‘Immature, nonsense’: Kapil lambasted for mocking mental health in viral video

Kapil Dev, an Indian former cricketer who captained India’s World Cup-winning team in 1983, made a contradictory statement about mental health yesterday. There was a time when people would listen to the radio or watch the cricket match on a TV that many people shared and sat in a common area to watch.

But, due to technological advancements, everything is now available everywhere. People now have smartphones, tablets, and phablets to watch TV and their favorite cricket match, as well as social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter where they can comment and share their thoughts on any general topic.

While playing cricket at the highest level, cricket players are subjected to great pressure. They must deal with various reactions from their fans, both positive and negative. Their surroundings put them under pressure to perform well in cricket.

Playing at the highest level of cricket remains the greatest goal for all players. Representing one’s country and wearing the national jersey is a source of pride for all aspiring cricketers. But there is a cost. With cricket viewership increasing by the day, the margin of error for cricketers begins to narrow, putting more pressure on cricketers, with social media being the platform where players are frequently targeted.

And this is in addition to the constant need to maintain consistency with the presence of competition within the team, as well as with cricket calendars becoming increasingly constrained. As a result, players have frequently complained about the pressures of playing at the highest level of cricket. On Sunday, legendary India captain Kapil Dev stated on the subject, but fans were outraged because they felt the former cricketer was mocking mental health.


Former Indian captain Kapil Dev spoke out about how players are dealing with pressure these days. Kapil stated that players should enjoy what they do and claimed that he does not understand concepts such as depression. The captain of the 1983 World Cup-winning team also said that players should not participate in the IPL if they are under pressure.

Speaking at the ‘Chat with Champions’ event, Kapil Dev publicly acknowledged that he never understood words like “pressure” and “depression,” dismissing them as “American words,” and opined that if players feel under pressure to play in the IPL, they should opt-out. Yesterday, Kapil dev made this contradictory statement on mental health.

“I don’t understand American terms like depression”

Kapil was forthright in his remarks, dismissing concerns about athletes’ mental health. Kapil revealed that he has heard that players are under a lot of pressure to play in the Indian Premier League (IPL), and he stated unequivocally that they ought to not play if they feel this way. He also claimed that terms like “depression” are American concepts with which he disagrees.

“I see on Television how much pressure players are under to play in the Indian Premier League, and I only have one piece of guidance for them: don’t play,” Kapil told an audience at an event. “If a player has passion, there will be no pressure,” he added. “I don’t fully comprehend these American terms like distress; I’m a farm worker, and we play because we enjoy the sport, and there can’t be any tension when you are having fun.”

However, this remark enraged cricket fans, who began mocking the legendary player for disparaging mental health. Many people thought Kapil should have understood the players’ point of view because he was also a part of the sport.

In addition, the number of T20 leagues has increased significantly. In addition, players have participated in T10 leagues and various other leagues of various formats. The former Indian captain’s comments drew a lot of criticism and backlash from Twitter users.

  • Virat Kohli 

Virat Kohli, India’s talisman batter, recently opened up about being mentally drained, which forced him to take a break after the England tour. The former Indian captain admitted that he was faking his intensity and that his time away from the sport helped him realize it.

  • Rohit Sharma

Indian captain Rohit Sharma has also spoken out about the issues, revealing that the COVID-19 pandemic has made it difficult for players due to quarantine and bio-bubble restrictions put in place to prevent the spread of the infection and allow sport to continue during difficult times.

  • Ben Stokes

 England Test captain Ben Stokes has also spoken out about his mental health problems. In his recently released documentary, the star all-rounder stated that after his father’s death, he began to despise the sport.


Many fans of the cricket and Indian team reacted angrily to Kapil Dev’s controversial statement. They stated that just because students sit in air-conditioned rooms does not mean they are not stressed or have mental health issues. Many people, including children, were outraged and frustrated by his remarks. People responded by labeling him an old man.

Here are a few comments and statements made by Twitter users in response to Kapil Dev’s controversial statement.

  • Kapil Dev’s mockery of mental health was extremely disappointing. He believes that “depression” is an American term and that today’s children have no reason to feel “pressure” because “they study in AC classrooms.”—Harneet Singh
  • It’s so disappointing to see a legend like Kapil Dev mock depression in such a crude and cavalier way.—Navneet Mundhra
  • Yeh aa jate hain American words, pressure hain, depression hain…When Kapil Dev says it, the audience applauds, which says a lot about the society we live in—Barsha
  • Daily reminder that rigorous EQ/IQ tests should be required before allowing people to speak openly about their experiences outside of their mental cocoon. Kapil Dev has a cupboard full of silverware, but I wish he had a mind that wasn’t so rusted—Sarthak Dev
  • Kapil Dev has been childish and immature yet again—Saurabh Tripathi
  • Making fun of depression is akin to making fun of someone who has a broken leg. A person with depression cannot act or live normally in the same way that someone with a broken leg cannot. Mr. Kapil Dev should learn more about mental health—Abhay Kedia

Many fans of the Indian cricket team pointed out that just because someone has a platform to speak does not mean they can say anything about anyone. Our blog bestbuyhacks.com is the place to be if you want to learn about current events, technology, and much more.

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