How to withdraw money from an atm?

Need to use an ATM to get cash? A little cabin with a machine inside, known as an Automated Teller Machine (ATM), could be the finest option when this comes to the simplest way to withdraw cash. But now, you can also withdraw cash using Cardless cash withdrawal.

State Bank of India (SBI) has long provided cardless cash withdrawal capabilities to its clients. With this option, it is possible to make cash withdrawals from a few of the bank’s ATMs without using a debit card at all.

SBI’s “Yono” app makes this feasible. At each of its ATMs, ICICI Bank now provides cardless cash withdrawal capabilities.

What is Cardless Cash Withdrawal?

With cardless ATMs, you can use the bank app on your smartphone to conduct ATM transactions. They’re a practical way to get cash from your bank account when you forget the debit card or would prefer to touch an ATM’s screen as little as possible.

With the use of a service called Cardless Cash Withdrawal, you can send money to a recipient who doesn’t have a bank account.

This service is accessible 24/7 throughout the entire year, such as on Sundays as well as any bank holidays, via the corporate internet banking of ICICI as well as SBI Bank.

Benefits of Cardless cash withdrawal system

The cardless cash withdrawal method is not the first of its sort; SBI has been providing consumers with the YONO service for a long time now.

Additionally, ICICI provides this system. The method does, however, have a number of advantages of its own.

  • For the client starting the service
  • To begin with, if you require to withdraw cash, you no longer need to keep a debit card with you.
  • Additionally, consumers can use the service at more than 15,000 ICICI Bank ATMs and withdraw up to Rs 20,000 each day.
  • Transfer money throughout India
  • 24/7, including holidays, send money
  • The recipient is not required to have a bank account.
  • Utilizing Corporate Internet Banking as a secure and safe method of money transfer
  • Your phone’s simplicity as it gradually becomes your wallet
  • When you use multiple banks, you might not always have all of your ATM cards on hand. You can still manage all of your accounts using cardless ATMs.

Security features

A few characteristics of cardless ATM withdrawals render them more secure, even though they are not risk-free. To begin with, since you don’t place your card through an ATM terminal, con artists cannot use skimmers to capture your card information.

It serves little purpose for a hacker to steal a code created for cardless withdrawals since they are only good for one usage.

Hackers wouldn’t just need to know your PIN; they’d also need access to your phone because cardless withdrawals frequently need two-step authentication.

For the recipient of the funds

  • You don’t need a bank account.
  • Receive money from any location in India.
  • Get money right now, even for holidays.
  • An extensive network of ICICI Bank ATMs offers cash withdrawal services.

Cardless cash withdrawal through ICICI ATM

ICICI introduces Cardless Cash Withdrawal, a convenient and secure way to withdraw cash through an ICICI Bank ATM at any time.

At its ATMs, ICICI Bank has introduced a cardless cash withdrawal option. To use the facility’s mobile app, “iMobile,” clients will be able to withdraw money from its network of over 15,000 ATMs.

Self-Service Cardless Cash Withdrawal from ICICI Bank

ICICI bank now provides a simple and secure Cardless Cash Withdrawal service, which is available around the clock. 

The following two channels are available:

1. ICICI Bank ATM withdrawals of money along with others

2. Withdrawal of funds from a neighboring local store

At its ATMs, ICICI Bank has introduced a cardless cash withdrawal option. To use the facility’s mobile app, “iMobile,” clients will be able to withdraw money from its network of over 15,000 ATMs.

Services To Withdraw Cash Around the Clock, In India

  • IMobile Cash Withdrawal seems to be a secure and safe way to withdraw money
  • You can withdraw cash from an extensive network of ICICI Bank ATMs
  • It allows you to get cash instantly without utilizing an ATM card

Steps involved

1. Request for IMobile Cardless Cash Withdrawal

  • Select the Cardless Cash Withdrawal choice under Services.
  • Enter the 4-digit temporary PIN, desired amount, as well as the account number to be used for the debit.
  • Verify the information given on the pre-confirmation screen, then click “submit.”
  • A success notification will appear above the transaction completion screen.

2. SMS From ICICI Bank

ICICI Bank will send you an SMS on the registered cellphone number with a special 6-digit code. Since a 6-digit code is only valid for 6 hours, step 3 must be finished as soon as possible and no later than 6 hours.

3. Withdrawal of money from an ICICI Bank ATM

Please input the following information at the designated ICICI Bank ATM:

  • The designated cellphone phone number
  • The four-digit temporary code you set
  • A six-digit code (as received in SMS)
  • The exact amount of the withdrawal
  • Upon successful authentication of each of these characteristics, cash will be disbursed
  • The whole amount must be withdrawn in a single transaction.

To find an ICICI Bank ATM for cash withdrawals, SMS ATMCC PINCODE to 9222208888.

Requesting a cash withdrawal via iMobile Pay at a nearby store

1. Access iMobile Pay

  • Choose Services, Card Less Cash Withdrawal, and then choose Local Shop.
  • Enter the desired amount, choose the debit account from which it should be deducted, and enter a four-digit temporary code.
  • Hit on submit after checking and verifying the information given on the pre-confirmation screen.
  • A success notification will appear above the transaction completion screen.
  • When your request is successful, select the “nearby merchant” link to find ten local businesses. When you’ve not given the bank permission to enter your location, you may only do so for that particular transaction.

Step 2. SMS from ICICI Bank

ICICI Bank will send you an SMS on your registered cellphone number with a special 6-digit code or token number. Since a 6-digit code is only valid for 6 hours, step 3 must be finished as soon as possible and no later than 6 hours.

Step 3: Obtain cash from a nearby store

Go to a nearby local business and give the merchant your phone number, a 4-digit temporary code that you set after starting the transaction, as well as a 6-digit reference code that you received from the bank as an SMS so that he may obtain the transaction confirmation from the bank.

The amount of money to be given to you is sent to the merchant after successful verification of all the parameters that have been validated by the merchant.

He will make a single disbursement of cash. The Cash Withdrawal at Merchant transaction would be stopped after three unsuccessful tries when there is any discrepancy in the details entered.

Information for the customer prior to departing the local store whilst withdrawing cash

  • As soon as you receive confirmation of a completed debit transaction, grab your cash.
  • Verify that the notes you receive are not stained, damaged, or fake.
  • Keep in mind to accurately count the notes to ensure that you have got what you requested.

How much may I transfer in a single transaction?

The daily and the per limits are both Rs 20,000.

What happens if I conduct a cardless cash withdrawal transaction but do not get the 6-digit code?

Because of operator-related network difficulties, the message is sent unsuccessfully in this case. The best course of action in that situation is to cancel and restart the transaction.

Cardless cash withdrawal through SBI ATM

The SBI internet log-in plus password can be used to use the Yono app by SBI account holders. Post that, the account holder could create a 6-digit MPIN to make future logins simpler.

How to use the cardless cash withdrawing feature at SBI?

The owner of an SBI account must select Yono Cash after signing into the app and then specify the amount you wish to withdraw from the ATM in the space designated for ATMs. A Yono Cash transaction number will then be sent to your registered mobile device by SBI.

The account holder must then enter this number along with the PIN he sets at any of the SBI ATMs that support cardless transactions in order to withdraw money. Four hours are allowed for use.

The user must use the Card-Less Transaction option on the ATM’s first screen before going to Yono Cash and entering their information.

Limit on cash withdrawals

Customers of SBI can withdraw between 500 and 10,000 in a single transaction.

How to Use an ATM to Withdraw Money?

Want to take money out of your account? Your greatest choice for cash withdrawals may be an automated teller machine (ATM).

Your respective banks, with whom you have accounts, issue you an ATM or debit card so that you can easily withdraw cash from ATMs. Continue reading to learn in detail how to utilize an ATM to withdraw cash.

What is an ATM Card?

The bank offers all current and savings account holders, an ATM card or a debit card. Account holders have the freedom to conduct transactions from any location at any time thanks to an ATM card. There are limitations on the quantity of transactions, the amount withdrawn, and the location, though. 

Just after an account is opened, an ATM card is either mailed to the account holder at the mailing address supplied or provided at the bank. It is essential that everyone is aware of how to use debit cards as they have become a very popular instrument for making financial transactions.

Use your ATM card to withdraw cash from an ATM by following these easy steps:

Step 1: Place your ATM card in the machine’s slot.

Step 2: From the list of available languages on the display screen, choose your favorite language.

Step 3: Key in your private 4-digit ATM PIN

Step 4: From the available options, choose the kind of transaction you want to conduct and then the account type.

Step 5: Enter the withdrawal amount you want to make.

Step 6: Obtain the cash and decide whether you want to perform another transaction by choosing yes or no.

Step 7: If necessary, get the printed receipt.

What is the amount of money you can withdraw from an ATM?

Be aware that your card type plus your issuing bank will determine how much cash you can draw from an ATM every day. It often falls between the $20,000 and $1,000,000 range.

Utilizing your credit card’s mobile app or net banking account, you could manually restrict how much cash you can take from an ATM each day by submitting a service request for establishing card limitations.

The cash limit on credit cards determines how much money can be taken out of an ATM each day. On your net banking account or credit card, you could find information on the credit and cash limits.

Important Things to Keep in Mind

While using an ATM to withdraw money is straightforward, there are a few things to remember:

  • While using your card to make an ATM withdrawal, make sure you are by yourself.
  • Never reveal the PIN for your credit or debit card to anyone.
  • The amount to be withheld cannot be greater than the card’s available limit.
  • Cash advance fees plus interest charges are applied to ATM withdrawals made with a credit card starting on the day of the withdrawal.
  • Prior you leave the ATM, don’t forget to take your ATM card.
  • Create a mobile alert account with your phone number.


You must log in to the Sbi Yono app and access “YONO cash”. Visit an SBI ATM and you’ll find the “YONO CASH” choice at the bottom right of the atm screen.

Fill out the information (such as the one-time transaction code and amount) on the top left, and you’ll receive an OTP with the transaction ID and number. Input the transaction number plus PIN at this point.

Coming back to ICICI Bank, when you select services from their iMobile app, you can find Cardless Cash Withdrawal.

Currently, there are three options: Local stores, ICICI Atm, plus Nearby stores. Additionally, the daily transaction limit is Rs. 20000, as well as 20,000, is the transaction limit.

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