PM Modi to Visit the Morbi Bridge Tragedy Site Today

There may have been up to 135 fatalities in the tragedy, including 40 women as well as 34 children. At least 2 persons, according to officials on Monday, are still missing. When it fell on Sunday evening at Morbi, this suspension bridge of colonial-era across the Machchhu river was crowded with tourists, dropping them around 10 ms into the water.
About the Bridge
During British administration in the 19th century, this 754 feet or 230m bridge over the Machchu River was constructed. As per the state’s tourism site, Morbi Bridge is called an “artistic and technological masterpiece,” was a popular local tourist destination and only recently reopened post being closed for renovations for several months. Morbi is recognized for its factories that make ceramic tiles, building materials, as well as wall clocks.
The arrival of PM Modi at the Morbi Bridge collapse scene
Prime Minister Narendra Modi went to the scene of the bridge collapse at Morbi on Tuesday to assess the situation while the search operation within the Machchhu River is still ongoing. Bhupendra Patel, the chief minister of Gujarat, was with him.
The injured were also met by him at Morbi Civil Hospital. “We are grateful to Prime Minister Narendra Modi for staying with us in this hard time and guiding us to lead Gujarat out of this grief,” Patel stated earlier during the day.
Delhi CM- Arvind Kejriwal’s statement
Arvind Kejriwal, the CM of Delhi, said that “vast corruption” was to blame for the Morbi bridge collapse within Gujarat, which has so far alleged 135 lives. He questioned during one press conference, “Why was a watchmaking company which had no experience of bridge construction allowed to do so?”
Rescue Efforts
The appeal for a judicial investigation into the bridge collapse has been scheduled for consideration on Monday, November 14 by the Supreme Court. On Tuesday, rescue efforts remained active over the Machchhu river. VVN Prasanna Kumar, NDRF Commandant said, “It is suspected that some bodies may be there on the floor of the river, so we resumed the operation with the help of our deep divers”.
Death toll
Although police reported that nearly everyone thought to be missing has already been located, the death toll from the collapse of the Morbi footbridge increased to 135 today. Locals assembled on the river’s banks as the rescue activities by the Indian navy, army, as well as NDRF forces proceeded.
The death toll might increase further
Nevertheless, locals at the site of the collapsed bridge on Tuesday reported to Reuters that they thought well over 200 people stood on it and were concerned that the number of deaths might increase.
PM visits those engaged in rescue and relief efforts
The Prime Minister encountered those engaged in relief and rescue efforts after the calamity devastated Morbi. In the Machchhu River, a rescue and search operation is in progress.
Morbi Civil Hospital visit by PM Modi
When the Morbi bridge collapsed, the injured were taken to the Civil Hospital in Morbi by Gujarat CM Bhupendra Patel and Prime Minister Narendra Modi.
Ex-gratia for Morbi victims announced
Every deceased person’s family would receive an ex-gratia payment of 4 lakhs from the state government plus 2 lakhs from PMNRF. The injured would receive a payment of 50,000 each. Up to 17 people are still hospitalised. According to Rajendra Trivedi, the minister responsible for disaster management in Gujarat, 2 people are still missing.
Bridge renovation company locks up its farmhouse
Following the collapse of the Morbi bridge within the state, which claimed the lives of more than 130 people, the Oreva firm in Gujarat’s Ahmedabad has shut its farm. The Morbi Bridge was renovated by the company Oreva.
Concerns regarding the contract company
The Gujarat government was questioned by the Congress leaders and Mr Kejriwal about why the 140-year-old river bridge was chosen for repair and management by Oreva, which has never been built or maintained as a regular bridge, let alone one with such complex mechanical components.
On Monday, Congress spokesman Pawan Khera referred to Gujarat’s department of urban development as the “epicenter of corruption” and urged that the minister as well as other officials be subjected to criminal prosecution for their involvement in the bridge disaster.
• PM Modi visits families of those who perished in the bridge collapse event
• The PM was informed by officials about the rescue operations and the aid given to people in need. The PM emphasized the importance of conducting a thorough investigation to uncover all the factors that contributed to this accident.
• According to PM Modi, the government must keep in touch with the impacted families and make sure they get all the assistance they can during this terrible time.
• Senior officials gather at a high-level meeting led by PM Modi to discuss the bridge collapse disaster.
National Mourning
In the evaluation meeting conducted at the Raj Bhawan, this was decided to declare a day of mourning within the state on November 2 in memory of the people who lost their lives in the tragic bridge incident in Morbi, an ex-princely state that is now a significant bustling town close to Rajkot in the Saurashtra area of Gujarat.
The entire town was shut down as it mourned the innocent lives that were lost when a weekend stroll across the historic bridge, which has been a defining feature of Morbi for more than a century, transformed into a bloodbath.
The residents of Morbi, a little town popularly known for its developing ceramic industry, have been crushed by the disaster, which is the worst to hit the nation in several years.
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