Most students’ biggest whining is handling loads of homework and assignment. Every day landing up with piles of homework and spending all my leisure time on it is quite horrible. Most students end up doing all their homework and give up on enjoyment like outings, gaming, etc.

But, I have a question. It is by law that no one gets punished for not doing something, but why are students ended up getting punished for not doing homework? Isn’t it crazy?

Just kidding!

At times, students feel overwhelmed and burdened by loads of assignments, practice papers, 

homework, etc., Their mind seems to be seeking guidance. Yet, their parents or friends or the known ones don’t seem to fit into the student’s requirements.

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If suppose you are not in the situation to have any assignment help services, then here are a few helping excuses for saving you from being screwed up by your teacher.

So, let this be a student-friendly article where students can find out easy ways for escaping from homework.

Come on!

  1. Food for the pet: 

Fluffy dogs or hairy cats or squishy squirrels or whatever pet you have. Let it take the honor of taking the blame on your behalf.

Is that your teacher an emotional fellow? Is she a pet lover?

Then grab the opportunity guys!

Make a frowning face and sit so disappointed. Put the doggy face on once the teacher approaches. Explain how horrified you were when you found that your pet has devoured all your effort on homework. 

You know it’s fake, but flip it realistic. Sob some time and vamoose from the punishment.

  1. Amnesia turns a weapon:

Are you crackled by the heading? Just chill on…

Another most common statement by the students is when they have skipped homework.

Don’t you get it?

Whenever the student happens to escape from the homework but gets caught red-handed by the teacher, then the student can turn Amnesia into his/her weapon.

Just say, “I forgot my homework.”

It may turn the teacher furious but take a knack for explaining an unreal scenario. You can depict that it took hours of effort to research and complete the homework. Having gotten tired you happened to sleep at the study table till the morning. Waking up late and hurried to school. Spinning off in urgency, you happened to forget the homework.

Isn’t the plot quite convincing and cooling down the enraged teacher?

  1. Change of bag:

Let us take amnesia to the next level.

May forgetting the homework be the first level, whereas the bag itself is the next level of amnesia.

Aren’t you chuckling?

Just picture it as if you spent the whole night on the homework and packed it up in your bag. In the hurry to school, your bag slipped off into the water spilled at the entry of your home. The situation pushed you to change the bag and fate made you miss the assignment in the bag itself.

Explain that you are feeling sorry for yourself. It might be of good chance to convince your teacher.

  1. Let slip off memory:

At certain times, the reality for not completing the assignment or homework would be not remembering it being given.

What to do at those points?

Just tell the truth.

Truth is the best option whenever you are struck. The same applies here. Just convey that you are totally off your mind and so forgot about the homework. It may help because the teacher may get impressed by your honesty and let you wade off with just a warning. Again it’s a win-win situation.

  1. Falling sick:

No sure day happens with a guarantee of never having a breakdown of your body.

Yes, a few days in a year can have the smell of medicine hauling on you. You can be sick sometimes. And you can use it as your perfect escape from homework.

You can tell your teacher that you are sick and prove to her some medicines that you consume. The teacher may get convinced as it involves health. The student can even get some extra days off from assignments and homework if the teacher is too generous.

  1. Taking care of parents:

As mentioned earlier, sickness is gonna come and go. Not just for you, but even for your parents as well.

For you to prove sick, you may need a prescription or medicine to prove. Why not give hands-on to the excuse of having your parents sick? It sounds quite uncomfortable, but it would work better.

Inform your teacher that either or both of your parents fell sick and it turned up to be your responsibility to have an eye on every necessary thing for them. Adding on to it, you might well be doing household chores as the parents are sick. This completes your excuse letting the teacher understand that no time and energy left for you to complete the homework.

  1. Piles of homework:

Recent research and data prove that students are dumped up with so much homework and assignment which in turn puts the students under immense pressure damaging their mental health more than their physical health.

Every organ in our body has quite a limit to work. When an organ ends up working beyond its demark, it ends up damaged. It applies to the brain as well. Hefty homework will stress out the student and push him/her into hatred towards the studies. The teachers must understand it.

Now, let the teacher know that you had lots of homework from every other subject which you weren’t able to manage. Explain to the teacher how tiresome it is being in school trying to cope with the piles of homework. Request the teacher to communicate and plan the homework and assignments along with the other subject teacher. As a result, there will not be a crash of mind of the students.

  1. Doubt stopped me:

Certain topics appear to be completely understandable and seem doubt free in the class. The student might boost up so confidently that he/she will complete the homework with no help. But once home and opens the assignment, there arises a whole new set of queries that may have not even been prominent while the topic was taught in the class. 

 In this case, it becomes quite head-breaking to complete the homework. Don’t take a chance of doing the homework wrong. Instead, inform the teacher the next day and request him/her to clarify the doubts.

Seeking the help of the teacher in clarifying the doubt will indirectly understand her that you have tried doing the homework and this would convince her to not be mad at you.

  1. Absent to the class:

Burdened with homework and assignments, confused about where to begin, and struggling to find solutions, all these tend to exhaust the brain cells. Handling these routines for a long number of days will turn the student fatigued. If the student feels sapped out, then it is time to take a break.

It’s okay to take a day off from school or college and innervate yourself with energy. Off from school will make the student feel relaxed and also a great way to escape completing the homework.

With these, it has come to the end of excuses to escape from homework. All these might help if the student is smart enough to apply in class. But still, it is better to complete the homework because the assignments and homework are being given for the welfare of the students. Completing homework will help the student to understand the concepts clearly and apply them appropriately. 

If the student feels stuck and needs some help, it is always advisable to seek the assistance of any assignment help services. There are numerous homework help services online as we are helpinhomework.org. We provide so many options in completing the student’s assignment so the student can avail the best support in their homework.

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