5 Free Online Tools for SEO

It’s critical to have a search engine optimization (SEO) approach in place alongside the content strategy while developing material online. This guarantees that the posts are optimized to the greatest extent possible.

SEO tools could assist you in identifying ways to enhance your site’s visibility. SEO may seem frightening to newbies, but there are numerous free SEO tools which are just as successful as their more expensive counterparts.

What is SEO?

SEO (search engine optimization) is the practice of optimizing your website to ensure that it appears higher in search engines such as Google. When your site is not ranking as high as you’d want, it’s time to rethink your SEO strategy.

SEO tools, both old and new, make it simpler for site owners to figure out what they must do in order to maintain a competitive advantage.

Do You Require SEO Tools?

Yes, in a nutshell. Consider attempting to make a table utilizing only your hands. You’d never get quite far, could you? No. 

You will require instruments such as saws, measuring tapes, plus screwdrivers, and drills, to mention a few equivalent in SEO tools. When you want to create a website, you can only do so much with your hands.

You could create a website without tools; however, you wouldn’t know:

  • Is there a major decline in traffic?
  • How many people visit your website?
  • Please notify us if you discover any HTML errors
  • What keywords would you employ to attract more visitors?
  • The number of links you have
  • And much, much more

What Are SEO Tools?

SEO tools offer information and alerts about the overall success and health of your website. They assist in identifying areas of potential as well as limitations or concerns that may be preventing you from ranking as well as obtaining awareness in the SERPs. SEO tools, such as actual tools, each have a specific function.

There seem to be SEO tools available to assist you with:

  • Keyword Research
  • Analytics
  • Links
  • Local SEO
  • On-page SEO
  • Mobile SEO
  • Research
  • Site Speed
  • Rank Checking
  • WordPress SEO

Why Should You Use SEO Tools?

SEO solutions relieve you of the time-consuming task of data analysis and keyword research. With all these tools, you can assess what’s working as well as which portions of your approach need to be tweaked. 

The finest SEO tools will also provide information on how you compare to competitors as well as where the most chances are. Furthermore, they enable you to assess search performance across regions, countries, or languages.

It will get better. When you manage multiple websites, SEO tools could let you evaluate each site’s effectiveness in real-time. Several entrepreneurs who run several websites end up entering plenty of data into spreadsheets as well as manually evaluating it.

This, however, quickly gets overwhelming, raising the likelihood of erroneous reporting. Luckily, SEO software may save you hours of work and deliver precise reports with a single click.

5 Free Online Tools for SEO

1. Ahrefs Keyword Generator – A best free keyword research tool

Whenever you search for a term or phrase in Ahrefs, the Keyword Generator will provide you with a list of the top relevant keyword ideas. Get up to 100 phrases or keywords in the search field to utilize this free tool. You’ll notice a list of the most popular 100 keywords linked to your search, along with their search volume since the last time the data for that term was updated. The keyword complexity for the first 10 keywords on the list has been updated as well.


This tool provides users with a taste of what Ahrefs’ complete product can do and is ideal for anyone who wants to investigate various industry keywords. Along with the keywords, you can see the leading 50 questions about that topic.

The advantages and disadvantages of Ahrefs

Advantages of Ahrefs

  • It’s simple to use
  • Ahrefs may be used to undertake keyword analysis for a wide range of search engines, including, importantly, YouTube as well as Amazon — prominent competitors typically only publish search statistics for Google.
  • This provides you with access to all of the essential tools for an SEO job, such as backlink analysis, keyword research, as well as site audits.
  • In Ahrefs, performing broken link analysis (both external and internal) is incredibly simple.
  • It allows you to simply assess Core Web Vitals efficiently and gives access to both lab data and fields in one location.
  • This generous ‘domain verification mechanism’ allows you to use Ahrefs with several sites for a low cost.
  • Adding more ‘seats’ for Ahrefs is rather inexpensive, particularly when compared to its competitors.
  • This ‘traffic potential’ measure is a fantastic tool to identify ‘hot’ or untapped keywords – plus you won’t even find a feature like it from its main competitors.

Cons of Ahrefs

  • There is no free trial period.
  • The reporting thresholds are too low.
  • Even the costliest ‘Enterprise’ package only includes one ‘power user’ seat.
  • The link index is lower than that of its main competitors, Semrush and Moz.
  • There is no phone help available.
  • There are no built-in project management tools or contact surfacing to assist you with backlink development.
  • There is no smartphone app for SEO work while on the go.
  • The user interface can be a bit sluggish at times.

2. Yoast SEO Plugin- The best free on-page optimization tool

The Yoast SEO plugin makes it simple to optimize your WordPress site and find content gaps. To begin, activate and install the Yoast plugin on the WordPress site.


The Yoast plugin enhances and modifies your text in 3 stages: readability, SEO, plus social. Yoast allows you to customize your site’s meta descriptions, canonical URL, titles, label index/no-index pages, as well as other backend options. This plugin would award a readability score to each post based on the sentence as well as paragraph length, as well as other parameters. Yoast also includes great capabilities to help you boost the shareability of social media postings.

The Benefits of Yoast SEO 

  • An accessible and user-friendly tool 
  • Serves as an SEO proofreader 
  • Aids in the correction of defects
  • Keep content scrapers away from your RSS feed
  • Use the proper keywords

The disadvantages of Yoast SEO are as follows: 

  • Yoast is indeed not good at comprehending the purpose
  • Yoast could be pedantic
  • The plugins could consume your time by searching

3. Google Search Console – Best free SEO tools for analytic

Google Search Console (GSC), formerly Google Webmasters, assists you in understanding how Google crawls as well as indexes the site. To use the Google Search Console, first establish an account and thereafter add your site as an asset to it. After you’ve joined your domain, you must confirm that you are the site’s owner prior you could access all of its services.


Google Search Console has various noteworthy characteristics, among which is the fact that it can assist you in diagnosing technical faults on your website. This could also assist you in determining which content or keywords are ranking for your website.

Pros and Cons


  • Allows you to monitor changes in your website’s search engine ranking with time.
  • Can assist you in detecting and resolving common SEO issues
  • Can assist you in understanding how your site has been searched.
  • Can assist you in determining which keywords are essential for your website.


  • It may be tough to utilize for inexperienced webmasters.
  • A thorough understanding of SEO fundamentals is required.

4. SEMRush- Best free tools for link building

SEM Rush, like the other program described above, includes a free version of its powerful tool. SEMRush may assist with keyword research, content improvements, rank tracking, on-page SEO audits, and much more, in addition to link building. To gain access to these functionalities, create a free account.


The Backlink Analysis as well as Link Building Tool from SEMRush gives you an in-depth glance at the backlink profile. The free edition of the Link Building Tool restricts you to 100 domains, but you’ll be able to determine your referring domains as well as backlinks with time, including losses and gains as well as the backlink authority score. The tool assists you in identifying places where you may boost your link-building efforts or obtain greater awareness online.

Pros of using Semrush

  • It is generally simple to use.
  • Semrush makes domain analysis especially simple because everything you require to see is simply laid out in one location.
  • Despite providing a significant amount of data, Semrush’s interface is laid up logically, and graphs plus data visualizations make it simple to interpret the metrics offered.
  • The keyword intent information is excellent for assisting you in focusing on the phrases which are most likely to be useful plus profitable for your company.
  • Semrush’s functionality of link building is excellent, with CRM-style elements to assist in outreach.
  • The site auditing tool provides you with a simple set of instructions for making actual improvements to the site’s on-page SEO and technical SEO.
  • Semrush gives a wealth of PPC information in addition to organic search statistics and keyword ideas.
  • In contrast to its competitors, Semrush is fairly generous in terms of the number of reports you could retrieve in a single day.
  • Semrush customer service is offered via chat, phone, and email. It offers a more complete customer service solution than competitors Moz and Ahrefs give.
  • There is a 30-day free trial offered, that compares favorably to several competitors.

The disadvantages of utilizing Semrush

  • Semrush only offers details for one search engine, Google; a few competitors, most notably Ahrefs, offer information from a number of others.
  • All Semrush plans have only single user accounts, as well as purchasing extra seats is costly.
  • Some notable characteristics are only available as a component of ‘projects,’ and Semrush restricts the number of concurrent projects users can run.
  • Competitor research plus online marketing add-ons could be costly.
  • It is not as simple as it ought to be to perform broken link building using Semrush.
  • While the free trial is useful, you must input your credit card information before you can use it.
  • Since the Semrush interface is not ‘responsive,’ using the tool over a mobile device is difficult.

5. Google Analytics – Best free SEO tools for analytics

To determine whether your SEO efforts are effective, examine your site’s findability to determine wherein your traffic originates from. You might notice an increase in traffic after optimizing your posts, but that traffic might be originating from some other source, such as social networking. Google Analytics gives you detailed information regarding your website visitors in addition to real-time activities.

Log in to Google Analytics with just a current Google account as well as a link to your website. Combine it with the Google Console account to obtain the most useful SEO information. Whenever you connect the two platforms, you’ll be able to view the keywords visitors use to reach your site, as well as your click-through prices for those keywords.


Google Analytics allows you to track how visitors interact with the website. You may use Google Analytics to check how many individuals visit your site, wherein your traffic is originating from, how long visitors stay on the page and a lot more.


  • A fantastic free tool
  • Setup is simple
  • Manages several properties under the same account as well as offers out-of-the-box web analytics and reports
  • When you’re interested, you can go deeper into site data
  • New elements are always being introduced
  • Tells you how users discovered your website
  • Displays real-time traffic data and provides a wealth of publicly available resources


  • A challenging learning curve
  • Sampling of data
  • Provides a set number of hits every month.
  • Does not adhere to EU data protection rules.
  • Customer service is lacking.
  • G.A. report spamming
  • A scarcity of organic keyword data
  • There is too much chatter and insufficient actionable insights.


Whilst SEO is an important element of the content creation process, this is most effective when integrated with other marketing methods such as content as well as social media marketing. While you combine SEO plus social monitoring tools, you’ll make the most of your optimizations. And all these free SEO tools assist you in laying the groundwork for these methods. With the addition of certain social media keyword search tools, you’ll be capable of casting an even wider net in order to discover more about what the audience wants.

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