videos easily without any complex controls.
Key features
• 360 deg extensive editing features
• Elaborate video collages
• Split-screen video
• Windows-only interface
• A wide array of tools
• Multi-cam support
• 4K support
• Over 2k effects
• 3D text editing
• Lens correction tools

Pros and Cons of Corel VideoStudio Ultimate
VideoStudio Ultimate Pros

• Countless video editing
• A longer trial time and refund policy
• Video compatibility with 4K
• Edit 3D objects plus 360/VR clips
• Integrated sharing function
VideoStudio Ultimate cons
• Only operates on Windows computers
• Sluggish client service
• One device for license
Free desktop video editing software
7. Blender
This video editor is compatible with Linux, Windows, and Mac systems. This is free-to-use open-source software. It has a 3D animation suite. It permits basic video splicing and cuts. You can carry complex video masking tasks. It caters to beginners as well as advanced users.
Key features
• Luma waveform, histogram displays, live preview
• Audio syncing, missing, waveform visualization, and scrubbing
• 32 spots to add photos, music, video, plus effects
• Adjustment layers, keyframes, transitions, speed control, and more.
• It is best for advanced projects involving 3D animation.
Pros and Cons of Blender
The pros of using Blender
• It is open-source and free software
• It has a wider variety than other 3D programs
• There are several materials available
• The software Blender employs a procedural workflow
• The process of development is absurd
The cons of using Blender
• It is not an industry norm
• There’s a big learning curve
• Being open-source, it might have bugs
• The video editor is really simple
• Older devices have trouble running Blender
8. Lightworks 2022
This video editor is compatible with Linux, Windows, and Mac systems. It is one of the potential video editors. There are many useful features and the free version is a bonus.
Key features
• High-precision trimming of your video
• Export feature to 720p for YouTube videos
• Multicam supported
• Many video formats are supported like 4k video
• Has video tutorials for beginners
• Potential video editing tools
Pros and Cons of Lightworks 2022

• Easy-to-Use
• Version without a watermark available for free
• Excellent for Newcomers
• Free of charge audio and video
• Several tools and effects for professionals
• Directly upload edited video to YouTube
• High ratings from clients
• An ugly user interface
• The free version’s functionalities are restricted.
• Sporadic crashing
• Audio Syncing Problems
• Analyzing videos slowly
9. Shotcut
This video editor is compatible with Linux, Windows, and Mac systems. It is an open-source program. You get accessibility to all its features without any paid upgrade. It has a wide array of video formats and tutorials.
Key features
• A quality editor for videos
• 4K HD resolution supported
• Timeline editing feature
• No need for a video import
• Good for large video files
• Great for HD video projects
Pros and Cons of Shotcut
Shotcut Pros

• Excellent input/export assistance
• A strong collection of editing tools
• Support for editable formats
• Reliable tech support
Shotcut cons
• The user interface is not very clear.
• Shotcut doesn’t quite support uploading SUB subtitles or external SRT files, however, you can add text by making use of the Text HTML filter. There is also no stock music accessible.
• As you may expect, free video editors typically provide a limited number of scene transitions. Shotcut is also not an exception.
• No export presets for equipment
10. DaVinci Resolve
This video editor is compatible with Linux, Windows, and Mac systems. It is the most advanced editor for your videos with an intuitive interface and professional features. It has a rich trimming and uploading of videos.
Key features
• Advanced trimming
• 2D and 3D titles
• Video slicing
• Master and correct audio and color
• Multi-cam editing
• Ideal for advanced projects
Pros and Cons of DaVinci Resolve
The Pro’s

• Inclusion-The integration of Resolve’s premier color correction capabilities is without a doubt its greatest asset. Resolve frequently imports edits from Premiere, Final Cut Pro, and Avid for grading.
• Cost-At least, it’s inexpensive; at best, it’s free.
• Innovation- Blackmagic has reinvented editing with the cut page, however, they haven’t compelled you to adapt. If you choose to use it, it is an option.
• It’s an Up and Corner- It has a large user base, is extremely mature, is gaining popularity, and gets updates frequently.
• It has industry-leading color grading capabilities that are fully integrated
The Cons
• No dynamic linking
• The Learning Curve
• In the world of editing, this is an underdog
The above 10 best video editing software will help you from a beginner to an advanced user. Their features are such that you get high-quality videos for uploading for entertainment or marketing. Exploring the features will enable you to get the best use of your video editor. There are free-to-paid versions that can be chosen based on your need, expertise, and budget.

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