How to get Adsense approval for your site

Necessary conditions for getting the adsense approval

  1. you should have a website, it may be wordpress or blogger,etc.
  2. You should have at least 4-5 common pages such as Home Page, About us, Contact us, FAQ, Privacy policy, Blog page,etc.
  3. Your website should contain 30-40 articles and the content should be of high quality.
  4. Website looks should be decent and it has not been blocked previously.
  5. Your age is also important, make sure you are over 18 years old.

What are the things that increases the chance of approval?

  1. Your website should be at least 5-6 months old.
  2. Your web traffic should be 25-50 daily visitors.
  3. Your content should be original and unique, and does not contain content of AI based tools.
  4. Don’t Use copyrighted images.
  5. Remove ads if you are using any third party ads before applying for adsense.

What is the time required for Adsense Approval?

For the verification of your site google takes atleast 2 weeks. But in most of the cases sites are reviewed within 2-4 days and google gives the approval. If your site is very old and generates a good traffic then it has the great chances of approval.

During this time, try to post maximum number of articles. If you are posting during the time of verification then it’s easy to get adsense approval.

How to earn money after getting approval of adsense

  1. Paste the meta HTML code in your header file of every page so that while reading the blogs users can see the ads.
  2. Google will automatically shows the ads to the users on your website and the size of the ads will be automatically adjusted by the google.
  3. Post 10-15 articles daily having unique and original content having long length.
  4. Do some marketing on reddit and any other platform wherever it is possible.
  5. Attract a good audience by showing your writing skills, users should stop at your site for reading the blog.

How to earn money on website by the traffic having adsense

Adsense income is that when a user clicks while reading your article, so the conversion rate is very low. Other than adsense you can use your website traffic for income by affiliate marketing.

  1. Amazon Affiliate – Write that type of articles that can be useful in promoting amazon products like mobile, laptops, electronic items,etc.
  2. Coding Ninjas – If your niche is around coding and education, you can share your coding ninja affiliate link (first create an account for affiliate marketing).
  3. Udemy – Here you can promote all types of courses like digital marketing, finance, coding, education,etc.
  4. Web Hosting – you can encourage people to buy host and domain from your affiliate link. You can sign up for as many web hosting companies as you want like hostinger, godaddy,DigitalOcean,etc.

You can use other affiliate programs, if your website has good traffic.

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