Best Water Heater, Geyser for Winters

There are few things as comforting and refreshing as a hot shower. Hot showers are known to help even insomniacs relax and fall asleep more easily, which is why some people take a hot shower just before going into bed. For many, it’s sort of an unwinding ritual. Hot showers also help in killing germs when you’ve been outdoors for a long time and you come back home and take a shower. This makes water heaters are more of a necessity than a luxury.

For best buy tips, you must know that offers a wide variety of water heaters to pick from such as geysers for winter, under sink water heaters, immersion water heaters, solar water heaters, small geysers, gas water heaters, etc. While each has its pros and cons the common denominator with all of them is that they give you hot water which is of just the right temperature for you. 

Water heaters constitute a major part of our lives. There is a lot that you need to consider before purchasing one. The key aspects that need to be taken into account are hot water consumption, size of the house, number of family members, geographic location, etc. 

Best water heater

When it comes to water heaters that are not just best suited for all seasons but also have added features Amazon recommends Lifelong LLWH106 Flash 3 Litres Instant Water Heater for Home Use as the best choice. It is one of the buy hacks. This heater offers a wide variety of features such as resisting high pressure, energy efficiency, a Neon indicator for giving the status of water heating and readiness Thermostat, and cut off that conforms to international standards 

Geyser for winters

Winter is here and this makes it the perfect time to replace that old geyser unit or buy a brand new one. It’s important to choose the right geyser unit that perfectly attends to all your requirements. This isn’t exactly a tough task if you know what to look for before investing in a geyser. Given below are some of the different types of water heaters that are available in the market with interesting features to offer. Crompton Solarium Qube 15-L 5 Star Rated Storage Water Heater is a good choice for the same.

Immersion water heater

Immersion water heaters are electric heaters found inside a hot water cylinder. They work like a hot water kettle, and it uses an electric resistance heater (that resembles a big metal loop) to heat the water. Immersion heaters are connected to electricity through a cable. You should go for Bajaj Immersion Rod Water Heater if that is case. To know more such best buying tips, keep reading.

Solar water heater 200 ltr

Solar hot water systems are meant to capture thermal energy from the sun and use that energy to heat water for your home. Candes Instant Water Storage Electric Geyser is something you can try. These systems consist of certain major components such as collectors, a storage tank, a heat exchanger, a controller system, and a backup heater. It is one of the best buy hacks. Solar water heaters offer several features and advantages such as 

• Zero cost

• Efficiency

• Cheap installation

• Space-saving 

• Environment friendly

• Low maintenance

Solar water heaters offer a lot of benefits. The only thing that you need to be aware of is the correct number of solar panels to meet the heating requirements of your home. 

Small geyser

The best feature that small geysers have to offer is that they don’t come with a tank to store water. They only provide the exact amount of hot water required. These are easy-to-use heaters. Bajaj Flora Instant 3 Litre Vertical Water Heater, 3KW, White is one product you can try on. They are durable and rust-resistant. They come with heat indicators and also have fittings to connect the outlets. These can be used in the kitchen above the sink or even in your house bathroom.

Gas water heater

In the case of gas water heaters, cold water flows into the water heater when the tap is opened and the flow is detected by a sensor. Bajaj Majesty Duetto Gas 6 Ltr Vertical Water Heater ( LPG), White is a good option. This notifies the gas burner. Then the water flows through a serpentine coil in the heat exchanger that heats up the water. This gives you running hot water for the perfect shower experience

 Instant hot water shower

Lately, instant hot water shower systems are preferred to regular water heaters as the usage of a bulky water tank is avoided. AO Smith EWS-3 Glass Lined 3 Litre 3KW Instant Water Heater (Geyser) White Body is something you must try. Also, water is heated only when it is required. Hot water showers are favoured also because of the energy savings when compared to conventional water heaters.


There is scientific evidence that proves that hot showers can provide a variety of health benefits. It is known to lower blood sugar levels, lowers blood pressure, relieves muscle tension, gives you cleaner and healthier skin, improves blood circulation, relieves you from cold and flu symptoms, reduces headaches, helps you fall asleep faster, and even makes you feel better about yourself. Do you really need more reason to install a water heating system in your house?

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