How To Sell Online on Meesho – How To Become a Meesho Seller

If you are having a shop that is currently running offline and you want to earn more money then you can also sell your shop products online.

If you want to start new ,you have to set up a small warehouse(maybe your current shop) and stock the items that you want to sell.

Requirements for online selling

  1. You need to have a GST number for registering on any e-marketplace (amazon, flipkart,meesho,etc.)
  2. You need to have a bank account with that registered name.
  3. Your area  should be serviceable by the courier service company. Generally there are many courier companies and every online platform like meesho provides the courier facilities to the supplier.
  4. Initial and small stock of the items you want to sell and Packaging items.

What types of items you can sell

Generally if you are a small businessman or you are starting with a low investment then it is profitable to sell low weight items like – chinese electronic items, jewellery or the products that are unbranded and have high margin for profit.

If your product weight is below 500 gm then it is profitable to sell those items as they save a lot of money in sending the parcel and receiving the return.

Is it Profitable to sell on Meesho?

From my point of view the only ecommerce platform that is best is Meesho. It is 100% zero commission and you just have to create an account and list the products and when you get orders you will get the full amount on the order, the price at which you have listed the product. But they deduct some amount like  TCS and TDS, and the GST on the delivery charges. They all are adjustable at the time of GST filing.

Delivery charges are paid by the customers and you are just entitled to pack the product and ship it. All the courier facilities will be provided by meesho.

Claim on Returned Parcels

Meesho has the best customer support and provides resolution to its supplier at the earliest.

They have a claim policy in which if the returned parcel is not having the original items, or the parcel is tampered or your parcel is lost, in these cases they provide 100% price of your product And waive off the delivery charges on that parcels.

All the claims are not approved by meesho as they are approving only 60-70% of your claims.If your claim ratio is higher than they will not provide you the claim amount once your claim ratio decreases according to their level.

They are updating their return policies very frequently nowadays. But it is still profitable than all other ecommerce marketplaces.

How to claim for wrong returns?

  1. First click the image of the returned parcels with its AWB bill and click such that the parcel can be fully seen in the image.
  2. Now create video while opening the parcel, in video awb bill and product should be clearly seen.
  3. Click the clear image of the products received in the returned parcel.
  4. These three things are required in order to get a claim and some description of the returned parcel.

What are the benefits of online selling?

You can not sell online  without a regular gst number, so there are a lot of benefits of having a regular gst number, if you are an offline seller and having a regular gst number then these benefits will be applicable for you as well.

  1. All your bills will be proper with GST and you have to pay GST on all your bills, so you are creating the credit score for yourself, in future if you need loans from the bank that it is easy to get loans on the basis of your current business revenue.
  2. All the payments will be made online, you need not to hesitate and not to manage a lot of bills, all your transactions will be saved in your mobile banking application or the general passbook.
  3. You can buy from anywhere in India just by giving GST number and by paying them, and all your items will be delivered to you by the transport and no need to take any risk. If you gst bill then it is the transport service responsibility if your bag is lost in between transit. And the transport fee will be less in case of GST Bill. 
  4. You can buy a phone, laptop(for personal use) and any other thing that can be shown as the requirement for the firm (so it can be shown as firm expense). You can save the GST amount on that product.

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