In business, how much success is “showing up”?

Being in the right place at the appropriate time can either make or break a career or a company. People are always curious about what it takes to be truly successful. How many times have you sent an email or left a voice mail for a business person that was simply not returned? It astounds the reader when someone encounters a company that simply does not “show up.” People often wonder what it takes to start or run a business successfully.

The reality is that many factors work together to prevent you from showing up. It’s often difficult to show up. Many events conspire to kill enterprises, and roughly 60% of them fail within the first three years. If you can’t handle all of those stressful situations, your business will cease to exist.


‘Showing up is a connotation for ‘working hard’ or ‘putting in the effort,’ so pushing very hard can increase one’s chances of success. Showing up entails more than just making a physical appearance. It’s also showing up cognitively. When you show up intellectually, it means you are sincerely listening to your customer’s requirements and pain points and working to solve their problems. 

Instead, far too many solution providers enter a sales call with a possible answer in mind and then expend considerable effort convincing the customer that the prefabricated solution will meet the requirements of the customer. When selling hammers, all you see are nails.

Showing up in a specific location is also crucial to the new globalization, which increasingly means localization. Companies recognize the importance of adapting to local customs and preferences and learning from them rather than imposing one-size-fits-all standardized global products on every market.

When you see a profitable business, someone once made a brave decision.

Showing up is a sign of caring, in addition to providing knowledge and relationships. Visiting in person is always more meaningful than sending recordings or a note. It is critical to be at the right spot at the right moment. And individuals can’t get started unless they first show up.


Every entrepreneur wants to succeed in business, but defining that can be difficult. Are you just keeping your gates unlocked? Some business owners enter the market with no clear idea of what they consider a successful business, but achieving your goals will be easier if you define them precisely.

The progress of your company, the wealth it provides you, or your capability to maintain control of the business or your children are common measures of business success. Because entrepreneurs do not all start businesses for the same reasons, there is no single standard. The best path to fulfillment is to define your +own definition of a profitable business.

One of the first things to consider is whether your primary value is liquidity, growth, or control. Prioritizing the development of your company may be motivated by ambition, or it may increase the benefits you believe you can provide to society.

 Liquidity allows you to withdraw funds from the company to fund your lifestyle or to make charitable donations. If control is your top priority, you should avoid actions that benefit the company at the expense of your business control.

Tips For Successful Businesses

1. Making a Strategy 

Hard work, perseverance, and planning are required for success. Start making a plan once you have determined what’s important to you. Set one, five, and ten-year objectives. Where do you want your business to be based on your definition of success? How far are you from realizing your aspirations?

Once you have defined success and created a list of goals to go with it, consider how you will get there.

2. Assessment and Movement

Setting goals and deciding on a course of action is not enough. To be a successful business owner, you must check in regularly to see how well you are meeting whatever performance measures you have set for your company. 

Any assessment process that works is good as long as it is used regularly. Examine whether you have met your objectives and whether you have done so on time. If you have fallen short, you need to know how far you fell short and what went wrong. Correct your course once you have determined it.


Woody Allen once said that 80 percent of life’s success is simply showing up. That appears to be very simple. To succeed, all that you require is patience and determination. The key reason for the lower percentage of businesses succeeding is the loss of a key employee. Another major issue that entrepreneurs are currently facing is a liquidity crisis.

Sales are a constant issue that fluctuates and shifts in every business. Unless you can successfully manage the sales team, refine the go-to-market strategy, and keep the product fully updated, your company will be dissolved.

“You can indeed be or accomplish any task by simply turning up.” If you want to be an author, you must write daily, enroll in writing skills, and reach out to review sites. Isn’t it obvious that someone who arrives at the door of opportunity has a better chance than someone who sits at home?


Showing up also entails assisting others in the area or community. Attend other people’s performances, buy handmade goods from people you admire, and read books and articles written by individuals who write in the way you want to read. You must show up for others if you expect them to show up for you. Here are some of the benefits of showing up in your life.

1. Prioritize the Process Over the Result

Acceptance is encapsulated in the philosophy of showing up. When you dedicate yourself to showing up in life, whether it’s by posting a blog article or calling a client, you accept whatever happens.

2. Improved performance

You are more present when you are focused on a process or task. You can devote your energy to the task at hand or to interacting with other people. Because you are not under pressure to meet a particular objective, you will be less stressed and your performance will improve.

3. Recover from setbacks

When you are committed to showing up in life, setbacks won’t matter. Whatever happens, you will keep working toward your goal, making changes, and simply showing up. This attitude will allow you to recover from setbacks and move on to the next opportunity.

Showing up is a simple but powerful action. Even in relationships with friends and family, it is more important to be present for them, — in other words show up, than to make gestures. When you take the first step toward achieving a significant goal, the rest of the journey becomes less daunting. You will gain confidence and pursue the things in life that bring you joy.

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