How to generate atm pin code?

As soon as you receive your ATM card, you must create a four-digit PIN (personal identification number) for it.

For safe offline and online transactions, in addition to using an ATM to get cash, you need a special code. Unless you input the right PIN will the transaction be verified.

Where can I find the pin?

The banks originally provide this PIN, which ATM card holders are required to update and keep private. The ATM cards’ PINs can be changed whenever you want and as frequently as you like.

A personal Identification Number, or PIN, would be a number specific to every ATM card.

This PIN code verifies that the cardholders are making the purchases, proving their legitimacy. a computerized teller system (ATM).

A personal Identification Number, or PIN, is a number specific to each ATM card. This PIN code verifies that the card owner is using the card to make the transactions.

Create a PIN for an ATM card

The PIN used to log in by consumers is shared by banks each time they issue a new ATM card. They suggest that cardholders create a new ATM PIN which is only available to them.

By doing this, the ATM card utilized for cash withdrawals or even other online activities is protected. A PIN for an ATM can be generated in several ways, including SMS, online banking, and the ATM itself.

If you’re unsure of how to do it, creating or setting an ATM PIN is a straightforward process that may be done both offline and online.

How Do I Online Setup an ATM PIN?

Below is a step-by-step tutorial on how to generate a PIN for a debit card utilizing several internet services, specifically net banking as well as a mobile app:

1) Utilizing Net Banking to Create an ATM PIN

You can generate an ATM card PIN using your online banking account. 

The steps you are required to take are listed below:

  • The net banking portal of the bank should be logged into with a username and password.
  • Decide the account you wish to create the ATM card PIN for.
  • You can generate PIN after choosing ATM Card Services
  • Get into the card’s 4-digit PIN and double-check it.
  • Use the OTP that was issued to your registered mobile number to confirm.
  • After authentication, you could transact easily using the ATM PIN that was generated.

2) How can I create a PIN for an ATM card online using Mobile app?

Your mobile banking app can generate your ATM card PIN. The steps you would require to take are listed below:

  • Enter the bank’s mobile application.
  • Decide the account you want to generate the ATM card PIN.
  • Generate your pin after choosing ATM card services
  • Use ATM card services to generate your pin using generate PIN
  • Input the card’s 4- digit PIN and double-check it.
  • Use the OTP that was issued to your registered mobile phone number to confirm.
  • After authentication, you could conduct transactions easily using the generated ATM PIN.

How to create an ATM Card PIN Offline?

You could also create an ATM card PIN online when you don’t have access to the internet channels. There are 3 options for accomplishing this: using an ATM, sending an SMS, or contacting customer service.

How Can a PIN Be Generated Through an ATM?

To establish your card PIN via an ATM, go to the ATM kiosk at your bank. Choose the “Generate PIN” option as well as place your card into the ATM.

You would require to establish the PIN on your ATM card if your bank has given you a temporary PIN.

In other situations, you will need to confirm your identity utilizing an OTP that was supplied to you before choosing your PIN.

To verify your request for obtaining an ATM card PIN, certain banks may ask for your bank account number and registered cellphone number.

You can then set your four-digit card PIN and confirm it after the verification is complete.

How Do I Use SMS to Create a PIN for an ATM Card?

Use the SMS format provided by your bank and submit an SMS text message to the service number of the respective bank.

The text should indicate the new PIN generation. You would be given a temporary OTP after the request has been received, and it will be good for a few hours. 

Afterwards, you would have to take the aforementioned actions:

  • Visit your neighborhood bank ATM
  • Place your ATM card in
  • Then select “Generate PIN.”
  • Put your temporary card PIN in here
  • Select “Confirm”
  • Put in your card’s 4-digit PIN and do it again
  • To confirm your PIN, hit “Submit.”

How to Create an ATM PIN Through Customer Service?

You must call your bank’s customer service line and request an OTP for PIN generation on your card in order to create a PIN via customer service.

You’ll be required to provide information like your card number, account number, etc. You would receive an OTP after all the information has been verified and is good for a few hours.

The steps listed below would then have to be followed:

  • Visit your neighborhood bank ATM
  • Put your ATM card in
  • Then select “Generate PIN.”
  • Input the generated OTP
  • Select “Confirm”
  • Put in your card’s 4-digit PIN and do it again
  • In order to confirm your PIN, hit “Submit.”

What is the free limit of transactions in one month for major banks in India?

Each month, a set number of free transactions at the ATMs are permitted by all significant banks, both in the private and public sectors.

In addition to the complementary transactions, which cover both non-financial and financial services, the lenders impose a fee with related taxes.

Depending on the kind of account you have and the debit card you use, the number of free transactions now at ATMs might vary. Beyond the permitted number of free monthly transactions, utilizing the ATMs will incur fees.

RBI regulations

Following a regulation released by the Reserve Bank of India in June of last year, beginning on January 1, 2022, banks are permitted to charge 21 per transaction well above the free monthly transaction limit at the ATM.

Previously, banks could charge 20 for every such transaction.

Customers are limited to 3 free transactions at some other bank ATMs plus 5 free transactions per month at their own bank’s ATMs. Customers in non-metro areas can use 5 free transactions at ATMs operated by other banks.

Beginning on August 1, 2022, the RBI permitted banks to charge an interchange fee of 17 rupees ($17) for every financial transaction plus 6 rupees ($6) for every non-financial transaction at all centers.

To cover the rising costs of ATM set-up and maintenance, banks levy service fees on ATMs. Based on the type of card a customer has, all the leading banks also impose a yearly fee on ATM cards or debit cards.

Free limit of transactions in one month for the top 5 Indian Banks

The kind of account plus debit card a consumer chooses will determine how many free ATM withdrawals they can make.

As stated by the Reserve Bank of India, an essential minimum of free ATM transactions should be completed each month (RBI). Banks might, though, give their clients additional free transactions.

The RBI FAQs on ATM transactions state that banks are required to provide their savings bank account holders with a minimum number of free ATM withdrawals.

SBI-free ATM transactions

According to the bank’s website, customers having a monthly balance of up to Rs 1 lakh are eligible for five free transactions at SBI ATMs.

However, other banks have a limit of 3 free transactions per metro region.

For transactions that surpass the free limit, SBI assesses a fee based on the kind of transaction and the ATM.

For non-financial transactions which exceed the free limit, customers will be charged Rs 5 at SBI ATMs plus Rs 8 at some other bank ATMs in addition to the relevant GST rates.

The fees for financial transactions that exceed the predetermined limit are Rs. 20 at ATMs of other banks and Rs. 10 at SBI.

Across all banks, a transaction decline due to insufficient funds is charged Rs 20 + GST.

Free ATM transactions at HDFC Bank

Customers with savings and payroll accounts are only permitted five free withdrawals from HDFC Bank ATMs each month. According to the HDFC Bank site, the ATM transaction pricing rate above the free limit is Rs. 21 + VAT. Beyond the cap, non-financial transactions would be charged Rs. 8.50 plus any relevant taxes.

There is a monthly cap of 3 free transactions at other bank ATMs in metro areas plus 5 in non-metro areas. Transactions done at HDFC Bank ATMs will solely be charged for cash withdrawals. The balance check, PIN change and mini statement are not charged because they are not financial transactions.

Please be aware that while charging for transactions done at ATMs other than HDFC Bank ATMs, both financial (cash withdrawal) as well as non-financial transactions would be considered.

Free ATM transactions at ICICI Bank 

Owners of Savings Bank accounts are permitted 5 free financial transactions at ICICI Bank ATMs each calendar month; all non-financial transactions are free. According to the bank website, each transaction at an ICICI Bank ATM costs Rs 21.

Other bank ATMs would allow an optimum of 5 transactions every calendar month (covering non-financial and financial transactions), with a limit of 3 free transactions in six metro areas.

Withdrawal charges of PNB- PUNJAB NATIONAL Bank ATM 

PNB offers 3 free ATM withdrawals in major cities and five free withdrawals in the majority of other locations, similar to SBI. Following then, the bank charges a Rs 10 fee for withdrawal from ATM.

Bank day-to-day limits range between Rs 25,000 for holders of classic cards and Rs 50,000 for holders of platinum and gold cards.

Fees for ATM withdrawals from Axis Bank

The same 3- and 5-transaction restrictions for cost-free ATM withdrawals are also provided by Axis Bank. The bank then assesses a withdrawal fee of 21%.

How Do I Change/Reset an ATM PIN That I Forgot?

Your ATM card PIN can be changed or reset using a simple process that can be done both offline and online. You must take the following actions:

How to Modify a PIN Online using an ATM Without Visiting One?

Visiting the bank’s website and doing the actions listed below to modify or reset your PIN there:

  • Go to the net banking page and sign in.
  • Hit on “Card services” under “Services.”
  • Select “PIN generation” from the menu.
  • Pick the account, then confirm it with the OTP that was issued to your registered number.
  • Select “Continue”
  • Put in your previous PIN and press “Submit.”
  • Enter the newly established 4-digit ATM PIN.
  • Hit “Submit” to correctly update your card’s PIN.

How Do I Modify My ATM PIN at a Kiosk?

The actions you would be required to take in order to change the ATM PIN using an ATM kiosk are as follows:

  • Head to your bank’s ATM 
  • Put your ATM card in
  • Then select “Generate PIN.”
  • Type your account number in the ATM
  • Select “Confirm”
  • Specify your active cell phone number.
  • Select “Confirm”

You should cancel the transaction as well as re-insert your card after receiving an OTP or temporary PIN on your number:

  • Select the language of your choice.
  • Select “Banking services.”
  • OTP or temporary PIN must be entered, then press “Enter.”
  • Select “Change PIN” from the menu.
  • Type in your unique ATM four-digit PIN.
  • To successfully modify the PIN on your card, get into the new PIN once more.


After receiving an ATM card as well as a temporary PIN from the bank, you must create a new PIN. Because only you understand the new PIN, safety is increased.

For security reasons, you must also update it periodically to prevent someone from abusing an ATM card if they accidentally learn the PIN.

You could only complete any online or cash withdrawals when you get the right PIN. When there are multiple unsuccessful attempts, the card might be stopped for 24 hours to cease fraud.

ATM PIN guarantees that no one may take money or complete any transaction even without the PIN, even when the card is lost. Nevertheless, when you lose the card, block it right away.

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