Live Cricket Score: Bangladesh vs Pakistan, 1st Match

Updates: INDIA VS SOUTH AFRICA-1ST MEN’S ODI, LUCKNOW-South Africa won by 9 runs
Mahmudullah, the captain of Bangladesh, won the toss and elected to bat first against Pakistan in the opening match of the three-game Twenty20 series on Friday.

Saif Hassan made his debut for Bangladesh, who made four roster changes following their poor Twenty20 World Cup performance. In the Super 12 stage of the competition, Bangladesh dropped every game.

The three players from Bangladesh that missed two World Cup games owing to injury are leg-spinner Aminul Islam, wicketkeeper Nurul Hasan, as well as batsman Najmul Hossain.

Among the 4 changes from the World Cup team that lost to eventual victors Australia in the semi-finals was Shaheen Afridi, a left-arm fast bowler. Mohammad Hafeez, Asif Ali, Imad Wasim, and Afridi were replaced by Haider Ali, Mohammad Nawaz, Khushdil Shah, and Mohammad Wasim.

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Score-116 – 3
Nasum Ahmed to Mohammad Rizwan, 1 run.
Score: 115 – 3
Nasum Ahmed to Iftikhar Ahmed, 1 run.
Score-114 – 3
Nasum Ahmed to Mohammad Rizwan, 1 run.
Score-113 – 3
To Iftikhar Ahmed from Nasum Ahmed, Outside off, a fuller one. Iftikhar Ahmed hits it down for a single to long off.
Score: 112 – 3
Nasum Ahmed to Iftikhar Ahmed: faster, fuller one, all-around leg pole. Iftikhar Ahmed fails to catch his flick and is struck in the pads.
Score-112 – 3
To Mohammad Rizwan, Nasum Ahmed Outside off, a short ball. To get a single, Mohammad Rizwan moves over and dabs the ball to the short third man. His fifty is now raised! He keeps up his strong play and once more demonstrates why he is the best T20I batter in the world.
The newcomer is Iftikhar Ahmed.
A loud request for LBW was denied. Mohammad Rizwan is the subject of a review chosen by Bangladesh.
Score-111 – 3
Haider Ali to Taskin Ahmed: OUT! TAKEN! Taskin Ahmed now has his guy after making an incredible catch in the deep. He delivers this short and around off, a little bit sticking to the surface. Haider Ali attempts the pull shot but mistimes it, sending the ball high into the air and into the deep square leg, when Yasir Ali settles and takes a superb catch falling backwards.
Score-111 – 2
Haider Ali receives Taskin Ahmed, Haider Ali delivers a low full delivery from the middle with poor timing toward mid-wicket.
Score-111 – 2
When Taskin Ahmed bowls Mohammad Rizwan a beautiful yorker on the middle and leg, Rizwan tries to flick it but fails and is struck in the pads. A significant appeal for LBW has been rejected. Nurul Hasan leaves for the evaluation. When the ball is travelling beneath the bat, the UltraEdge displays a spike. The Not Out on-field ruling stands. One is already taken.
Score-110 – 2
Taskin Ahmed bowls a short, around-the-leg delivery to Haider Ali, who mistimes the pull shot toward a deep backward square leg and scores a single.
Score-109 – 2
Mohammad Rizwan receives a yorker from Taskin Ahmed around the waist and leg. For a single, Mohammad Rizwan does exceptionally well to flip this ball away into deep mid-wicket.
Score-104 – 2
Four from Mosaddek Hossain to Haider Ali. Oh, what a shot! Down the leg side, one that is fuller. For a boundary, Haider Ali dives low and smacks the ball over shot fine leg.
Score-100 – 2
To Mohammed Rizwan from Mosaddek Hossain, A fuller ball that is off and in the centre. Mohammad Rizwan hits this one for a single by drilling it past the bowler and more towards long off.
Score-99 – 2
To Haider Ali, Mosaddek Hossain Haider Ali sends it towards the deep square leg for a further run while moving back and pulling it shorter and on the centre.
Score-98 – 2
To Mohammed Rizwan, Mosaddek Hossain Mohammad Rizwan nestles it towards mid-wicket with it floating, full, as well as in middle for one.
Score-97 – 2
To Mohammed Rizwan, Mosaddek Hossain Mohammad Rizwan sprints down the track and then pushes it through the barriers for a brace. He is a little short and a little around off.

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