Flying colors are painted on the wings of successful students only when they have exhibited tremendous performance in their academics. The academic performance of a student decides the merit position they hold. 

The utmost important part of academics is assignments and homework. The output demonstrated by a student in their projects over the academic year will be a leading factor along with exams to determine the student’s grades.

So grades earned through assignments matter a lot for a student, and it is highly appreciable if the student maintains good grades in homework.

What if the time flips upside down, and the student gets terrible grades? Will earning a bad grade once will deter the performance of the entire academic year?

It is normal to get bad grades on assignments sometimes, and it might happen due to certain factors that can set the student back on the merit track when corrected.

So, let us get an insight into what to do and what not to do when the student receives a bad grade.


  1. Discuss with the concerned teacher: Sometimes, the student is unsure about getting good grades on a particular homework assignment. But, unfortunately, things don’t always go as we expect. The assignment might end up with a bad grade.

So, what to do at this point?

Simply spare some time and meet the respective teacher. Get to know the reasons behind the bad grade. Explain what made you believe that this assignment will earn a good grade. Clarify what kind of expectation was not met in the assignment. Jot down the discussion points and try implementing them in the next assignment.

  1. Identify the mistakes:

It is better to do self-analysis whenever the student gets a low or bad grade. Self-analysis of the assignment will help the student understand the part or concept they lack to exhibit excellence.

Go through the assignment multiple times. Mark the areas where you feel it would have been better if not written that way. Try rewriting the same assignment by keeping the mistakes in mind. Request the teacher to access the assignment and get an opinion.

Opinion is always a better help whenever we feel confused, and it will help to improvise.

  1. Design a plan:

Once identifying the mistakes, it is now time to create an action plan. The action plan has to be designed in such a way that will help you correct the errors made in the earlier homework. 

It is necessary to stick to the action plan made. This approach will help the student rectify the mistakes made in an earlier assignment. Thus, it will help to earn good grades on further projects.

An appropriate action plan should include practice, correction, and practice.

The student can seek the help of the teachers and some elders in creating an effective action plan.  

  1. Note doubts and get them clarified:

As the student progress with the action plan, certain doubts about concepts or presentation might appear. Whenever the student encounters a doubt, it is necessary to clarify it.

The doubts can be clarified with the help of teachers. It can also be refined by self-learning. It 

can also be refined by seeking the advice of any assignment help services.

  1. Seek tutors:

Certain subjects include very complicated concepts. Just being taught once will never be sufficient to understand it. Without proper understanding, the assignments can not be completed with perfection.

So, what shall we do about this?

Having a concept taught more than once will lead to much more clarity. So, it is advisable to seek online tutoring services for complex subjects. 

Online tutors will pay particular attention and be ready to explain the concept multiple times until the student feels comfortable with it. By doing this, the student will be able to get good grades in the upcoming assignments.

  1. Take help from assignment help services:

Assignment help services possess experts who will be able to help the student with the concept, idea, outline of the assignment, etc., 

The student can ask the assignment help service to go through the previous assignment in which they scored low grades and request advice and ideas to rectify it. The assignment help services help the students monitor plagiarism, maintain uniqueness and present admirably.

Having seen the dos, let us have a look into don’ts as well.


  1. Neglecting the subject:

The students always gave the mentality to avoid or neglect something when it failed rather than improving it. It’s ubiquitous. But doing so will always make things worse.

In the same way, neglecting the subject in which you earned bad grades will worsen your rates. Instead, step up to understand the subject. Try clarifying doubts with teachers. Seek tutor help. Seek assignment help services. Keep practicing. 

Things will get better. The assignment will turn out better too.

  1. Copying from renowned resources:

There is always a misconception that copying from renowned resources can pledge good grades. But, it is wrong.

The teacher always prefers your original content of yours, and this is because the actual content reveals the effort you have put in and the understanding you have of the concept. 

It is okay to refer to renowned sources, understand the concept and incorporate it in your words in the assignment.

  1. Dumping the doubts:

Never hesitate to ask and clarify your doubts.

One primary reason for bad grades is not clarifying the doubts on time and ending up confused with the concept. It is essential to understand the idea to provide a good assignment. 

So, never dump the doubts aside. Suppose not the pile of doubts will render the bad student grades.

  1. Taking the grade to mind:

It is okay to lag for some time, but that doesn’t mean we will fail.

The setbacks are always a period to think, rectify and progress forward.

So, don’t take up getting bad grades in mind. Instead, feed your mind with the rage to move forward and earn good grades.

The dos and don’ts mentioned here are fundamental to be practiced. Practice makes a man perfect. So keep practicing.

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