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Kolkata’s Shlok Mukherjee Is the Winner of Doodle for Google 2022 India

This year’s competition got over 115,000 entries from students in grades 1 to 10 from about 100 cities around India. The results of the Doodle for Google contest 2022 are now available. Shlok Mukherjee from DPS- Delhi Public School within Newtown in Kolkata, West Bengal, is this year’s National Winner of the India Doodle for Google competition. 

Google kicked off ‘Children’s Day celebrations within India by announcing the winners of the Doodle for Google competition. Google’s final selection criteria for hundreds of entries were “artistic merit, creativity, alignment with the contest theme, and uniqueness and novelty of the approach.” Shlok Mukherjee of West Bengal took first place in the competition. Shlok’s Doodle will also be exhibited for 24 hours on on November 14. 

Context of Shlok’s Doodle

The context of Shlok’s doodle, titled ‘India on the Center Stage,’ was indeed the nation’s scientific advances taking center stage. Shlok made a statement on his doodle, “In the next 25 years, my India will have scientists develop their eco-friendly robot for humanity’s betterment. India will have regular intergalactic travels from Earth to space. India will develop more in the field of Yoga and Ayurveda, and will get stronger in coming years.”

As per Google, this year’s contest got over 115,000 entries from students in grades one through ten from more than 100 cities across India. The 20 finalists were chosen from throughout the country based on aesthetic value, innovation, compatibility with the prize theme, plus uniqueness as well as the novelty of the approach. The theme of this year’s Google doodle was: ‘In the next 25 years, my India will…’.

Panel of Judges

Neena Gupta, actor, filmmaker, national awardee, and producer, as well as a TV personality; Kuriakose Vaisian, comic book editor, filmmaker, and stand-up comic; social influencers and founders of Abhyudaya Mohan, Slayer Point, and Gautami Kawale; and Alika Bhatt, teacher, Tedx speaker, artist, YouTuber, and entrepreneur comprised this year’s panel of judges. “We were amazed by the creativity and imagination students brought to their entries and were especially heartened that the advancement of technology and sustainability emerge as common themes across many of the Doodles,” the company stated in a statement.

What will the winner receive?

Shlok’s Doodle would be exhibited on on November 14th, 2022 for 24 hours. Furthermore, the National Winner will get an Rs. 500,000 college scholarship, an Rs. 200,000 technology bundle for their school or non-profit organization, a Certificate or Trophy of success, Google hardware devices or linked items (based on availability), plus fun Google collectables. The top 20 Doodles were displayed online for public voting. Aside from the national champion, four group winners were chosen.

Why did Google select this Doodle?

Even in normal times, kids have plenty on their plates. However, American students have been denied access to typical learning environments for the past two years. Acts of self-care are currently recognized as a priority as teachers and students navigate the ever-changing educational environment.

Google has also taken note of this development, announcing the 14th Doodle for Google contest subject.

Doodle for Google Theme

The theme of the 2022 Doodle for Google contest is I Care for Myself by…

With the assistance of the Google contest, you can share your student experience plus self-care suggestions. 

The following are some inspiring ideas from the Doodle for Google website:

  • What procedures do you use to unwind?
  • What activities cause you to feel peaceful or energized?
  • What are your favorite activities which make you sense better until you’re down?
  • Students are encouraged to use art to illustrate how they care for themselves whilst overcoming daily problems.

About the Doodle for Google Contest

What exactly is the “Doodle for Google” competition?

Doodle for Google is a yearly art competition for students in grades K 12. Students are encouraged to develop their own Google Doodle for a chance to have it featured on and to win some fantastic scholarships and technology packages for their schools. Parents, teachers, organizations, and after-school programs may enter artwork on behalf of students in grades K 12.


Students within grades K 12 are eligible to enter the Doodle 4 Google Contest. You will have to use your imagination to develop your version of the Google logo to be evaluated. Your doodle should reflect what mental toughness means to you.

Prizes offered by Google for Doodle

National Winner

The artwork of one National Winner would be exhibited on with one day (24 hours) on November 14th, 2022. 

She or he will likewise obtain the following:

  • INR 200,000 in technologies for their school or non-profit organization
  • Google hardware
  • 500,000 INR college scholarship
  • Achievement trophy/certificate
  • Fun Google merchandise

National Runners-Up

Twenty National Finalists will also have their Doodles showcased in the Doodle for Google exhibition and will get the following prizes:

  • Google hardware 
  • Certificate/trophy for achievement
  • Fun Google merchandise

Group Winners

The Doodles of the 4 Group Winners who don’t advance to the National Finals will be displayed in the Doodle for Google gallery.

Each National Finalist would get the following:

  • 200,000 INR college scholarship
  • INR 100,000 in technology for their non-profit and school organization
  • Google hardware certificate/achievement trophy
  • Fun Google merchandise

How many doodles has Google created over time?

About 5000 doodles have been made by the team for our homepages about the globe.

Who decides what doodles are made, and how do you pick which events get doodles?

A group of Google employees meets regularly to brainstorm and decide what events would be commemorated with a doodle. The doodles are inspired by a variety of sources, including Googlers as well as Google users. The doodle selection procedure strives to commemorate noteworthy events as well as anniversaries which reflect Google’s personality plus enthusiasm for innovation.

Who creates the doodles?

Behind every single doodle, you see is a team of illustrators (they are called doodlers) and engineers.


Doodles are designed to pleasantly delight and surprise visitors to The most intelligent, talented, as well as passionate individuals in history have been honored by previous Doodles. The Doodle for Google contest offers students K-12 an opportunity to display their Doodle creativity on and win some awesome prizes while doing it!

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What new inventions have been created because of the coronavirus?

The term Coronavirus conjured up a slew of difficulties for people, confining them to the four walls of their homes and making masks as necessary as food. Many businesses would have had to shut down if it had not been for cutting-edge solutions from the technology sector. 

The spread of the coronavirus required people to change their patterns of life overnight, forcing millions to stay in their homes for months at a time and rearranging the usual ways of commercial activity, work, and public schooling.

Although the work done by each innovation team to enable workplace flexibility, e-commerce, and interconnection has been valuable, the pandemic has seen its share of clear technology winners. There is no doubt that digital communication now has a secure place in both the consumer and business worlds.


The following is a list of the difficulties that people encountered while fighting this global pandemic.

  • Shopping 
  • Dining out
  • Communication
  • Cleaning
  • Deliveries to your home
  • Social separation


The coronavirus pandemic has sparked a surge of inventiveness, with new inventions transforming the way we groom ourselves and care for our health. In addition to vaccines being developed at an unprecedented rate to combat Covid-19, other devices such as self-cleaning door handle and face masks that also filter out pollution have demonstrated how human innovation achieved victory in a year of adverse circumstances.

Here we discuss all of the innovations that were implemented to combat the global pandemic’s challenges.

  1. Covid Emergency Ventilator

The Covid Emergency Ventilation system not only allows patients to continue breathing, but it also removes the majority of viral particles, allowing only pure air to be inhaled. The ventilator is also inexpensive and simple to put together, making it ideal for middle- and low-income countries.

  1. FFP3 Face Masks

Wearing a face mask became the new reality, and it was one of the most important things anyone could do to help stop the spread of the coronavirus. R-Pur, a French company, has been producing anti-pollution face masks since 2015. Its FFP3-rated masks have five layers that filter out gasses, poisonous particular matter associated with air pollution, and, of course, viruses and microorganisms.

  1. Cloud Computing

Cloud computing was already common, but the pandemic caused several digital transformations as a result of its use. The most important of these is the technical foundation for agility, flexibility, and digitalization; cloud computing has been critical to the business model transformation and consumer experiences required by companies in response to the pandemic.

  1. CoronaOven

A Bengaluru-based nanotechnology start-up, Log 9 materials has developed a first-of-its-kind product called CoronaOven, which employs Ultraviolet light in conjunction with significant design specifications. The device cleans surfaces of different objects, personal safety equipment, and of germs such as viruses and bacteria. 

This one-of-a-kind multi-focal Ultraviolet disinfection chamber claims to disinfect any surface in four minutes. There are many size variants available for CoronaOven including 20-litre, 33-litre, 40-litre, and 440-liter models.

  1. Vistar

This is yet another coronavirus-inspired invention. Vistar air purifiers were developed by a startup based in Delhi. To remove major pollutants and gaseous substances, these air purifiers employ Efficient Granular Absorbent Particulate Arrester filter technology.

  1. Self-driving sanitization robot

Claus Risager, the Chief Operating Officer of a Danish professional robotics firm, designed, developed, and manufactured the self-driving disinfection robot. The effectiveness of an autonomous robot that emits ultraviolet C (UV-C) light and is currently used in hospitals to stop the spread of hospital-acquired bacterial infection is being tested against coronavirus. 

Although ultraviolet light is commonly used to disinfect hospitals from viruses and bacteria, stationary light sources mean that the radiation frequently misses areas. Dr. Risager stated that the UVD Robot, as a self-driven machine, can navigate through rooms and kill 99.99% of bacteria.

  1. 3D printed glasses for vitals monitoring

According to the inventors, a 3D-printed monitoring system for coronavirus patients that is worn like a pair of spectacles could provide medical professionals with quick, more precise data on the progress of the patient’s health.

Three sensors are included in the glasses: an infrared temperature monitor, pulse oximetry to measure pulse rate and blood oxygen saturation, and a microphone to monitor inhalation and breathing.

  1. Milagrow Seagull

Milagrow Seagull is another disinfecting robot developed by the Indian consumer electronics company Milagrow. While cleaning on the user’s device, it displays actual progress and a map. To reduce time, the robot plans the path in each area in real-time. This robot vacuum also has anti-microbial,anti-bacterial, and antiviral properties, which it claims will help reduce the transmission of infections in hospitals and other similar environments. According to the company’s official release, the robot can help with light wet cleaning.

  1. Telemedicine

Working from home was not common before Covid, primarily because employers were unsure that their employees could be productive in an unmonitored environment, and telemedicine – the remote treatment and diagnosis of patients using telecommunications technology – had not found many takers. Although telemedicine is viewed as a practical way for people to access medical professionals from the comfort of their own homes, it is not widely used.

 However, the ongoing pandemic has resulted in the biggest transformation of remote work and telemedicine. Just as several organizations have found that allowing employees to work from home doesn’t hurt productivity, telemedicine is picking up as governments try to stop the spread of Covid-19 by encouraging more people to consult doctors online.

  1. The self-cleaning door handle

Another invention that came into play when epidemiologists estimated that coronavirus can reside on steel for up to three days, attempting to make door handles an easy object to spread infection on. By spreading a thin layer of disinfectant on the surface, this handle instantly kills 99.9% of viruses and bacteria.

  1. Workplace

The spread of the Coronavirus has drastically transformed the work culture of many businesses. Instead of in-person meetings, people shifted to online meetings on platforms such as Zoom and Google Meet to halt the spread of this lethal virus.

Experts predict that innovations that provide organizations with instant access to a wide range of skills, as well as remote training, recruitment, performance evaluation, skills training, and competence management software, will be in high demand after the coronavirus.

  1. Smart Security Technology

With security risks greatly increased by the disease outbreak, the cybersecurity sector has risen to the occasion and demonstrated its innovation. Advanced security technology, in particular, that can mitigate anonymous source breaches, has helped organizations in keeping their data secure. With a long-term hybrid working future on the horizon, businesses must be prepared when it comes to insider risk.

  1. Mental Fitness Applications

Many mental fitness applications have benefited from the pandemic. People are taking their psychological health more seriously as a consequence of having to spend so much time alone with themselves. It is excellent and will have a long-term impact. Even after the pandemic has passed, people are likely to maintain their mental fitness regimen.

  1. Automation of Financial Processes

As companies transition to new work structures and more funding is invested in tools to support decentralized workforces, financial departments will need to digitize financial processes as much as possible regardless of where they work so they can put more emphasis on more initiatives to drive the business forward.

  1. Dozee

Turtle Shell Technology solutions invented a device named dozee that aims to increase access to better healthcare by providing a correct diagnosis of conditions. This device can assist in the preliminary diagnosis of a variety of medical conditions, minimizing the time spent in making decisions to visit hospitals and undergo multiple tests. 

It is a smart contact-free wellness monitor that can be slipped under a patient’s mattress. It continuously monitors the individual’s health status using metrics such as cardiovascular health, tension, and quality of sleep, among others. It provides a thorough analysis of the Dozee apps that can be installed on smartphones.

  1. The Covid monitoring app

The government took critical steps and developed applications that can monitor the effects of Covid by tracking its symptoms to help scientists understand how the virus works.

  1. Safe Delivery by Drone

Manna, a drone delivery service, is another innovation that has effectively taken off. From food and medicine to your lawn, the Irish company delivers it all. It also exposes products to ultraviolet light, which kills germs. The service is aimed at urbanized areas around the world and can reach homes within a 100-square-kilometer radius of the community pharmacies.

  1. The phone cleaning device

We all have the habit of carrying our smartphones in our hands in this digital era of innovation, but have you ever considered how many germs and viruses you are carrying with you? Keeping this in mind, experts created a phone cleaning device that can prevent germs and viruses from spreading.

When a person has a will, there is always a path. Medical practitioners and technology experts have demonstrated the above quote by introducing new inventions into our society that could serve as an ideal response to the Coronavirus. However, many trends that emerged during the outbreak continue to exist, such as work-from-home employment, remote training, self-learning, and others.

It is said that invention is a process that takes time, but our scientists and experts all over the world have proven this to be false with their new inventions in a short period.

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Why is My iPhone Stuck in Boot Loop?

Your iPhone may be stuck in a boot loop, and you’re not sure why. Although your iPhone is designed to function flawlessly, certain system intrusions can make it get stuck in a boot loop.
The fact that your iPhone is locked in a boot loop is a bad problem. There are a lot of crucial files on your phone, therefore you must worry about whether it will work once more. You should therefore be aware of how to resolve an iPhone boot loop.

What is a Boot loop?

You become “boot looped” whenever your smartphone or computer reboots itself repeatedly. A boot loop, in its most basic form, is when your smartphone or computer is caught in a rebooting cycle. Simply said, “reboot loop” is referred to as “boot loop” more frequently.
Both your smartphone and computer have several processes that must be finished for them to fully come on and operate once you restart them. Therefore, a lot is going on behind the scenes even though all you can see on the smartphone’s screen is your phone’s or your mobile provider’s logo. The same holds for computers.
Your device would do all necessary tasks, everything can fire up properly, as well as it could start without any issues in an ideal world. But occasionally, a crucial mistake occurs throughout the setup procedure, and your phone freezes.
This is the device’s method of trying to “power on and off again” to fix the problem when it gets stuck in a boot loop. But naturally, it keeps encountering that error since there is a problem with the booting procedure.

How Do Bootloops Begin?

There are many different reasons why a bootloop can happen, however, they all usually involve updating your system prior to a reboot cycle.
In particular, the Apple logo would briefly display on the screen before vanishes without warning. Whenever you open the device, this just begins to boot up again. Even worse, you’ll discover that it keeps repeating before becoming trapped in the boot loop.
The majority of problems are caused by software, such as a misconfigured software upgrade, a new driver or program, or malware that got onto the device in between restarts.
However, a boot loop may occasionally begin as a result of hardware problems with your smartphone or laptop. Yes, the most recent firmware update may have been the last straw for your gadget, yet it’s also possible that the hardware has been terminally infected without your knowledge. The issue went unreported since your smartphone’s operating system was not upgraded, which would have caused it to restart.

What Results in an iPhone Boot Loop?

One should consider not only a solution for an iPhone stuck in such a boot loop as well as the root reason for the issue. This is a crucial premise so that one can work to prevent a repeat of the issue.
Corrupt software files, flawed installations, viruses, malware, and damaged system files could all contribute to this. Changes you made to the system likely triggered the issue when you recently tried to unlock your device or downloaded a new app as well as got stuck in a boot loop.

The following are some typical causes of the boot loop over the iPhone:

Software Update Failed: The most common reason for this is when your iOS update process is stopped unintentionally, which might result in an iPhone being trapped in a boot loop. Your phone can malfunction and continue to have this problem even after the update is finished.
Jailbreaking iOS: Jailbreaking your iPhone is extremely risky. If not finished, the iPhone will malfunction and be unable to function once more.
Unstable Connection: When using iTunes to update or backup data, your iPhone may become stuck in a boot loop due to an unstable connection between the device as well as the computer.
Battery Connector Issues: Older devices are more likely to experience battery connector issues. This indicates that the boot loop is being caused by your device not receiving enough power.
Unless your iPhone has recently been dropped or had its battery changed, an iPhone boot loop is typically a software issue. As a result, you usually can solve this issue on your own.
Hardware: The reboot loop might well be brought on by a hardware problem when your iPhone has water damage.

Is boot loop a significant issue?

When a phone has a “boot loop” issue, it will repeatedly try to restart, frequently till the battery is discharged. There are a couple of things you may do if this happens, but keep in mind that the “boot loop” is frequently a fatal condition for a system when usual fixes don’t work.

Is a Bootloop Repairable?

How easily a boot loop can be fixed largely relies on what resulted in the boot loop in the initial place on a specific device.
A hardware fault that caused the boot loop is usually disastrous for your smartphone or computer. On the contrary, when a recent firmware upgrade caused the boot loop, it is typically repairable.

Boot loops are Amongst the Worst Errors

It’s simple to have a boot loop wreck your day on the computer or smartphone. The device can diagnose minor issues on its own, but when serious issues arise, it panics and shows the dreaded boot loop.
Fortunately, it can occasionally be fixed. Additionally, given the size of the internet today, you may find a ton of helpful information on how to blue screens, resolve boot loops, as well as a variety of other difficulties on your laptop or smartphone. So maybe your broken thing won’t be around for too long.

9 Practical Solutions for iPhone Stuck in Boot Loop
1. Force restarting an iPhone is the first step in troubleshooting it
• Hold and press the Power button while swiftly pressing the Volume Up and Volume Down buttons on a recent iPhone to initiate a restart.
• Press and hold the Volume Down as well as Sleep/Wake buttons simultaneously till you see the Apple logo to push restart older iPhone models.
• You could also try to restore the iPhone to use an earlier iTunes backup when that doesn’t work. Please take note that using this method would erase any existing data on your device with data backup.
2. Save Your iPhone Data
The first thing you should do is back up all of the data on your iPhone prior to attempting to fix it. It is due to the possibility that this boot loop can worsen and you won’t have another opportunity to save the data on your iPhone.
If the issue is software-related, this is also conceivable that you’ll need to restore the iPhone in order to correct it. In this case, you’ll need to have a current backup in order to prevent losing any newly added data to your iPhone. So, take a minute to sync your iPhone with your computer and create a backup.
3. Update the software on your iPhone
One of the simplest fixes is to update iOS 16 because this issue is frequently brought on by a defect in the system. A new update to iOS 16 includes bug fixes that can solve the issue resulting in your iPhone repeatedly restarting.
Go to Settings > General > Software Update to see whether an iOS 16 upgrade is available. If it is, tap “Download and Install” to upgrade your iPhone.
4. Restore default settings
This issue may also be brought on by certain settings. Resetting your iPhone’s settings will return them to their default state, which should solve the problem.
Go to Settings General > Reset > Reset All Settings on your iPhone to completely erase all of its settings.
Data is not lost during this procedure, although you might have to re-enter your Wi-Fi password.
5. Hard Reset Your iPhone
You should try doing a hard reset on the iPhone if the issue persists.
Hold the Power and Home buttons together until the screen becomes blank as well as the Apple Logo displays to execute a hard reset on the iPhone 6 and older models.
Press and hold the Power and Volume Down keys simultaneously on an iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus till the Apple Logo appears.
On an iPhone 8, 8 Plus, or any newer model: Press and hold the Side button till the Apple Logo displays, then press and hold the Volume Up and Volume Down buttons simultaneously.
No matter which type of iPhone you are using, make sure to press and hold the buttons for a minimum of 20 seconds to prevent issues.
6. Removing and replacing the SIM card
The SIM card may not always be seated correctly in the SIM tray, which can sometimes cause this issue. Therefore, you might wish to double-check to ensure the SIM is set properly. To accomplish that, power off your iPhone and afterward open the SIM card tray using a SIM removal tool or a paperclip.
Simply take the card out of the tray, place it back in, and afterward press the tray back into the slot. Switch on the iPhone again to see whether the issue has been resolved.
To try to solve this issue, you could also temporarily disable the SIM card.
To achieve it, just adhere to these easy steps:
Step 1: Take the SIM card out of the tray using the SIM removal tool or the paperclip.
Step 2: Restart your iPhone now to check whether taking off the SIM card has resolved the boot loop.
Step 3: Reinstall the SIM card in the tray to determine whether the issue has been resolved.
7. Reset the iPhone factory settings
When you perform a factory reset on your iPhone, iOS 16 will be installed and all of the settings and data will be erased. Then, you could use an earlier backup to reset your iPhone.
This is how you do it:
Step 1: Link the iPhone to your computer after starting iTunes or Finder.
Step 2: Follow the instructions if you receive a warning asking you to Trust This Computer so that iTunes or Finder can identify your iPhone.
Step 3: Click “Restore” after selecting the iPhone when it displays in Finder or iTunes. To accept, click “Restore” once again.
Step 4: Permit iTunes or the Finder to restore your iPhone before installing iOS 16 in its most recent iteration. You would be able to set up your iPhone as new after the procedure is finished and afterward restore it to a current backup.
8. Utilize the Recovery Mode in Finder or iTunes
Placing your iPhone in recovery mode and afterward restoring it in iTunes or Finder might be a wonderful solution if a conventional restore in iTunes or Finder is unable to fix the issue.
This is how you do it:
Step 1: Open iTunes or Finder first, then link the iPhone to the computer.
Step 2: Hard reset your iPhone following the steps outlined above whilst it is linked to the computer, however, hold the Power button down until the Link to iTunes screen appears.
Step 3: To attempt updating your iPhone, click “Update” in the messages which appear on your computer. When an update doesn’t work, select “Restore” and leave your iPhone linked to the computer till it finishes.
9. Look for Hardware Issues
A hardware issue may result in your iPhone getting caught in a boot loop. In the event that none of the aforementioned fixes is successful, it could be essential to investigate a hardware problem.
When your iPhone is enclosed in a case, take it off first.

Next, look for any dirt, rust, or debris within the charging port on the bottom of your iPhone. Are you using a toothbrush to carefully brush off the debris and dust from the charging port when it is not clean?
It is due to the fact that this as well as other problems with the charging port could be brought on by a short circuit or another issue.
After doing the aforementioned fixes, you might need to bring your iPhone 14/13/12 into your neighborhood Apple Store for service.

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Rajasthan BSTC Pre D.El.Ed Result 2022

Rajasthan BSTC Pre D.El.Ed Result 2022

The Department of Primary Education, Government of Rajasthan, conducted the entrance exam for a diploma in Elementary education on October 8, 2022, as we all know. As a result, the BSTC result 2022 Name Wise has been released on November 1st, 2022. 

Panjiyakpredeled. in is the official website for checking the Rajasthan Pre D.EI.Ed entrance test result. Candidates who took the Basic School Teaching Certificate Admission Test (BSTC) can access their scorecards through the use of the direct link provided on this page.

The Department of Primary School Government of Rajasthan offers Diploma in Elementary Education courses in General & Sanskrit to their talented students through the BSTC/Pre-D.EI. Ed exams. A large number of students registered for the BSTC exams, which were successfully held on October 8, 2022.

About the BSTC Pre D.El.Ed Exam

The Rajasthan Education Department holds an annual Rajasthan BSTC Pre DElEd Exam for candidates seeking admission to the state’s polytechnic colleges. The Department of Elementary Education, Government of Rajasthan, conducts the Diploma in elementary education entrance exam for admission to the D.El.Ed. (General/ Sanskrit) course.

The exam was previously known as the Basic School Teaching Certificate (BSTC) exam. The exam is held once a year, and candidates who pass it gain admission to educational institutions/colleges in Rajasthan. The exam score is not transferable to colleges outside of the state. Candidates who wish to pursue the D.El.Ed program must first pass the Pre D.El.Ed entrance exam.

The exam was held at various locations throughout the state and this year 599294 candidates took the exam. The Rajasthan Pre DELEd exam 2022 question paper contained 200 Multiple choice type questions, each worth three points. The exam does not allow for negative markings.

Click here to move to the official website to download the BSTC Pre D.El.Ed Results 2022


If you want to check and download your BSTC Pre D.El.Ed result 2022, you will need the following documents.

  • Application Id of the Candidate.
  • Mobile Number of the Candidate.
  • Roll Number of the candidate


To check the result, candidates should do the following:

  • First, go to Panjiyakpredeled. in, the official website of Rajasthan’s Department of Primary Education.
  • Search for the Rajasthan BSTC Result 2022 now. Download the Link and then choose that link. The following window will appear as and when the candidate visits the official website.

  • Enter all of the requested details, such as your roll number and birth date, and then click on the submit button.
  • If all of your entered information is completely right, your Rajasthan BSTC Result 2022 will be displayed on the screen.
  • If your name and roll number appear on the Rajasthan BSTC Pre D.El.Ed merit list 2022, indicates that you have qualified for the BSTC. Download a copy of the Page for reference in the future.


All candidates must review their Rajasthan BSTC scoresheet and ensure that the following information is correct. If there are any inconsistencies, one must notify the authority immediately and have them corrected.

  • Aspirants Name 
  • Name of Father
  • Roll Number
  • Gender
  • Course
  • Category
  • Hindi/Sanskrit Marks
  • Percentage of 12th standard
  • Sectional marks awarded
  • Maximum Marks
  • Total Marks
  • Serial Number of Counseling


The exact cut-off, based on Difficulty level, will be prepared alongside the result. We have made available the expected cut-off to get a general idea of the Cut-off.


The Rajasthan BSTC Result 2022 will be accompanied by the publication of the merit lists of successful candidates. The Rajasthan Primary Department Of education will begin BSTC 2022 Counseling shortly after the Pre d .el ed result 2022 is announced. 

Those who cleared the BSTC Exam in 2022 are eligible to participate in the Rajasthan D.El.Ed. Counseling procedure the following year. The schedule for BSTC counseling registration will be posted on the department’s official website,


The names of qualified candidates will be listed in order of rank in the Rajasthan Pre D.El.Ed Merit List, along with other information. The written exam scores of the aspirants will be used to compile the merit list.

Applicants for admission to the state’s D.El.Ed. colleges will be decided to invite based on their merit ranks. During the counseling process, the merit list will be used to determine seat allocation.


The BSTC 2022 Counseling process will commence with registration, followed by course and college selection, and finally seat allocation. The following is a list of all important documentation required for counseling:

  • Admit Card for Rajasthan BSTC/Pre D.El.Ed 2022
  • Hard Copy of BSTC Pre Exam Scoresheet
  • Proof of any valid photo identity.
  • Certificate of Caste
  • Certificate of Character
  • Certificate of Residence if applicable
  • Marksheets for Class 10th and 12th Exams
  • Photographs in passport size

We at will always provide you with effective suggestions that will help you in the future, whether it is about the news of politics, results announcements, fashion, or your favorite meal, but this is only possible if you stay tuned to our blog and read all the latest updates.

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PM Modi to Visit the Morbi Bridge Tragedy Site Today

There may have been up to 135 fatalities in the tragedy, including 40 women as well as 34 children. At least 2 persons, according to officials on Monday, are still missing. When it fell on Sunday evening at Morbi, this suspension bridge of colonial-era across the Machchhu river was crowded with tourists, dropping them around 10 ms into the water.
About the Bridge
During British administration in the 19th century, this 754 feet or 230m bridge over the Machchu River was constructed. As per the state’s tourism site, Morbi Bridge is called an “artistic and technological masterpiece,” was a popular local tourist destination and only recently reopened post being closed for renovations for several months. Morbi is recognized for its factories that make ceramic tiles, building materials, as well as wall clocks.
The arrival of PM Modi at the Morbi Bridge collapse scene
Prime Minister Narendra Modi went to the scene of the bridge collapse at Morbi on Tuesday to assess the situation while the search operation within the Machchhu River is still ongoing. Bhupendra Patel, the chief minister of Gujarat, was with him.
The injured were also met by him at Morbi Civil Hospital. “We are grateful to Prime Minister Narendra Modi for staying with us in this hard time and guiding us to lead Gujarat out of this grief,” Patel stated earlier during the day.
Delhi CM- Arvind Kejriwal’s statement
Arvind Kejriwal, the CM of Delhi, said that “vast corruption” was to blame for the Morbi bridge collapse within Gujarat, which has so far alleged 135 lives. He questioned during one press conference, “Why was a watchmaking company which had no experience of bridge construction allowed to do so?”
Rescue Efforts
The appeal for a judicial investigation into the bridge collapse has been scheduled for consideration on Monday, November 14 by the Supreme Court. On Tuesday, rescue efforts remained active over the Machchhu river. VVN Prasanna Kumar, NDRF Commandant said, “It is suspected that some bodies may be there on the floor of the river, so we resumed the operation with the help of our deep divers”.
Death toll
Although police reported that nearly everyone thought to be missing has already been located, the death toll from the collapse of the Morbi footbridge increased to 135 today. Locals assembled on the river’s banks as the rescue activities by the Indian navy, army, as well as NDRF forces proceeded.
The death toll might increase further
Nevertheless, locals at the site of the collapsed bridge on Tuesday reported to Reuters that they thought well over 200 people stood on it and were concerned that the number of deaths might increase.
PM visits those engaged in rescue and relief efforts
The Prime Minister encountered those engaged in relief and rescue efforts after the calamity devastated Morbi. In the Machchhu River, a rescue and search operation is in progress.
Morbi Civil Hospital visit by PM Modi
When the Morbi bridge collapsed, the injured were taken to the Civil Hospital in Morbi by Gujarat CM Bhupendra Patel and Prime Minister Narendra Modi.
Ex-gratia for Morbi victims announced
Every deceased person’s family would receive an ex-gratia payment of 4 lakhs from the state government plus 2 lakhs from PMNRF. The injured would receive a payment of 50,000 each. Up to 17 people are still hospitalised. According to Rajendra Trivedi, the minister responsible for disaster management in Gujarat, 2 people are still missing.
Bridge renovation company locks up its farmhouse
Following the collapse of the Morbi bridge within the state, which claimed the lives of more than 130 people, the Oreva firm in Gujarat’s Ahmedabad has shut its farm. The Morbi Bridge was renovated by the company Oreva.
Concerns regarding the contract company
The Gujarat government was questioned by the Congress leaders and Mr Kejriwal about why the 140-year-old river bridge was chosen for repair and management by Oreva, which has never been built or maintained as a regular bridge, let alone one with such complex mechanical components.
On Monday, Congress spokesman Pawan Khera referred to Gujarat’s department of urban development as the “epicenter of corruption” and urged that the minister as well as other officials be subjected to criminal prosecution for their involvement in the bridge disaster.
• PM Modi visits families of those who perished in the bridge collapse event
• The PM was informed by officials about the rescue operations and the aid given to people in need. The PM emphasized the importance of conducting a thorough investigation to uncover all the factors that contributed to this accident.
• According to PM Modi, the government must keep in touch with the impacted families and make sure they get all the assistance they can during this terrible time.
• Senior officials gather at a high-level meeting led by PM Modi to discuss the bridge collapse disaster.
National Mourning
In the evaluation meeting conducted at the Raj Bhawan, this was decided to declare a day of mourning within the state on November 2 in memory of the people who lost their lives in the tragic bridge incident in Morbi, an ex-princely state that is now a significant bustling town close to Rajkot in the Saurashtra area of Gujarat.
The entire town was shut down as it mourned the innocent lives that were lost when a weekend stroll across the historic bridge, which has been a defining feature of Morbi for more than a century, transformed into a bloodbath.
The residents of Morbi, a little town popularly known for its developing ceramic industry, have been crushed by the disaster, which is the worst to hit the nation in several years.
Reference link
: Indian Express (

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What business can I start to open my company? I do not have much capital.

I don’t have a lot of money to invest, but I want to start a business so that I can be a successful businessperson and run my own company. Do you ask yourself this question when looking for a good source of income to help you make money? If so, don’t bother; we are here to help you find the best businesses to start with little money.

You are sick of working for an employer and crave the freedom and responsibility that comes with running your own company. Finding a good idea is only half of the battle when it comes to starting a business. The other half is paying for it.

An excellent business idea with no capital does not mean your entrepreneurial journey will be over. There are numerous ways to start a business without spending a dime. Most of the time, all you need is an entrepreneurship and innovation mindset, which includes perseverance, work and effort, creative thinking, and a willingness to experiment with new things.


The first step is to investigate what it takes to formally “start” a business and which items are costly. Here is the list of all the requirements that one needs to start a new business.

  • Planning
  • License for business
  • A domain name
  • A web address
  • Marketing
  • Products
  • Types of equipment


The significant costs involved with starting a business are the topmost reason why many individuals with an entrepreneurial mindset do not pursue their business dreams. However, if you are dedicated and put in some good vintage hard work, you can start many businesses today with minimal or no funding. If you want to start a low-cost business, these nine suggestions will help you get started.

The creation of content social networking and the 24-hour news spiral has created an ideal storm of opportunity for creatives such as writers and graphic artists, who can use their skills to create high-quality, useful content for business owners and media sources. It’s easier than ever to market oneself as an expert service provider, thanks to the growing global marketplace of freelance and contract employees.

1.Services for event planning

If you are a highly structured, detail-oriented individual who enjoys throwing parties, you might be the right individual to start an event-planning business. Event planners make it simple for others to host thrilling parties such as wedding ceremonies, birthday celebrations, as well as class reunions.

 Planning a few nonprofit events will help you gain the necessary experience. Build a solid database of distributors and contacts through LinkedIn and cold calling so you can assist your customers in organizing the celebration of their dreams.

2. Language instruction and practice

Do you speak multiple languages? If yes, then, you have a bright opportunity to start a business teaching a language or holding language discussion practice sessions. The day is not far when you will have your organization that engages in teaching different languages based on one’s interests.

3. Blogging

While not a novel concept, monetization blogging is always a popular pick for a low-cost business. There are innumerable methods for monetizing your blog, including affiliate partnership agreements, online book production, online classes, and web conferencing.

 Some of these are more effective than others, as certain blog niche markets are more popular and easier to monetize than others. Elegance, cooking, and parent-child blogs, for instance, are among the most widely known niches and will thus be easier to monetize.

4. Online Entrepreneurship

Small business ideas have the chance to expand into major corporations over time, and the Internet and related technologies can certainly help. It has been proven that small business owners with an online footprint perform better than those without a digital presence. 

Surprisingly, this start-up proposed project is centered on offering a variety of internet services to various small and medium-sized companies. This is why experts in social media influencers, Vloggers, reviewers, Search engine specialists, web developers, and designers are in such high demand at the moment. Mobile phones, basic laptops, software, and high-speed internet service are all that are required for such businesses.

5. Tour Companies and Travel Agencies

A few certifications and an attractive office in a great location can assist you in establishing and managing a tour company or becoming a tour operator. A successful travel company can make others travel comfortably and conveniently for their customers. A good understanding of domestic and international routes, attractions, flying fares, and accommodation costs can be extremely beneficial.

6. Boutique Owner

Why not start with a local boutique if you want to build your fashion enterprise? Build excitement with eye-catching clothing, motivating social media accounts, and active volunteerism. While you can open a retail outlet, you can easily begin online — and if that proves profitable, you can open a physical store.

7. Owner of a Specialty Food Store

To begin your specialty food store, you should customize and source items from makers you appreciate and respect, and trust. Ask around your vicinity for local makers of the food you want to sell, and the makers will most likely be open to collaboration, especially if they get a portion of the profits.

When the time comes to sell, you’ll want to find a location, but if that’s too much of an investment, you can begin by setting up booths at street festivals and marketplaces. You can also go the online store route and sell the products through your website, taking care to pack perishable goods carefully.

8. Private Chef

We all enjoy eating, but very few of us have the energy or time to prepare nutritionally dense, tasty meals. Promote your services to both local businesses and families. Making future decisions certain groups of clients together — say, vegetarian dishes — to cook greater amounts of the same dish to save on start-up costs.

9. Social media strategist

Larger companies employ an agency or a full-time employee to maintain their Facebook, Twitter, and blog accounts, but small businesses frequently have to handle their social media advertising. With so many other authorities and responsibilities, business owners may be too preoccupied or overwhelmed to devise an effective social media strategic plan.

You can assist them in determining the best strategies, and posting work schedules, and content for their intended audience as an advisor. Your business will grow in tandem with its follower count.


Your lack of initial investment will become less of an issue once your business is up and running and earning revenue. Profits from your venture can be invested back or used to start another, larger business.

You should now realize that you do not require a significant amount of money to start a business. You can get one to begin for practically nothing. You simply need to understand which kinds of organizations work best in that framework.

Pursue your vision,

Not the money,

Money will eventually find its way to you.

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New Zealand vs Pakistan, T20 Tri-Series Live Score Updates: Upbeat Pakistan to face host New Zealand and Updates

The Babar Azam-led Pakistan vs. the Kane Williamson-led New Zealand first T20I match is scheduled for today, October 8, 2022, at 11.30 IST.
Pakistan post the win
Pakistan would be seeking to upset hosts New Zealand and extend their winning streak after defeating Bangladesh in the opening match of the T20 tri-series.
As a result of Daryl Mitchell’s, all-rounder, hand injury, he will not be able to play in the T20 Tri-Series, dealing a severe setback to New Zealand. Dane Cleaver, a batsman and wicketkeeper, has now been selected for the New Zealand team.
The initial game of the tri-nation series
In the opening game of the current tri-nation series, which also features Bangladesh, the hosts New Zealand would play Pakistan. The match will take place at Christchurch’s Hagley Oval. It’s going to be intriguing to see how Trent Boult, as well as Tim Southee, compare to competitors like Babar Azam as well as Mohammad Rizwan.
At the same location on Friday, Pakistan overcame Bangladesh to win the tri-series opener. Prior to the forthcoming T20 World Cup, which will be played throughout Australia, both countries will be hoping to find their ideal playing lineup.
Men in Green
In the first match of the tri-series, the Men in Green got off to a somewhat slow start and then were 52 posts 7.1 overs until they lost Babar Azam as the first wicket. The skipper of Pakistan scored 22 out of 25. Mohammad Rizwan’s unbeaten 78 off 50 deliveries helped Pakistan post a score of 167/5 which ended up being enough to win the match.
Mohammad Wasim Jr. successfully handled the ball and scored three goals. Bangladesh was limited to 146/8 in 20 overs by the remaining bowlers, who controlled the economy rate.
New Zealand team
New Zealand will begin the match as the favourites because they are a powerful team. Trent Boult will play for the Black Caps, while Daryl Mitchell has been knocked out of the series. In addition to having a fractured finger, his participation in the T20 World Cup is uncertain.
The performance of their skipper Kane Williamson, that has not had a fantastic year with the bat, is amongst New Zealand’s major areas of concern. Additionally, he has suffered from an elbow issue. The Blackcaps will be hopeful that their captain regains some form in time for the massive event, which starts this month in the neighbouring nation of Australia.
Daryl Mitchell is replaced by Dane Cleaver
Daryl Mitchell, who is injured, is replaced by Dane Cleaver in New Zealand’s Tri-Series team. To replace the ailing Daryl Mitchell for the T20 Tri-Series, Dane Cleaver has been added to the New Zealand team. Mitchell’s availability for the ICC T20 World Cup must be determined quickly by the Kiwi team, which is expected to leave for Australia on October 15 and needs plenty of time.
Cleaver, who made his international debut earlier this year, will discuss how the team came together to win in Christchurch on Saturday before the team’s traditional Tri-Series match against Pakistan astatine Hagley Oval.
A statement made by Gary Stead, Head Coach of New Zealand
As Gary Stead gave an update on Mitchell, he made the following statement “It’s a real shame for Daryl to suffer this injury on the eve of an exciting period of cricket for the side. Daryl’s become a really important player to our T20 unit and we’re certainly going to miss his all-around skills and versatility in the tri-series. With our first game of the World Cup in just over two weeks, we need to take some to consider Daryl’s recovery timeline and his potential involvement in the tournament.”
When will the first T20I of the Tri-Series between Pakistan and New Zealand be played?
The first T20I of the Tri-Series between Pakistan and New Zealand would take place on Saturday, October 8.
Where will the first T20I of the Tri-Series between New Zealand and Pakistan be played?
The Hagley Oval in Christchurch will host the first T20I of the Tri-Series between New Zealand and Pakistan.
What time will the first T20I of the Tri-Series between New Zealand and Pakistan begin?
At 11:40 AM IST, the first T20I of the Tri-Series between New Zealand and Pakistan will begin.
Which TV stations will carry the first T20I of the Tri-Series between New Zealand and Pakistan?
No channel in India will air the first T20I of the Tri-Series between New Zealand and Pakistan.
Where can I watch the first T20I of the Tri-Series between New Zealand and Pakistan live streaming?
The first T20I of the Tri-Series between New Zealand and Pakistan would be live-streamed on Amazon Prime Video.
The squad
Predicted squad Playing 11 for the second T20I between Pakistan (PAK) and New Zealand (NZ):
PAK XI: Babar Azam (c), Mohammad Nawaz, Mohammad Rizwan (wk), Haider Ali, Asif Ali, Shadab Khan, Aamer Jamal, Naseem Shah, Shan Masood, Mohammad Wasim Jr, Iftikhar Ahmed
New Zealand Squad: Kane Williamson(c), Martin Guptill, Trent Boult, Finn Allen, Glenn Phillips, Devon Conway(w), Ish Sodhi, James Neesham, Mark Chapman, Lockie Ferguson, Tim Southee, Mitchell Santner, Adam Milne, Michael Bracewell
Men in Blue
As you know, the Men in Blue will play 5 distinct opponents in two distinct game forms till the end of October 2022, continuing the rigorous schedule for the Indian cricket team.
2 T20Is and 3 ODIs are scheduled for this month to resume the series against South Africa.
The Indian cricket squad will take a flight to Australia following the home series against Proteas. It will engage in a few exhibition games before the start of the ICC T20 World Cup 2022.
Matches coming up
• October 9: India vs South Africa, 2nd ODI, 1:30 PM IST, Ranchi
• October 11: India vs South Africa, 3rd ODI, 1:30 PM IST, Delhi
• October 17: Australia vs India, Warm-up match, 9:30 AM IST, Brisbane
• October 19: New Zealand vs India, Warm-up match, 1:30 PM IST, Brisbane
• October 23: India vs Pakistan, Super 12 Match, 1:30 PM IST, Melbourne
• October 27: India vs A2 (Qualifier), Super 12 Match, 12:30 PM IST, Sydney
• October 30: India vs South Africa, Super 12 Match, 4:30 PM IST, Perth
Where can you watch the Indian cricket team’s games in October 2022?
The Indian Star Sports network will carry live coverage of each of the aforementioned games. Star Sports 1, Star Sports 1 Hindi, Star Sports 1 HD (English), and Star Sports 1 Hindi HD would all carry the live broadcast. The games would be streamed live on Disney+ Hotstar.

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An Overview of the Origins of the Very Important Day, International Women’s Day!

“I cannot transform the world on my own, but I am able to cast a rock all across the water and cause many ripples,” the proverb says.

The quotes from Mother Teresa were previously mentioned. Such pure words could only be spoken with the boldness of a “woman.”

A woman is automatically “great.” A woman completes the circle. She possesses the capacity to invent, nourish, and change. Have you ever wondered who empowers successful women?   The woman herself, then, is the answer.

The global holiday known as International Women’s Day honors the socioeconomic, historical, and diplomatic accomplishments of women. The day serves as a reminder to speed up gender balance. Worldwide, there is a lot of activity as people gather to honor women’s accomplishments or March for gender equality.  Women contribute vital services and creative thinking to every stage of society, including the home, workplace, research facility, and meeting room. However, their accomplishments and ability to contribute are frequently disregarded, minimized, or even forgotten.

On Global Women’s Day, we join forces to celebrate, but we also recognize that genuine women’s rights have not yet been achieved across the world. The gender-based problem affects one in three women over the period of their lives. Although they perform 2.6 times as much free care and household duties as men, women still are compensated less for the exact same work. Women frequently endure the most during disasters because they frequently are denied equitable opportunities for land, lending, or other economic and academic chances.

International Women’s Day (IWD), observed every year on March 8, is a significant day for:

  1. Honor women’s accomplishments
  2. Promote women’s rights
  3. Push for expedited gender equity
  4. Raise money for organizations that support women.

Four things to know about International Women’s Day:

  1. Over a century ago, the first International Women’s Day was celebrated: The now-disbanded Social Democratic party of America organized the first National Women’s Day on February 28th, 1909.
  2. The occasion helped women win the right to vote in Russia: As a way to oppose World War 1 and promote gender equity. Russian women celebrated the day in 1917 by starting a protest for “bread and peace.”
  3. Numerous nations observe International Women’s day is both celebrated on the same day.

Why March 8th? The period from 1913 to 1914

On February 23, the last Sunday, Russian women celebrated their first International Women’s Day as an advert for harmony on the eve of World War I. Held talks, it was decided that International Female’s Day would be observed every year on March 8. Since then, this day continued to be observed as International Women’s Day around the world. More women held demonstrations in 1914 to protest the conflict and show their togetherness with one another. For instance, on March 8, 1914, a renowned parade in assistance of woman liberation took place.

How different countries celebrate International Women’s Day?

  • Italy

The custom in this country is to give women handfuls of tiny yellow mimosas on March 8 in honor of International Women’s Day. Mimosa springs are frequently passed between female friends as an icon of female solidarity and are also thought to represent female force. You’ll discover pastries and pasta made with vivid yellow colors to represent the blossoms (since this is a food-oriented nation)!

  • United States

Although March is recognized as Women’s History Month, which highlights the contributions made by women across both ancient and modern history, International Women’s Day is not a recognized holiday in the United States. Main cities hold protests, meetings, and commercial applications on March 8th itself, helping to bring together discussion and actionable insights on the subject.

  • Russia

Despite being a recognized national holiday in Russia since 1918, the true intent of the day appears to have lost much of its connotations in favor of celebrating women generally via giving gifts.

  • Australia

Ever since early 1970s, however, parades are becoming increasingly popular in Australia as a way of celebrating International Women’s Day. Throughout the nation, the very day itself is marked by a variety of group meetings, breakfasts, and events where well-known women in their disciplines speak aloud to demand wider variety, inclusivity, and depiction in all spheres of life.

  • Spain

Spain has continued to use the streets since the national strike in 2018 that saw more than five million people walk out and for 24 hours was an extremely big success. Upcoming International Women’s Days may not inevitably center on a widespread strike, but the Spanish people are evident that they want to pay more attention to the rights of women and girls.

Is International Women’s Day still necessary?

Yes! Apathy has no place in the world. Regretfully, neither any of us nor probably many of our kids will witness gender balance during our entire lives, as per the Economist Intelligence Unit. Just about a couple of centuries will pass before gender balance is achieved. We can all contribute to the important competency that needs to be done.

What’s at Stake?

The day of love is what Valentine’s Day is known as. The day calls for the commemoration of affection between lovers, siblings, parents, and kids. But presently, individuals spend on lovely cards or gifts for their loved ones to enjoy this day of love. They lose sight of the day’s true purpose in their efforts to make it special. The importance of Women’s Day has also completely vanished. Many feminist authors and speakers are working to make it possible for women to live in society. Despite all of this, the conflict’s real cause is still unclear. Hardly anything that is understood to mean that women cannot do. Women have travelled to space alongside men, are in charge of sizable sectors of the economy before men, and fly on aero planes in the same manner as men. The goal of international women’s day presently is straightforward: by uniting as one extensive worldwide collective, we can all contribute to the realization of truthful female equity. When we collaborate as one cohesive group, we can accomplish this goal sooner and more quickly. 

Keep in mind Oprah Winfrey’s advice to all women: “Honoring your vocation is the reason you were born. It is the greatest you can give or obtain.” Be proud of who you are because you have everything you need to flaunt it. After all, one does not turn into a woman at birth.

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Karwa Chauth 2022: Amazing Gift Ideas for Your Wife

One of the well-known Hindu holidays, Karwa Chauth, is observed yearly by married women in hopes of extending their husbands’ lives and maintaining their health. The celebration, sometimes referred to as Karak Chaturthi, takes place on Krishna Paksha Chaturthi within Kartik month. During the occasion, married Hindu women follow the Karwa Chauth fast from sunrise to moonrise and offer special prayers to Goddess Parvati.
Karwa Chauth Date and Timing
Karwa Chauth 2022 would begin on Thursday, October 13, 2022, claims Drik Panchang. 1:59 am marks the start of the tithi. The event will wrap up on Friday, October 14, 2022. 3:08 am marks the end of the tithi.

Do you want to give your wife a particular feeling this Karwa Chauth? You could take her to the spa or her preferred restaurant. Additionally, your quest is over when you want to give her a gift but are unsure of what to get her. For Karwa Chauth 2022, we’ve selected some of the best gift suggestions. This year, Karwa Chauth would be celebrated on October 13.

Outstanding Gift Ideas For Your Wife for Karwa Chauth in 2022 as per zodiac sign

As per Vedic Astrology, selecting a Karwachauth gift based on the wife’s zodiac sign enhances a married couple’s pleasure, prosperity, plus intimacy.
Mars is the planet that rules Aries. Choose a stunning red saree or other red garments, along with gold jewellery set with red gemstones, to brighten your wife’s day. You might also give her cologne or electronics.
Venus rules Taurus, but Mars rules marriage for those born under this sign of the zodiac. So, presenting your wife with bangles, a red saree, and perfume will make your marriage blossom.
Mercury is in charge of Gemini. As a result, gifts of golden jewellery, yellow apparel, and yellow dessert are ideal for this Karwachauth. Silver ornaments or decorative pieces are other options if the budget does not permit gold jewellery as a surprise for her.
Moon is the planet that rules your devoted Cancerian wife’s zodiac sign. Giving her silver or pearl ornaments this time is advised by this sign. For example, you could pick among silver anklets, pearl earrings, toe rings, or a necklace made of pearls.
When you are married to a Leo, you are fortunate. Anyone can fall in love with this zodiac sign thanks to its charisma. The ideal gifts to give these sentient beings, who are dominated by the Sun, are golden jewellery, shoes, watches, or sandals.
Do surely women adore gold? Additionally, Virgo enjoys pricey yet simplistic products. Fine golden jewellery will look lovely on your lady. In addition, you might offer her some bangles and apparel in yellow or green tones.
Libra, the sign of harmony, brings balance into marriage. But, when you want to have a happy marriage, more than only your wife needs to work hard. She gets showered with respect and love at her Karvachauth. Surprise her with a blue watch, a pink stoned piece of jewellery, or a pink saree with embroidery.
How fortunate you are to live with a Scorpion! Finding someone who is as passionate as they are is not simple. Giving makeup, self-care items, silk saree, or copper products can fill your marriage with laughter and love because Scorpions are preoccupied with their appearance.
It’s time to amaze your lady with the phone of her dreams this Karwachauth. To capture her heart once more, complement the phone with a yellow phone case. Additionally, as Jupiter is the ruling planet for your Sagittarius wife, you might try buying her some green or yellow apparel.
The Capricorn lady never asks for anything in return and continues to show her husband their unwavering devotion. Pearls should be worn in honour of her empathy. If your girlfriend wore a pearl necklace and earrings, she would be stunning.
Not only is an Aquarian lady a devoted wife, but she also sets an example for her kids. Saturn’s ruled people look best in dark-coloured clothing. Offer her blue or maroon apparel and a wooden frame containing a collection of her favourite photographs.
The Piscean wife is intuitive, artistic, and kind. She understands you better than anyone else. Give her a book by her favourite author or a holy text to commemorate your love for her. You may also purchase her a yoga class pass and some yellow apparel.
Some gift ideas to make your wife feel loved are as below:

This may be a wise choice when your wife like wearing saris. Try to buy something fashionable and on-trend, whether it be silk or floral designs. You know what colour she prefers.
There are many alternatives on the market, ranging from eye palettes to lip colours. Just discover the makeup line she prefers.
Surprise your lady with jewellery for Karwa Chauth that she would cherish always. Earrings, a statement necklace, rings, or a mangalsutra may be some of the best choices.
Since they desire to smell good every day and feel good about themselves, women enjoy using perfumes. To give your wife something truly unique for Karwa Chauth, buy a bottle of her favourite perfume, which normally ranges in price from Rs 1000 to Rs 2000 depending on the brand and quality.
Take her to a date
Take your lady to her favourite place after you’ve seen the moon. Spending quality time at home can be very difficult given the hectic lifestyle of today. You can plan special events, reserve a table in advance, and then get her favourite munchies in advance.
Chocolates and flowers
For those seeking a sweet little surprise, try this one. Give your wife a box of her preferred chocolates and an arrangement of red roses. When you still wish to add a personal touch, think about getting her customised chocolate goodies.
Beautiful Couple Picture
One of the best gifts you can give her on KarwaChauth is a wonderful picture of the two of you. This will serve as a reminder to her of all the wonderful moments you’ve shared throughout your marriage. You could also download some of your wedding picture frames from the internet and customise them with your photos. This is one of the best Personalised Karwa Chauth Gifts for a Wife.
We hope these ideas will help you.

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‘Immature, nonsense’: Kapil lambasted for mocking mental health in viral video

Kapil Dev, an Indian former cricketer who captained India’s World Cup-winning team in 1983, made a contradictory statement about mental health yesterday. There was a time when people would listen to the radio or watch the cricket match on a TV that many people shared and sat in a common area to watch.

But, due to technological advancements, everything is now available everywhere. People now have smartphones, tablets, and phablets to watch TV and their favorite cricket match, as well as social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter where they can comment and share their thoughts on any general topic.

While playing cricket at the highest level, cricket players are subjected to great pressure. They must deal with various reactions from their fans, both positive and negative. Their surroundings put them under pressure to perform well in cricket.

Playing at the highest level of cricket remains the greatest goal for all players. Representing one’s country and wearing the national jersey is a source of pride for all aspiring cricketers. But there is a cost. With cricket viewership increasing by the day, the margin of error for cricketers begins to narrow, putting more pressure on cricketers, with social media being the platform where players are frequently targeted.

And this is in addition to the constant need to maintain consistency with the presence of competition within the team, as well as with cricket calendars becoming increasingly constrained. As a result, players have frequently complained about the pressures of playing at the highest level of cricket. On Sunday, legendary India captain Kapil Dev stated on the subject, but fans were outraged because they felt the former cricketer was mocking mental health.


Former Indian captain Kapil Dev spoke out about how players are dealing with pressure these days. Kapil stated that players should enjoy what they do and claimed that he does not understand concepts such as depression. The captain of the 1983 World Cup-winning team also said that players should not participate in the IPL if they are under pressure.

Speaking at the ‘Chat with Champions’ event, Kapil Dev publicly acknowledged that he never understood words like “pressure” and “depression,” dismissing them as “American words,” and opined that if players feel under pressure to play in the IPL, they should opt-out. Yesterday, Kapil dev made this contradictory statement on mental health.

“I don’t understand American terms like depression”

Kapil was forthright in his remarks, dismissing concerns about athletes’ mental health. Kapil revealed that he has heard that players are under a lot of pressure to play in the Indian Premier League (IPL), and he stated unequivocally that they ought to not play if they feel this way. He also claimed that terms like “depression” are American concepts with which he disagrees.

“I see on Television how much pressure players are under to play in the Indian Premier League, and I only have one piece of guidance for them: don’t play,” Kapil told an audience at an event. “If a player has passion, there will be no pressure,” he added. “I don’t fully comprehend these American terms like distress; I’m a farm worker, and we play because we enjoy the sport, and there can’t be any tension when you are having fun.”

However, this remark enraged cricket fans, who began mocking the legendary player for disparaging mental health. Many people thought Kapil should have understood the players’ point of view because he was also a part of the sport.

In addition, the number of T20 leagues has increased significantly. In addition, players have participated in T10 leagues and various other leagues of various formats. The former Indian captain’s comments drew a lot of criticism and backlash from Twitter users.

  • Virat Kohli 

Virat Kohli, India’s talisman batter, recently opened up about being mentally drained, which forced him to take a break after the England tour. The former Indian captain admitted that he was faking his intensity and that his time away from the sport helped him realize it.

  • Rohit Sharma

Indian captain Rohit Sharma has also spoken out about the issues, revealing that the COVID-19 pandemic has made it difficult for players due to quarantine and bio-bubble restrictions put in place to prevent the spread of the infection and allow sport to continue during difficult times.

  • Ben Stokes

 England Test captain Ben Stokes has also spoken out about his mental health problems. In his recently released documentary, the star all-rounder stated that after his father’s death, he began to despise the sport.


Many fans of the cricket and Indian team reacted angrily to Kapil Dev’s controversial statement. They stated that just because students sit in air-conditioned rooms does not mean they are not stressed or have mental health issues. Many people, including children, were outraged and frustrated by his remarks. People responded by labeling him an old man.

Here are a few comments and statements made by Twitter users in response to Kapil Dev’s controversial statement.

  • Kapil Dev’s mockery of mental health was extremely disappointing. He believes that “depression” is an American term and that today’s children have no reason to feel “pressure” because “they study in AC classrooms.”—Harneet Singh
  • It’s so disappointing to see a legend like Kapil Dev mock depression in such a crude and cavalier way.—Navneet Mundhra
  • Yeh aa jate hain American words, pressure hain, depression hain…When Kapil Dev says it, the audience applauds, which says a lot about the society we live in—Barsha
  • Daily reminder that rigorous EQ/IQ tests should be required before allowing people to speak openly about their experiences outside of their mental cocoon. Kapil Dev has a cupboard full of silverware, but I wish he had a mind that wasn’t so rusted—Sarthak Dev
  • Kapil Dev has been childish and immature yet again—Saurabh Tripathi
  • Making fun of depression is akin to making fun of someone who has a broken leg. A person with depression cannot act or live normally in the same way that someone with a broken leg cannot. Mr. Kapil Dev should learn more about mental health—Abhay Kedia

Many fans of the Indian cricket team pointed out that just because someone has a platform to speak does not mean they can say anything about anyone. Our blog is the place to be if you want to learn about current events, technology, and much more.

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