Best live plants to buy on Amazon under 500 INR

Live plants means living cannabis flowers and plants, including seeds, immature plants, and vegetative stage plants. 

1. Anthurium Red @349/-

INDIAN FLORA®: ANTHURIUM RED | Exotic Live Plant | Home Decor Plant | Plastic Pot | Air Purifying |

2. Broken heart plant @467/-

Deal of the day: Ugaoo Philodendron Broken Heart Indoor Plant with Self Watering Pot, Pack of 1

3. Jade plant @284/-

Deal of the day: Ugaoo Good Luck Jade Plant with Self Watering Pot

4. Bamboo plant @299/-

Nurturing Green Lucky Bamboo Plant (Small:2 Layer Bamboo, Glass Pot)

5. Root bridges starts from @194/-

Root Bridges Indoor Golden Money Plant (Pot Included)

6. Plantshive strings @199/-

Plantshive String of Bananas Senecio Radicans Indoor Plant with Plastic Pot, Black, Medium, 1 Piece

7. Areca palm @426/-

Deal of the day: Ugaoo Areca Palm Air Purifier Natural Live Plant

8. Aglaonema red @422/-

Deal of the day: Ugaoo Aglaonema Red Natural Live Plant Indoor with Self Watering Pot

9. Pegusus flora @499/-

With variety plantsPegasus Flora Succulent Live Plant sedum-firestorm

10. Syngonium plant @375/-

Deal of the day: Ugaoo Syngonium Weindlandii Live Plant with Self Watering Pot

11. Royal paradise @130/-

Royal Paradise Gardens 10 pcs Purple Maple Bonsai suitable Tree Seeds Japanese Maple Plant seeds

12. Asbattha plant @149/-

Creative Farmer Oxygen Producing Trees Asbattha Ficus Religiosa Rare Seeds Bonsai Suitable Tree Seeds Pack

13. Dwarf banana plant @113/-

Leaf Gardening Sweet Indoor Dwarf Banana/Kela Live Plant with 4 inch Pot

14. Desert rose @119/-

Creative Farmer Bonsai Live Plant Desert Rose Potted Flowers Obesum Indoor Garden Plants Adenium For (1 Live Bonsai Plant) (PLANT-93-ADENIUM875ll@)

15. Green paradise @449/-

Green Paradise Ficus Benjamina Dark Green Ficus Live Plant For Bright Indoor And OutDoor Growing Air Purifing Live Plant

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