World Tourism Day 2022 celebrates on the 27th of September

September 27, 2022, Tuesday, will be designated as World Tourism Day. Every year, this day is celebrated to promote travel around the globe. The World Tourism Organization of the United Nations started it (UNWTO). It is customary to celebrate World Tourism Day on September 27. It is acknowledged that tourism needs to be promoted and that this is crucial. The purpose of the day is to help people appreciate the fun of travelling. It is a significant occasion.

On Tuesday, September 27, 2022, World Tourism Day will be observed to promote awareness of the value of travel worldwide. The day aids in educating people about how the tourism industry contributes to the expansion and growth of a nation. 

Everyone ought to observe World Tourism Day and promote tourism. The World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) of the United Nations strives to make travel simple and available to everyone.

Boosting Tourism

All it takes to unwind after dealing with the difficulties of one’s professional and personal life is just a trip to a stunning location. These excursions contribute significantly to the growth of the political, socio-cultural, as well as economic sectors of a country as well as the global society in addition to being a portion of one’s luxury. Each year on September 27, World Tourism Day is observed to recognise the significance of tourism.

History of World Tourism Day 2022

The UNWTO celebrated World Tourism Day for the first time in 1979.. In 1980, the festivities for the same were formally launched. Since September 27th is the anniversary of the establishment of the UNWTO Statutes, this is observed on that day each year.

The 1970 adoption of the Statutes contributed to the 1975 founding of UNWTO. World Tourism Day has been marked annually on September 27 since 1980.

The theme of World Tourism Day 2022

On Tuesday of this year, the 42nd World Tourism Day 2022 would be observed. The show’s official commemoration will take place in Bali, Indonesia.

World Tourism Day in 2022 will have the subject “Rethinking Tourism.” Understanding the expansion of the tourism industry and assessing and retooling tourism in the wake of the COVID-19 epidemic will be everyone’s main concerns.

Significance of World Tourism Day 2022

It is crucial to remember that tourism significantly contributes to a country’s economy and enhancement its reputation. World Tourism Day is significant because it aids in promoting the benefits of travel.

The leaders of the event are expected to be from Bali’s tourism industry. The event will additionally be open to UNWTO state representatives.

India’s top tourist destinations this year

The final three months of 2022, as we approach the second part of the year, are characterised by several festivals and holidays making it the perfect time to sate your wanderlust. 

Udaipur, Rajasthan

The greatest time to visit Rajasthan’s cities occurs during the summer because of the state’s reputation for intense heat. A popular tourist site in Udaipur. Only two of the magnificent palaces within city are City Palace as well as Sajjan Garh Palace. After taking a tour of the castle, spending the evening lounging by the lakes would be a lovely idea. In Udaipur, visitors can travel to Rangsagar, Lake Pichola, Udai Sagar, Fateh Sagar, Swaroop Sagar, and Doodh Talai. In Udaipur, visitors can also go on excursions to magnificent temples like Eklingji, Ranakpur, plus Kesariyaji Temples and take part in wildlife treks. Folk dance, festivals, music, and bonfires are well-known features of the area.

Ooty, Tamil Nadu

Consider visiting Ooty in Tamil Nadu if you prefer sightseeing than cultural fiestas. The bulk of southern states of India are recognised for the scenic beauty of their mountainous terrain as well as forested landscapes. In Ooty, attractions including the Botanical Garden, Avalanche Lake, as well as Kalhatti Falls are plentiful. Along with this, visitors may also explore pine forests and take leisurely hikes through orange, coffee, as well as tea gardens.

Spiti Valley, Laddakh

Travelers chose to go by vehicle and bike for a new experience in addition to enjoying Ladakh’s magnificent beauty. There is no place better to visit when you’re considering taking a holiday in Ladakh as compared to Spiti Valley. The old monasteries nearby could be toured by guests. They include Tabo, Sakya Tangyud, Kee Gompa, and others. In addition, visitors can take advantage of its lakes, including Chandratal, Dhankar, Suraj Taal, and Nako. The Pin Valley National Park is accessible to anyone who enjoy animals. The area is perfect for adventure seekers who want to go trekking and camping.

Araku Valley, Andra Pradesh

Visitors to this location can view caverns, woods, valleys, and some breathtaking world heritage sites. Through the Coffee Museum, tourists can learn about coffee plantations. Some exotic waterfalls, such as Katiki, Ranajilleda, Chaparai, Sangda, Kothapalli, Ananthagiri, Ranajilleda, and Dharagadda, can make for pleasant picnic destinations. Borra Caves are also open to the public. The diverse tribal community of the valley has plenty to offer tourists in the way of art and culture.


World Tourism Day is widely observed every year as a way to remember the crucial role that tourism plays in advancing socio-cultural value, creating jobs, and maintaining a nation’s economy.

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