Top decorative items for the festive season on amazon

The festive season is coming and you should stock up the most commonly used items for that. The real feel of a festival is incomplete without the decoration. Those bright lights, ribbons, flowers, and other decorative items complete the festivals in your home. 

It can be anything that you can use for decorating your home like an expensive showpiece or a simple ribbon. What matters is the way you use it and how beautiful it looks. Here are the buy tips for decorative items available on amazon.

Party Propz Golden Paper Fans

It is a set of eight pieces of beautiful-looking golden fans. Which you can very innovatively use on occasions like birthdays, festivals, parties, anniversaries, Christmas, new year, etc. These fans are made of high-quality craft paper and look really beautiful when you use them as a backdrop hanging from the wall, tree, or even the doors. 

The color itself is easily compatible with other colors like blue, silver and black. Precise measurement of these fans is 2 pcs -16 in (2 mcx-40.6 cm), 2 pcs -12 in (2 mcx-30.4cm), 2 pcs -10 in (2 mcx-25.4cm), 2 pcs -8 in (2 mcx-20.3 cm) Includes String.

Indigifts Diwali Combo Set

The upcoming festival of Diwali is a festival where everyone decorates their homes. One thing which everyone makes is a rangoli. The more time you devote the more beautiful it becomes, but here are buy hacks for you, the reusable rangoli. This is a set of 13 wooden pieces of rangoli, which includes one big circle, four small ones, four L-shaped wooden pieces, and four leaves. It also has one two-sided banner.

You just have to put the cards in the thread to display the message anywhere on the door or in another place. The best part of this is you can innovate; with these 13 pieces, you can create your own designs and portray your creativity. You don’t need to use any glue to fix the pieces, just keep them on the floor. 

Homesake Tea Light Candle Holder

You must have felt at least once that the light makes the decoration better. With those small round candles, the room gets to lighten up. You can place this votive glass sparkling mosaic antique and unique tealight candle holder anywhere in your room and feel the difference.

This multicolor candle holder will surely make the lighting experience better and it also emits a lasting light, which is perfect for parties, bathrooms, bedrooms, and living rooms. You can also use them in Diwali pooja, Diwali decoration, and home decoration. They are the best for side tables as they are small and have bright light.

This is made of lead-free glass which is high-quality, durable and is shiny. The strong base of the candle holder ensures the non-breakable material due to heat.

PREK Seven Chakra Crystal Gemstone Bonsai Money Tree

It is one of the best buy tips. Placing such a beautiful piece in your home will surely give it a beautiful look. It is almost one foot in size which has a strong wooden base that gives it stability. If you know about Feng-shui then you can understand the significance of this tree.

The tree is made up of 300 beads, with a golden wire. It is believed to stimulate your chakras for a better professional, personal life. Also, give you a good sleep and reduce the bad or negative energies in your home. This is a handmade product and has gemstones studded, that’s why the images may not properly justify the beauty.


The decoration is also an art; your creativity and innovation get reflected in the way you decorate your home. Knowing the best buy hacks while selecting the decorative items for your home will surely help you to get the beautiful looking items. The above-mentioned best buying tips will surely add up to the overall look of your rooms.

The decoration is not only about buying some expensive items of art and placing them in your room. It needs a mindset to make the best out of whatever you have purchased. The piece of art may not look good in your bedroom as it may look in the living room. So, it is better to carefully and lovingly decorate your home.

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