Apple is attempting to resolve the camera shaking issue with the iPhone 14 Pro

One of the biggest improvements for this year’s Apple product is the new camera system just on iPhone 14 Pro, that for the first time uses a 48-megapixel sensor for the primary lens.

Apple, a leading provider of consumer electronics, has said that this is developing a software upgrade for the iPhone 14 Pro as well as Pro Max that would correct a when utilising some third-party apps, a flaw which causes the phone’s back camera to shake.

The iPhone manufacturer promised to release a patch for the camera shaking issues on their iPhone 14 Pro as well as Pro Max devices by the end of the following week.

Declaration by Apple

According to American tech giant Apple, a patch for the camera shaking problem that certain users are experiencing on their iPhone 14 Pro as well as Pro Max smartphones would obtainable by the conclusion of the following week.

The new cameras on the iPhone 14 Pro as well as iPhone 14 Pro Max phones reportedly have a problem with third-party apps which makes their focusing or OIS systems go crazy and vibrate erratically. This is as per GSM Arena. Apple is aware of the issue and is developing a solution.

This problem renders the video taken with the smartphone’s camera useless, and worse, it could even harm the device’s hardware. The iPhone 14 as well as 14 Plus models, however, do not appear to be impacted by this issue.

As Apple’s own camera app functions properly, it is likely a software problem instead of a hardware one since it only impacts third-party cameras. It’s most likely a fault with the camera API, as installed apps will not be able to make your camera malfunction, according to GSM Arena.

Apple has stated that a remedy will be available the following week, thus those users will have to wait until then, according to GSM Arena. (ANI)

Launch date and Stablizing issues

After the iPhone 14 Pro as well as Pro Max were introduced on September 7, various consumers posted complaints about the camera problem on social media. The problem, as per to the Bloomberg news agency, is caused in some instances by third-party programmes that interfere with the optical image stabilisation hardware.

Although users have reported that the bug interferes with camera functionality in social media applications like Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok, it doesn’t seem to have an impact on Apple’s built-in camera.

What is the root of the iPhone 14 Pro models’ camera problem?

When customers of the iPhone 14 Pro as well as Pro Max first discovered the fault, it wasn’t immediately evident what was causing it. It was unclear whether the problem was with iOS 16 as a whole or simply the third-party apps as the camera appeared to function properly with Apple’s official app. Now that Apple has announced a patch to address this issue, it’s possible that the issue lies with the iPhone’s APIs rather than with any third-party applications.

Apple’s statement left open the question of what was generating this issue, but rumours indicated that it was a fault with the phone’s optical image stabilisation technology, which moves the camera’s components. According to the company’s website, this problem does not affect the standard iPhone 14 models, that utilize the image stabilisation mechanism. Apple adopted a “second-generation” version of the same system for the Pro models, which may be the cause of the problem.

Software fix and upgrades

The iPhone 14 would receive at least its second software update to date. On the day of introduction, users were recommended to update to iOS 16.0.1 in order to resolve a FaceTime activation problem.

The iPhone 14 series camera bug will not be fixed by this update for the first time. Apple recently launched iOS 16.0.1, the most recent version of iOS 16, for the newest iPhones. With this upgrade, the iPhone 14 Pro Max’s zooming throughout landscape mode no longer results in certain images coming out soft.

One of the biggest improvements for this year’s smartphone is the new camera system here on iPhone 14 Pro, that for the first time uses a 48-megapixel sensor for the primary lens. The phone also features a software feature called Dynamic Island there at top of the smartphone that works with an improved camera cutout to display data like navigation directions or the status of AirPods.

The iPhone continues to be by far Apple’s most significant product, contributing to about 50% of the company’s revenues on its own and assisting in the growth of services such as the App Store as well as Apple TV+. Furthermore, it encourages customers to buy accessories like AirPods as well as the Apple Watch.

Price of iPhone 14

In the US, the base price of the iPhone 14 Pro is $999, while the Pro Max model is priced at $1,099


The issue does not appear to affect Apple’s built-in camera features or the base iPhone 14 as well as 14 Plus models, indicating that the Pro and Pro Max iDevices—which include a triple rear camera with only a 48-megapixel Quad Bayer sensor as well as an ultra-wide macro mode as well as 3x telephoto mode—are at fault.

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