7 Proven Ways to Grow eCommerce Sales By 50% or More

Nowadays, eCommerce is considered one of the most profitable business ventures, and also it’s only going to grow immensely in the coming years. Even though the market is fiercely competitive, there’s lots of room for more successful businesses to join the party. Whether you’re in the beginning stages of your business or you are thinking of beginning an eCommerce business there are numerous methods, including affiliate, social media marketing, and influencer, which can be used for enhancing your business strategies. 

For any entrepreneur or brand, starting and developing an eCommerce business is a worthy investment. In this digital age, setting up an e-commerce store is relatively convenient, but generating revenue and expanding web promotion – is not so much. One of the best ways to increase your eCommerce sales is to enhance your marketing strategies. 

This article will help you get 7 proven ways to grow your eCommerce sales. Implementing these strategies mentioned below may provide new opportunities to you to enhance your eCommerce business.

  • Generating Brand Awareness

The first and foremost step is that you need to think about your brand as a whole. If you want people to associate with your industry and know your brand, you have to build brand awareness in several ways. Like social media campaigns, strategic collaborations with other brands, and generating press about what you sell that is familiar to your target audience. Whichever way you decide to go, it is important that you first develop a solid logo, a website, and social media accounts. Take your time and effort for focusing on promoting, marketing, and selling your popular products. 


  • Social Media Marketing

Social media is an exceptional way to connect with current and new customers. It allows you to engage with your community, create a brand universe around your product or service and build relationships. Engagement mechanisms and specific features such as Polls, Instagram stories, and Reels can help you put your brand out there in different ways. 

Create content for social media that your target customers will find helpful. Usage of social media is a great idea to keep in touch with your customers and you needn’t pay for expensive CRM tools or customer support plugins.‍

  • Google Display Ads for eCommerce Stores

Google ads are great eCommerce marketing tools to take your business to the next level. Google AdWords helps you to boost your SEO presence. Around 75% is the average conversion rate for Google Ads. Google AdWords and SEO etc are search engine marketing ideas to generate more leads and traffic. 

Display ads are a great form of advertising which happens on YouTube, Google Search, and Gmail. This form of marketing is intrusive and shows up to everyone who is searching or not searching for your products. So, customizing a few things will help you generate more clicks and conversions for your eCommerce store. 

  • Use the Art of Email Marketing

Even though there are a lot of new marketing trends platforms, Email is still one of the most valuable ways to reach your customers. It’s important to collect email addresses from your site, social media, and purchases. ‍

Targeting to send emails can be particularly powerful for customers who’ve searched your site or added products to their carts. Another endless eCommerce marketing tip is to send follow-up emails to potential and current customers. If you don’t follow-up emails to your subscribers, It means missing out on customer retention and sales opportunities.‍

  • Affiliate Marketing to Grow eCommerce Sales 

Affiliate marketing is simply a way to promote your products in return for a commission for the sales they generate. An affiliate program can deliver you some powerful marketing capabilities. Affiliate marketers do the hard work to reach your customers. They will give their efforts by convincing people to buy your product and you’ll only have to pay when they make a sale. 

This form of marketing is both scalable and trackable. It is a performance-based marketing strategy where you will reward commissions to affiliates when they send you successful eCommerce sales. You will learn a lot with respect to ranking, building, and even monetizing niche sites.‍

  • Provide High-Quality Customer Service

Nowadays people expect quick response times, clear answers, high-quality support, and efficient and quick solutions when it comes to customer service. You have to train your customer service team to treat them in an excellent manner when it comes to helping your customers. 

Having an exclusive customer service team who can offer high-quality support and efficiency in the tone of voice of your brand. And it can go a long way in raising brand loyalty and customer satisfaction.

 A good customer loyalty program also makes them more likely to stay connected with the brand. Providing free and fast delivery is also one excellent way to grow eCommerce sales. Make arrangements with your teams to get the order delivered on time.

  • Optimize for Mobile Shopping

Today majority of online shoppers conduct purchases via their smartphones. That means online shoppers make purchases on their mobiles when compared to desktops or tablets. In your eCommerce store, you need to have easy to navigate mobile version which is an excellent eCommerce marketing strategy. So you should start implementing it for your business. 

When an eCommerce site is mobile-friendly, a customer is 67% more likely to buy a product or service online. Shopping online or browsing websites through mobile devices has increased exceptionally. By optimizing your eCommerce website for mobile users, your chances of sales can escalate too. 

Final Words

By planning out your eCommerce marketing strategy, and making use of the right ways and tools, you can enhance your business. So choose these fast-rate strategies, which will be reliable and effective for the long-term success of your eCommerce business. Find these 7 tips to try and boost your eCommerce sales without spending much time and resources. Every single way is quite effective when implemented with appropriate planning and collaboration. 

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