Proven ways to make 10,000/week by working 3 to 4 hours a day( passive incomes of 2022)

Everyone is struggling with making money and running their lives. Are you one of them? Old says pronounce that you should have to give something to bring something in. 

Well, that is not fake. To make money you have to work on something hard. But everyone misjudges the way, always going around jobs (9-5). That is not going to happen here. You are leaving with an idea that makes real money with a real effort in your pocket.

Passive income is always the talk of the town. The need and the want of money never leave us alone. Instead of putting yourself in the morning to evening in a job that you barely like, why don’t consider doing a job from the comfort of your home?

With no investment at all, having a better time with your family, and doing everything you wished. 

Another thing that might be raised when talking about automatic income is, “I am not a college student. I have a family to take care of. With this, how can I choose passive income as a reliable one?”

Welcome to the article, which will help you to solve your financial roadblocks.  And make you around INR 10,000 a week. It is just a number but it will be raised as you grow along with your skill. Whether you are a student or a family man, the below information has something new for you.

What is passive income? 

Simply said, one-time effort. This means, creating or inventing something that will add value to you as time progress. You don’t need to work every day?

 Some examples of automatic incomes are,

  • Rent out your home or property
  • Investing in stocks
  • Selling digital products
  • Content creation

Now coming to the point, making income automatically without investment. We have two ways. One is the real world and the other one is the online world. As we all know, creating something in the actual market takes some part of the investment out of you. 

Like, building mortal stores, or starting your business or agency.

On the other hand, you have the advantage of the internet.  You no need to pay someone to sell your skills and crafts.

There is no end to the creation of your passive income. Therefore, learning along the way and struggling with challenges, teach you the best lessons you have ever learned.

Make some real money automatically online

To generate money online, I have listed some of the workable ways. Wherefore, stick till the end.

  • Content creation

                    1. Making youtube videos

                    2. Creating blogs

                    3. Sell your photos online

Content creation        

Talking about content, the whole internet is filled with queries, answers, and innovations. What do you think they are? 

Content, you can create content in any form. But the only thing you have to make sure of is providing value. 

Making youtube videos

Personally, I would recommend you to start your youtube channel today. Because of the raising popularity of social media, you should have to grasp the opportunity. 

Time is a crucial factor. So don’t miss your train. 

If you are left in confusion, youtube creators make money through in video ads and sponsorships. But you have to be patient. By the virtue of making passive income, patience is the key to success.

Creating youtube videos is the ideal passive income, I think so. As time moves your content steps into millions of eyes. That is all your fortune.

Creating niche ideas is more likely to lift your subscribers and raise the opportunity to earn money. 

Income depends upon your consistency and the quality you provide. So I am not going to limit your praise to 100,000 a month or 1 million a month.

Creating blogs 

It is not a trending topic. It is a never-ending option.  Anyone can become a blogger, though don’t know English.

Like I said, everything online is called content. You can refer to sites, that can offer you to write in your mother tongue. 

Creating a blog with zero knowledge is quite a headache. And I am not going to say, that you should create a website and buy a domain. That may be after earning some perks on your mission.

How to start-

Come up with your own thoughts on public sites like medium and quera. They are great options to start. 

Have a better portfolio of your top-notch blogs and offer them to clients on freelancers, Upwork kind of platforms.

To carry your best forward, start your own blog online and try affiliate programs. 

You can limit your praise to around INR 2000 per hour depending upon your skills. Writing 5 articles per week you can make INR 10,000 in a calendar a week.

Selling photos online

To take wonderful photos you don’t need to have DSLR and high-cost lenses. Take your mobile phone out. And begin your photography journey forward.

If you don’t have any knowledge of photography, check out Canva. Create templates and designs with the help of available models.

Anyone with knowledge of graphic design can make approximately INR 1000 per hour. Make it 2 copies per day and converted it into 14 copies a week.

See, now you can make INR 14,000 a week without even having any graphic designer or photographer experience.


Ready to start making money online without any investment?

I assure you, that you can make a minimum of INR 10,000 per week. 

But as you know, passive income takes some time but in result, you can make fortune from the comfort of your home.

Good luck!

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