Gmail’s Recall function

Anyone who frequently uses email is familiar with the heart palpitations that follow pressing the “send” button too quickly. Maybe you just discovered you overlooked a crucial detail, failed to attach a file, typed the recipient’s name incorrectly, or noticed an unsightly typo. As to what the case, these mishaps typically don’t require more than a short follow-up or explanation, but occasionally they can have serious consequences.

In fact, the necessity to remember emails has grown to be so prevalent that the leading providers of email have begun to create solutions. So what choices do you have? Can Gmail remember emails, or are you out of options?

You can perform the following.

It is crucial to keep in mind that there are no promises and that the procedure can be a little tricky. The receiver of the recalled email will be made aware of your action to recall it. You can alter a few settings to prevent this from happening again.

In Gmail, what does Undo-Send mean?

Theoretically, Gmail’s function isn’t named recall. The ability to undo the email you sent in Gmail is known as “Undo Send,” and it gives you a little time frame after sending it.

For a very little amount of time, Gmail gives you the option to cancel or undo sending an email. A minimum of 30 seconds can be set by you as the timer. So, you must take rapid action if you want to retrieve an email. You can recall an email in Gmail by following the procedures listed below. 

You will notice a little window after you’ve sent an email that says “Message sent” to “Undo,” but you must act quickly and tap on Undo to retrieve the email.

Unfortunately, once that period of time has passed and you’re trying to recall an email that has already been sent using Gmail, there is little you may do except start doing damage control.


  • Visit Gmail
  • Next, go to Settings and choose to See All Settings.
  • Go to the Menu bar now and select Undo Sending from the list. Change the Send canceling period (which by convention is set to five seconds) to the period of your choosing
  • Ensure that you save your modified settings.
  • Before moving on, compose yourself an email to check the functionality. A little box notifying you that your email has been sent and provide you with the opportunity to retrieve it will show up in the lower left-hand corner of your screen once you send it. Click “Undo” to go back and edit the email. The box will stay on the display for the amount of time you specified in your Gmail settings. This is the last time you can get it back.

The following prerequisites must be satisfied for the recall message to function.

  • You sent the email to one or more recipients inside of your own company.
  • Your company uses Microsoft Exchange as its server.
  • The email has not been read by the recipient yet.
  • The mail is still sitting in the inbox.

Restrictions of the Undo Send function in Gmail

The Undo Send function in Gmail isn’t ideal. Here are a few of its drawbacks for your consideration.

  • You can modify the timespan in which the Undo Send option is available. It Only Functions During That Window Of time 5, 10, 20, and 30 seconds are the available possibilities.
  • Email Must remain in the Inbox of the Receiver – The recalling feature only functions if the mail still exists in the inbox of the recipient. Emails that receivers have already read are extremely difficult to recall.
  • The Receiver is Alerted – The email’s recipient will be informed that you’ve tried to recall it. This implies that if you want to recall an email for delicate or private reasons, the receiver will be conscious of it.

Make certain that never occurs again.

Create a plan today to prevent this from happening again so you don’t have to Search “how else to delete an email” sometime.

  • Turn on Gmail’s “undo send” function right away and make it a company policy.
  • Check your email for errors three times, if necessary. Read it aloud if it helps, or take a pause and return to it later.
  • Use spellcheck at all times.

A conclusion

Emailing is a quick and practical way to communicate, but occasionally there are unpleasant “oops” instances when you accidentally transmit an email to the wrong address, forget to include a crucial attachment (like a Resume), or send an unfinished letter. In this situation, how would you unsend an email? This isn’t a frivolous query.

Can I cancel a mail submission? On average, yes. Regrettably, a lot of widely used mailing software and clients are powerless to repair the harm.

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