The no. 1 and Best Traditional alternative for Refined Sugar

If you are looking for a healthy, delicious alternative for refined-white sugar, then, Jaggary may be a good option!. Jaggery is a type of sweetener that can be easily found in the kitchen of Houses in Southeast-Asian and African countries.

History of Jaggary

Its popularity among these people and the presence of a significant amount of molasses is matchless. Moreover, if we look at the nutritional contents in jaggary then we cannot find any difficulty in saying that jaggary is very nutritious because it is one of the rich sources of Iron, Magnesium, Calcium, etc.,

Since a long time ago jaggary was being continued to be used as a desert/sweetener after meals for many Middle-Class families. It not only satisfies the tastes-buds but also plays a crucial role in the digestion process of food in our body.

Nutrition Value in Jaggary

Nutrition found in Jaggary is very beneficial for the digestive system of our body. In addition it also reduces the risks of several diseases like Anemia, dementia, an early sign of aging and also reduce the risk of cancer formation in the human body. Along with nutrition, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants are also found in jaggery in a nominal amount.

Types of Jaggary

As far as the types of Jaggary is concerned, there are three types of Jaggary that are commonly found and are very popular among the people.

These are:

•           Palm Jaggary

•           Coconut Jaggary

•           Sugar-cane Jaggary


Among the above-mentioned forms of jaggary, Coconut jaggery is considered to be the best suitable for the health. It was produced with the process in which unfiltered and unfermented extracts of coconut sap was collected and then by using the conventional old-age technique the resultant product was produced.

Moreover, the presence of minerals, like Iron, folate, magnesium, accompanied with a significant amount of antioxidants is proved to be a better option as compared to the other two types of jaggary.

Purchase of the same product can be made while using the traditional method, but the advent of the new technologies and growth in IT sector gives a sky-rocketing boost to the trade of these products. Now the jaggary products are also available on E-Commerce web giants like AMAZON.

It not only supported small businessman but also increased the reach of their product. As a result of which now any person from any location of the world can purchase the best natural alternative available for refined white, brown- sugar.

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If we specifically talk about the Indian Context then we can say that Jaggery is the most common thing found in the Indian Diet which is consumed normally after the meal and for other health benefits also.

Since the new initiative “Vocal for Local” was started by Our Prime Minister to promote the new and small business person, therefore we should also contribute into it by making our traditional product more popular not only in India but Worldwide, so that its health benefits can also reach to other people who are not aware of this best alternative for refined white- sugar.

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