Top 5 Best Automotive Multimeters on Amazon

Multimeters are electrical measuring instruments that are used to measure voltage, current, resistance, or continuity.

These instruments provide a technician with the information needed to diagnose an issue and repair it.

This gadget can measure voltage, current, and resistance and can be used for a variety of tasks in the automotive industry.

It is popular in the automotive industry because they come in many different types and sizes to suit whatever your need might be. You can easily read the results yourself without having to rely on an expert giving you an interpretation of the result.

To find the best automotive multimeters, we have carefully analyzed their features and buy hacks to come up with this list.

Meco 6255 Digital Automotive Multimeter

The Meco 6255 Digital Automotive Multimeter has the ability to measure the rpm of an engine, dwell, and duty cycle. The device also measures various other automotive-related measurements, such as AC/DC voltage and current, and ignition frequency.

This device is useful to diagnose automotive problems, such as misfires and timing issues. The product comes with quality material and is perfect for any automotive technician who needs a reliable device when diagnosing vehicles.


The BTMETER BT-770K, a multifunction measuring device specially designed for use by mechanics and DIYers in their work.

This auto-ranging automotive device features a large LCD display which makes it easy to read the current readings. Moreover, the hands-free feature makes it convenient for the user to work on any type of electric or electronic equipment without having to hold the device in his/her hand all the time.

The BT-770K also has a temperature test function that can be used to detect if there are any shorts or overloads in an electrical circuit.

Fluke 15B+ Digital Multimeter 

Fluke has been a trusted brand in the electronics industry for more than 25 years. They have been developing digital multimeters with accuracy and precision.

The device has a 50% bigger display than previous models. It weighs 455 grams, which makes it very portable for field technicians to use while on the job site.

The United States made product can measure voltage, resistance, continuity, capacitance measurement, and diode test, among other features. 

The data hold feature is also a great way to keep track of readings even when the screen locks off after 10 seconds of inactivity- this saves time from having to re-read constantly from the beginning if you are not constantly working on the project at hand.

Sanwa – cd800a 

The Sanwa CD800A is small and portable, used for the measurement of low-voltage circuits. It comes with a 3-digit display and can measure measurements in milliamps.

The CD800A has maximum Ac 0.4 A of current measuring range and can measure up to AC 600 V and DC 600 V, which is perfect for measuring the voltage at home electrical equipment such as microwaves, air conditioners, or any other appliance.

The Sanwa Digital Multimeter is a well-built, sturdy unit. With its protective body cover, the meter is solid and durable enough to withstand any amount of stress that will be put on it.

Tooarts Digital Multimeter Automotive Meter Tester

Tooarts Digital Multimeter Automotive Meter Tester is the perfect, reliable, and effective equipment for measuring electric & magnetic fields.

The device can measure a wide range of voltage, which is not a problem for a digital meter. 

The price of this device is much lower than other meters. The other function is the protection function – it has the function to control voltage and current.

With a large display, the readings are visible in low light, so you can use them in any environment without having to worry about whether you have enough light.

It has a special design and a long cable, so you don’t have to keep moving closer.

In conclusion, the digital multimeter is an advanced measuring tool that is used in various industries. A basic understanding of how it works and best buying tips can help you to purchase the right brand.

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