Best Selling Wi-Fi Smart Plugs on Amazon

In a world where we feel Wifi is more important than anything! We have also got a smart plug, which is basically like a small adaptor that we can connect to any available Wifi Network. It becomes really easy to operate, as this smart plug can be controlled through your smartphone remotely that means from anywhere in the world.

One can manage the On/Off feature through his phone and is accessible to the device which is connected through it. Smart plugs are an automated and highly efficient device to make life easier. Brands like mi smart plug, Xiaomi mi smart plug, Havells, Tata, etc. provide quality Wifi Smart Plugs. Therefore we have got you the list of best-selling Wifi smart plug from Amazon here:

Wipro 16A 

Wifi Smart plug from Wipro with the feature of energy monitoring, this product is best suited for large appliances such as geysers, microwave over and air conditioners, etc. Wipro 16A offers a premium white-colored body made of polycarbonate. The dimensions promise you easy handling i.e. 6.35mm x 5.08mm x 8.1mm. 

You can easily operate it on your smartphone through Wipro Smart App. It monitors the energy consumption of your device. The other features include Voice Control device through connection to Alexa and Google Assistant. For best buy tips, Wipro 16A is also a time saver as you can set schedules on the device to turn on and off at specific times throughout the day.

Wipro 10A

Wipro Wifi Smart Plug also comes with an energy monitoring function but it is designed to manage small appliances like TVs, Electric Kettle, Mobile, Set-Top Box, and Laptop Chargers, etc. The product has a smart white-colored body made with polycarbonate material. The size of this smart plug is the most convenient as Dimension: 5.5mm x 5.5mm x 5.5mm. The best solution to buy hacks as it comes with one year warranty period. 

You can monitor all the appliances connected through this Smart Plug by using Wipro Smart App on your smartphone. Use Voice Control device via Alexa & smart plug google home. Also, schedule for your devices to turn on and off at particular times throughout the day.

Zunpulse Wi-Fi Enabled Round 16A 220V-250V

The product is originated from ZunRoof Tech Private Limited. It provides a connection to your high-power devices like fridge, heater, geyser, TV and chargers, etc. The product is Wifi enabled that takes up to a speed of 2.4 GHz.  Use Voice Control feature through Google Assistant and Android/iOS.

The product has white-colored plastic enclosure body which is fire retardant that ensures the best buying tips for the users. It offers 24×7 monitoring on your smartphone through zunpulse app. It manages the power supply control features of Turning On/Off at a scheduled time throughout the day. The best part of this product is you have global remote access which means you can control it from anywhere in the world. The contents in the Package include 2 Wifi Enabled Round 16A 220V-250V Smart Plug.

Tata Power EZ Home

The black-white body smart plug from Tata is a universal smart plug that controls one electrical point. It is suitable with appliances like AC, TV, Set-top box, etc. which you can operate through EZ Home App in your smart phone. It works with Google Home and Amazon Alexa Voice Assistants just by giving simple commands. It offers total Comfort and Connectivity because you can set a timer to automate any operations at your convenience.

The installation is simple, just use the 6/13A socket and follow the guidelines for configuration. The best part is the Share device feature where you can allow multiple users to control your family members. Save energy consumption monthly through tracking and setting margins.

Havells 16 A Wi-Fi Smart Socket 

This wifi smart plug from Havells is suitable for bigger appliances in your home such as air conditioners, Geysers, Microwave, etc. You can have easy accessibility from anywhere by Havells DigiTap App through your smartphone. The product package contains a smart socket device, installation instruction manual. The product has a white-colored body with dimensions of 5.3 x 3.4 x 8.5 cm.

The product does not require any hub it is directly connected through Wi-Fi (2.4 GHz). It also offers Voice Control facility through Amazon Alexa & Google Assistant. The product has easy DIY installation (mentioned in the manual) and begins with energy monitoring for your appliances.

HomeMate Wi-Fi Smart Plug Socket

HomeMate brings this product to manage the home smartly by automatically turning on and off your appliances like lamps, lighting, coffee maker, microwave oven, etc. This is such a lifesaver solution and best buy hacks as it is Wifi enabled. That means no Hub or monthly fees are required. It works with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant for voice control facility. The smart plug has an easy installation process with providing a stable connection.

You can create a customized schedule for automatically turning your devices on and off. The product comes with one year warranty. To have more information about the product you can visit here.

Solimo Smart Plug 6A

Manage your devices from anywhere with Solimo Smart Plug. This smart plug is ideal for larger appliances with a type M socket and wattage of more than 1400 Watts. The product is made from polycarbonate for improved durability with a white color body. No Hub or gateway is required for connection as it is Wifi enabled (2.4 GHz).

The device is operated for large appliances like Washing-machines, geysers, air conditioners, room heaters by using Smart Life Mobile App (Android and iOS).It ensures smooth hassle-free monitoring for energy consumption and turning linked appliances on/off using your smartphone or with voice commands through Alexa smart plug. The best feature is Group functionality where more devices can be linked to the plug.

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