Ten Best Video Editing Applications

Do you encounter any difficulties when editing videos on various social media platforms? Are you still undecided about which video editing software is best for you? If you answered yes, keep reading because this article will answer almost all of your queries about the best video editing apps.

One cannot imagine their life without watching or making videos. Nowadays, most teenagers have YouTube channels where they make good money by making attractive videos with the best video creation and editing software.

Not only that, but many websites have seen a significant increase in product sales simply because videos are embedded in those websites, allowing customers to analyze on their own and make the best purchasing decisions.


Video editor applications allow for the simple editing of video files as well as the creation of complex videos with various visual and audio effects. The program has a simple and intuitive graphical user interface and rich functionality, enabling you to create video content with minimal effort.

It is critical to use the best video editing software that can do effective editing and produce effective results. It has been discovered that online videos account for more than 82% of all user internet traffic, and 79% of people say they have been persuaded to buy or download apps after watching a video.


Depending on the type of video to be edited, there are two types of video editing applications.

1. Free video editing applications

2. Paid Video Editing Applications


Free video editing applications are those that do not charge any extra costs. Users can easily download them from the Playstore and edit their video updates. We would like to introduce you to the top five free video editing software.


KineMaster is a free video editing software that allows users to trim, improve, and share videos while on the go. Some of the great features of this video editing application include movement effects for video frame animation, a fully customizable interface, and a variety of audio enhancements with voiceover work and effects.

2. Shotcut

Shotcut is an open-source, cross-platform video editing software with a large instructional video library. Shotcut also offers a wide range of audio editing features, making it ideal for music lovers. Shotcut supports a broad range of audio and video formats and codecs thanks to FFmpeg.

Working with Shotcut is simple; users have access to all of the information, tools, and features required to create high-quality materials. It supports native video file editing and has multi-format timeframes.

3. Movie Maker 10

Movie Maker 10 is a simple video editing software for Microsoft Windows that is ideal for beginners. It’s ideal for quickly editing short clips of video that need to be available right away. 

This video editing software includes a free version that includes its suite of video and image editing tools, as well as the ability to add captions with custom colors and font styles. Not only that, but it also has a separate Animation tab where you can easily add soundtrack, titles, and credits.

4. DaVinci Resolve

This free video editing application is an excellent choice for advanced users with years of experience in video editing. Da Vinci resolve works with Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems. It combines an advanced color corrector with multi-track editing prowess. Color correction, editing, finishing, and distribution are all possible from a single system.

5. OpenShot

OpenShot is a free and versatile video editing software that allows you to create and edit videos. You can use the software to create professional-looking motion pictures from your photos, videos, and audio files. Subtitles, special video effects, and transitions are also simple to add. Openshot’s video editing features include cross-platform video editing on Windows, Mac, and Linux Operating systems, as well as key point animations.


Paid video editing software is that which does not come for free. Before using its services, one must pay and purchase it. These video editing applications are highly recommended for video editing professionals. We would like to introduce you to the top five paid video editing software programs right now.

1.Adobe Premier Pro

Premiere Pro is an overall good choice for the best software for video editing. Because of its user-friendly graphical user interface and greatest feature set, it is a video editing program used by professionals all over the world. However, due to its high cost, which starts at 20.99 dollars per month, it is best suited for those who intend to do a lot of video editing.

2. CyberLink PowerDirector 365

CyberLink PowerDirector is yet another paid video editing application that is available for both Windows and Mac users, bringing to a wider audience a plethora of fun, powerful video editing features rolled up in a dazzling, easy-to-use package.

3. Avid Media Composer

Avid Media Composer is one of the most popular professional video editing software applications, particularly for movie video editing. Its monthly subscription fee is approximately $24.99.

While some complain that it’s difficult to use and the interface is outdated, many insist that it allows you to lay a strong foundation for your video editing profession. Avid Media Composer is incredibly robust. This is what makes it the most extensively used.

4. VideoPad

Most YouTubers are constantly on the lookout for the best video editing software because it is their profession to provide quality videos to their audience on their YouTube channel. So VideoPad is the best solution for YouTubers because it is the best video editing software application for users who have to upload and edit videos on their channels regularly.

The Video Pad application’s Home Edition costs around $39.95, while the Master Edition costs around $69.95. While VideoPad doesn’t have the vibrant, wunderkind appeal of some commercial apps, it’s still a solid option for basic video editing. The app includes YouTube video opportunities for clients from 480p to 4K, as well as Facebook, Facebook and Instagram, Dropbox, and Google Drive.

5. Pinnacle Studio 25

This is a powerful tool that distinguishes Pinnacle from some of its competitors. Look-up Tables are another useful color grading feature that allows for the quick application of complex color effects. For manual formatting, users have complete Curves control over coloring and exposure. A comprehensive specification list is completed by 360° video compatibility, multicam editing for simultaneous work on several camera angles, and motion tracking.

To be considered truly professional, a video editing suite must include some level of local-adjustment capability, enabling the user to modify clips based on the area. Pro video edited with masks, like photo editing in Image editing, can be optimized for hue and specifics in every zone of the image.


Software cracking is the modified version of software to delete or disable features considered unacceptable by the person cracking the software, particularly copy protection characteristics such as software manipulation protection, model number, hardware key, schedule checks, and disc checks.

Many professional video editing experts would not recommend downloading the cracked version because it contains numerous viruses and other issues that can severely harm one’s system. However, if you want to download a cracked version of any paid video editing software, here is a list of all the steps to take.

1. First, download the required software from the links provided on various websites that show a cracked version of that application.

2. Please uninstall the previous version if you are still using it.

3. Install the program as usual after downloading it.

4. Run the software after it has been installed.

5. Please copy and paste the crack into the C/Program files.

6. You have completed it. Now you can enjoy the full version.

Some of the cracked version and mod apk file are listed below:-

  1. PICSART – Download link
  2. KINEMASTER – Download link

It all depends on how skilled and professional the person using the video editing software is, as well as what their priorities are. Consider your budget, current level of expertise, and time commitment to learning a new skill. Furthermore, professional video editing applications may consume a significant amount of resources. 

It is advised that you review your computer requirements as well as the technical specifications of the professional editing software that you intend to purchase. To get the full video editing experience, your computer should be equipped with more than the minimum requirements.

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