Best Pen Drives for Data Transfer and Backup to Keep Your Files Safe

Copying files and keeping your data safe have been major concerns for many business owners.

It can be frustrating having to hunt down the best data transfer storage devices that will keep your files safe from the risk of being lost. 

If you’re looking for a reliable option for secure data transfer, then you found it! Pen drives are a cost-effective solution to this problem. You can quickly back up your files from one place to another, saving you time and money as well as ensuring that your important documents stay protected.

What is a Pen Drive?

A pen drive is a portable digital storage device that can be plugged into a USB port on your computer. It typically uses USB 2.0 or 3.0 connections to attach to your computer and can store up to 2TB of data and operate at speeds up to 480 Mbps.

The most common type of pen drive is used for storing data like photos, data files, music and videos.

Why is a Pen Drive Important?

A pen drive is an essential tool that all of us need for various purposes. There are so many reasons to get a pen drive and today, the most popular use case is data transfer.

A USB pen drive delivers high-speed data transfer compared to any other kind of storage devices. It also delivers more than enough storage capacity for the modern users who work with large files and require more memory on their computers.

A pen drive is a small storage device that is used to transfer data between two different devices. They come in many shapes and sizes and are portable for easy carrying, small enough to fit in your pocket or purse.

These drives are important because they allow the transfer of data from one device to another without the need for cables or wires. It also allows you to carry your entire digital life with you so that you don’t have to rely on internet connectivity all the time.

6 Uses cases of a Pen Drive or USB drive

As portable storage devices, USB drives come in handy in various scenarios. Here is a list of six uses cases of USB drives. 

  • Use a pen drive as an external hard disk: You can use it to store your files and you can access them from any computer with a USB port.
  • Use it as portable storage: You can use the pen drive like an external hard disk when you are travelling. Carrying it around is easy and highly portable. 
  • To take notes in class or meetings by using the pen drive to transfer text notes to your computer later.
  • Make multiple copies of your content: If you are creating a presentation or a training video and want to be able to send it out to multiple people, having the file saved on a pen drive will ensure this happens.
  • Store photos securely – USB drives are much better than cloud storage for this.
  • Backup your data: Although it is important to back up your data regularly, you should also make sure that your important files are stored safely on a USB drive.

What to look for in a Pen Drive?

Pen drives are a popular option for storing data as they are portable and cost-effective with pendrive under 100 rs. There is also a wide variety of USB flash drives with different storage capacities, portability, and speeds that can meet the needs of any user.

We have listed the top 5 functions you should look for when buying a USB flash drives:

  • Capacity – The pen drive storage capacity should be in gigabytes and it shouldn’t be less than 64GB.
  • Speed – The speed of the USB flash drives should be at least 10x faster than USB 2.0.
  • Interface – The interface is the most important deciding factor for any USB flash drives. The main functions that you should look for are the USB drive. The USB connector should be able to handle transfer rates of 480 Mbps, which is the standard transfer rate for USB 3.0 devices.
  • Power usage – Different pen drives have different capacities and different needs when it comes to power consumption. Strong and reliable power supplies are very important when buying a pen drive. The product should also be compatible with the USB standard and have a low power draw to support battery-powered devices.

The best USB flash drives for data transfer, backup and storage are as follows:

PNY Turbo 64GB USB 3.0 Flash Drive

You want a more reliable, powerful USB stick that’s never too big or too small.

While the PNY Turbo 64GB USB 3.0 Flash Drive is undeniably powerful and can handle the most demanding tasks, it’s also significantly smaller than the standard thumb drives you may be used to.

This small size is perfect for travel as well as everyday storage. With its versatile design, you can use it to plug into any USB port on your computer or laptop – no matter how inconvenient or difficult it is to find one.

This drive, a perfect example of the innovative design and high-performance technology we have come to expect from PNY.

The drive’s sliding collar allows for quick insertion and removal. The capless design prevents the cap from getting lost and the integrated loop makes it easy to attach to your key chain or bag. This flash drive is one of a kind, offering 10x faster transfer speeds than its competitors.

SanDisk Cruzer Blade 32GB USB Flash Drive

You’re always forgetting to back up your important files. You don’t want to risk losing all of your progress, but you don’t have time to spend hours copying and pasting from all of your devices.

Just because there are a million options for storing all of your important files, doesn’t mean there is one for every single need. With SanDisk Cruzer Blade 32GB USB 2.0 Flash Drive, you have a portable drive that can attach to any computer and save everything from personal documents to digital photos, videos, music and more!

SanDisk Cruzer Blade is an ultra-compact and portable USB 2.0 drive that lets you save and swiftly transfer your content. It’s a boon for people who need to carry their work on the go.

SanDisk Cruzer Blade is small enough to fit in your pocket, but it’s big enough to store some of your most precious digital content like photos, videos, contacts, music files and documents on it. With SanDisk pen drive, you can make sure that you never lose anything again!

So, what are you waiting for? Get this flash drive now!

SanDisk Ultra Flair 256GB USB 3.0 Flash Drive

Move your business and life forward with speed and ease. Your time is valuable and quality is essential. You need to get the job done quickly without going over budget.

Storage is running out, but you’re not sure of how to manage it. Managing storage takes time away from your biggest priorities. Too much space gobbles up cash, and storage can be a huge pain. Sandisk wants to fix these problems and make storage more user-friendly to make life easier—and they’ve done just that!

SanDisk Ultra Flash Drive is a high-speed product that is durable and stylish. It also comes with SanDisk SecureAccess software and a password-protecting function to help protect your data.

SanDisk Ultra Flair 256GB USB 3.0 Flash Drive is a high-speed product that is durable and stylish. Designed for professionals looking for a portable storage device that can work as both a personal storage device and corporate storage solution.

With Sandisk 256gb ultra usb 3.0 flash drive, you can move files up to 10x faster than other flash drives.

SanDisk Ultra Flair 128GB USB 3.0 Pen Drive

Today’s portable hard drives seem to be too slow, but as consumers demand speedier, more reliable solutions, the industry has upped its game.

Sandisk ultra flair 128 gb usb 3.0 flash drive offers blazing-fast transfer speeds for today’s mobile professionals. The drive can easily accommodate 128GB of data and transfer it up to 80x faster than the competition with its USB 3.0 lightning-fast interface, so you can get your work done in minutes and be on your way.

SanDisk Flash Drive has a sleek and durable metal casing makes it an attractive storage solution for your computer. This comes with SecureAccess software, lets you password protect and encrypt your data with the password.

SanDisk, a high-speed USB drive that provides read speeds up to 150MB/s, which is faster than most available today. It has a fashionable casing that’s durable enough to survive on the go.

With this flash drive, you’ll never have to compromise on speed or capacity ever again!

Kingston DataTraveler USB 3.2 Flash Drive 32 GB

You need to store files and transfer them between your computer and smartphone, but you’re not a fan of relying on a 3rd party cloud-based service. You don’t want to wait hours or spend money on apps that don’t work properly.

Kingston has been around for years, so you know it’s reliable. The Kingston DataTraveler Series Kyson USB 3.2 is the perfect flash drive for your comforts with its high performance and reliability. Kingston flash drive has no monthly fees, no per gigabyte costs, can hold tons of files and even comes with lifetime support from Kingston!

Kingston’s latest USB 3.2 drive is a sleek, stylish and durable flash drive with a metal capless case that can be used for your data. It also boasts read speeds of up to 200 MB/s, making it the fastest and most reliable USB 3.2 Gen 1 device on the market. 

Lexar 64GB USB 2.0 USB Flash Drive

There is a limit to how much you can store on the traditional USB drive.

The latest and smallest USB drive from Lexar, with a maximum storage capacity of 64GB. It’s perfect for storing all your media & entertainment files and fits in your pocket or bag easily.

Lexar 64GB USB 2.0 USB Flash Drive is a high-performance storage device that’s compatible with PC and Mac. It has a sleek metal design paired with an ultra-slim, sleek design. The USB drive also has a two-year limited warranty. 

This is your go-to storage device for storing all of your important files, whether it’s photos, videos, or music. Lexar has a sleek, slim design that doesn’t take up too much space in your pocket or bag. 

Lexar 64GB USB 2.0 USB Flash Drive is affordable! With the new price point, you won’t have to sacrifice quality for quantity — Lexar products are of the highest quality available on the market. Get all of your work done at a fraction of the cost today!

HP v222w USB Flash Drive 64GB

Every day, people are uploading data that could be critical to their business or personal lives.

The only problem is the headache of making sure you have enough data storage and not a single bit of important information is lost.

The solution is a USB flash drive with extra security as well as extra storage capacity for your data. HP v222w USB Flash Drive has 64Gb memory capacity for storing all your important files.

What makes this particular HP Flash Drive different from other similar models is its high gloss durable metal finish. The sleek and slim way it offers in terms of design, storage and sharing is also a great advantage.

The HP pen drive, designed to be able to offer the user a sleek and slim way of storing their data without compromising on durability. This particular model comes with many functionalities to offer you a good user experience.


Digital storage and data transfer have become a standard in modern society. The need to access and store data on digital devices has led to the production of various types of devices, such as pen drives, hard disk drives, among others. These devices come in many sizes and shapes but serve different purposes. 

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